Johns Hopkins Gazette | December 18, 2006
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University December 18, 2006 | Vol. 36 No. 15

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in November of 2006. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

20 years of service
Hale, Dawn L., Milton S. Eisenhower Library

5 years of service
Allen, Shirley, Center for Talented Youth
Reese, Michael J., Milton S. Eisenhower Library


Bloomberg School of Public Health

20 years of service
King, Florence, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Allen, Rhonda P., Finance and Administration
Johnson, Michael, Facilities Maintenance

5 years of service
Carroll, Mark, Environmental Health Sciences
Chad, Aniss, SPH Multimedia
Johnson-White, Yvette M., International Health, Human Nutrition
Lawson, April, Mental Health
McGuiness, Tobey Lynn, Office for Research Subjects


Health Divisions Administration

10 years of service
Cartee, Billy E., Health Sciences Informatics

5 years of service
Glazer, Teodore, Welch Medical Library
Harris, Shannon, Continuing Education
Rosen, Karen, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine, Alumni Affairs
Sutton, Susan, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine


Homewood Student Affairs

5 years of service
McDaniel-Smith, Nicole, Student Financial Services
Strong, Elaine, Athletic Center


Johns Hopkins University Press

10 years of service
Schaffner, Melanie B., Project MUSE


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

15 years of service
Tsvetanov, Zlatan Ivanov, Physics and Astronomy

10 years of service
O'Connor, Gail M., Office of the Dean
Ruby, Allen, Center for Social Organization of Schools

5 years of service
Boyle, Sarah, Biology
Murrain, Gregory, Center for Social Organization of Schools
Stefanuca, Pamela Crisman, Advanced Academic Programs


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

5 years of service
Cermeno, Victor, Facilities Maintenance
Jackson, Shawnetta, Africana Studies
Singh, Prabh, "Sonny," Sydney & Elsa Mason Library


Peabody Institute

20 years of service
Lambert, Barbara A., Dean's Office, Conservatory


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

20 years of service
Porsella, Kathy B., Johns Hopkins Evergreen Society


School of Medicine

30 years of service
Abrams, Susan L., History of Medicine
Lasseter, Virginia K., Epidemiology Genetics

25 years of service
Clem, Barbara A., Neurosurgery

20 years of service
Labuda, Diane K., Office of the Dean
Long, Patricia Peck, Pathology
Martin, Zina B., Neurology, Billing
McCubbin, Sherry A., Physicians Billing Service
Olver, Elizabeth Ann, Medicine Informatics Center
Wilcox, Beth Marie, Oncology, Hematologic Malignancies

15 years of service
George, Shirley, Oncology, Hematologic Malignancies
Langer, Arlette Denise, Ophthalmology
Papapavlou, Maria, Neuroscience
Smith, Debra Denise, Custodial Services
Williams, Laneese, Pathology

10 years of service
Band, Deborah K., Pathology
Diggs, Annia M., Oncology, Immunology and Hematopoiesis
Lewandowski, Elizabeth A., Urology
Matthews, Diane, Medicine, Cardiovascular
Matthews, Johnny, Custodial Services
Nue, Maranda D., Physicians Billing Service
Ponomarev, Vladimir, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Thongsy-Hipp, Bayky, Cornerstone
Woollen, Jane, Medicine, General Medicine

5 years of service
Berger, Rebecca, Neurology
Boring, Jeff, Ophthalmology
Broadwater, Kylene, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Center for Learning and Health
Cain, Glennise, Physicians Billing Service
Chaney, Ronald, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Copsey, Claudia Enders, Otolaryngology Billing
Cross, Barbara, Psychiatry
Demczuk, Geltrouda, Medicine, General Medicine
Efron, Anne, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Garrison, Jamal, Neurology
Hardick, Andrew, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Hastings, Wayne, Maintenance
Hristopoulos, Maria, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Jackson Scott, Angela, Orthopedic Surgery
Jolley, Michelle, Neurology
Jusczyk, Karla Suzanne, Medicine, Cardiovascular
Knezevich, Frederick, Ophthalmology
Lake, Jennifer, Gynecology and Obstetrics
Liang, Hong, Neurology
Morris, Philomena, Biological Chemistry
Parigi, Madan Mohan, Medicine, Pulmonary
Scissors, Barbara, Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Sellers, M. Denise, Pediatrics, General
Sharp, Patrice A., Pediatrics, Hematology
Stanfield, Anthony, Medicine, Internal Medicine
Thilert, Kay, Surgery, Plastic Surgery
Treat, Tamara, Surgery, Cardiac
Vandevander, Ricky, Maintenance,
Walton, Kejuana, Medicine, Pulmonary


University Administration

30 years of service
Valentine, Lamona R., Accounting Services

25 years of service
Beyer, Paul N., Central Purchasing
Finnen, Lisa Lyn, HR Training and Education Center

20 years of service
Tsemach, Shaul, Johns Hopkins Magazine

15 years of service
Brockman, Brenda Joyce, Office of the President

10 years of service
Amato, Jacki Lynn, Johns Hopkins Real Estate
Heavel, Diane J., Alumni Relations
Walderman, Ellen, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, WorkLife Programs

5 years of service
Foret, Christopher, Controller's Office, Cost Analysis
Israfilbekov, Rufet, Housing
Krocheski, Elizabeth, IT@Johns Hopkins
Lunday, Amy Cowles, News and Information
Mayo, Monica Allen, Controller's Office, Cost Analysis
Sorandes, Debra, Controller's Office, Tax Office


Whiting School of Engineering

10 years of service
Johnson, Lynn M., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

5 years of service
Schreckinger, Stephanie, Full-Time Engineering Undergraduate


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