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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University August 18, 2008 | Vol. 37 No. 42

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in July of 2008. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic Centers and Affiliates

10 years of service
Decker-Majeran, Alysia, CTY
Donovan, Charlene, Institute for Policy Studies

5 years of service
Kasahara, Emiko, CTY


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Sadler, Linda, 22 years, Center for Communication Programs

40 years of service
Lyons, Marcia, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

30 years of service
Lee, Shelley, Custodial Services
Rinehart, Ward, Center for Communication Programs

20 years of service
Lee, Yvonne, Custodial Services
Mungo, Diane, Custodial Services

15 years of service
Schollenberger, Janet, Epidemiology

10 years of service
Carolan, Denise, Epidemiology
Davis, Hopeton, Maintenance
Griffin, Diane, Administration

5 years of service
Casper, Anne, Epidemiology
Griffin, Robert, Research Project
Johnson, Heather, Center for Communication Programs
Porter, Mary, Student Accounts
Sparks, Doris, Custodial Services


Carey Business School

10 years of service
Poteat, Blanca, MBA Programs


Homewood Student Affairs

20 years of service
Calder, Thomas, Athletics and Recreation

5 years of service
Creasy, Daniel, Undergraduate Admissions
Milligan, Dawna, Career Center
Strube, Heather, Residential Life


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Lattman, Eaton, 31 years, Office of the Dean
Stover, Catherine, 16 years, D.C. Regional Library
Trabilsy, David, 20 years, Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

20 years of service
Fowler, Lauren, Physics and Astronomy
Romelfanger, Mary, Physics and Astronomy

15 years of service
Jones, Leslie, Center for Social Organization of Schools
Lovern, Terri, Center for Social Organization of Schools
Patterson, Stephen, Physics and Astronomy
Steinberg, Sarah, Advanced Academic Programs

10 years of service
Agopian-Gantcheva, Nina, Economics
Li, Xibing, Biology

5 years of service
Vincent, Frederick, Center for Social Organization of Schools



20 years of service
Dobson, James, Registrar's Office

15 years of service
Campbell, Rosie, Housekeeping

10 years of service
Warfield, Sharon, Student Affairs



15 years of service
Brown, Lisa, Student Accounts

5 years of service
Alford, Sue, Canadian Studies
Thalhimer, Sheila, Mason Library

School of Education
30 years of service
Flynn, Margaret, Registrar's Office


School of Medicine

Southall, Judith, 17 years, Ophthalmology

45 years of service
Bonitz, Paula, Dermatology

40 years of service
Atkinson, Ronald, Biomedical Engineering

35 years of service
Schmidt, Miriam, Orthopaedic Surgey

30 years of service
Frevel, Barbara, Otolaryngology
McFeaters, Susan, Internal Medicine
Shull, Marlene, Pediatrics
Virgil, Donna, Pediatrics

25 years of service
Allen, Benjamin, Art as Applied to Medicine
Bell, David, Welch Library
Jakobsen, Kate, Psychiatry
Nelson, Karen, Clinical Immunology

20 years of service
Bryant, Willard, Jr., Welch Medical Library
Davis, Marthann, Psychiatry
Harper, Bernadine, Graduate Affairs
Pressley, Leah, Infectious Diseases
Stoots, Linda, Plastic Surgery

15 years of service
Brzozowski, Grace, Pediatrics
Crook, Susan, Ophthalmology
Grant, Mayme, Pulmonary
Hauer, Mary, Oncology
Hemby, Rachael, Gastroenterology
Hesson, Donna, Welch Lilienfeld Library
Jefferson, Rhonda, Oncology
Martin, Elizabeth, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Moore, Alisa, Oncology
Palmer, Arleeta, General Surgery
Sharpness, Charmaine, Clinical Practice Association
Thomas, Letitia, General Internal Medicine

10 years of service
Alberts, Risa, Urology
Bridges, Tina, Biological Chemistry
Bullock, Brandon, Comparative Medicine
Davis, Deborah, Orthopaedics
Dize, Staci, Information Technology
Hardison, Anthony, Facilities Support Services
Heise, Maryland, Clinical Operations
Kilchenstein, Florence, Orthopedic Surgery
McFillin, Angela, Anesthesiology
Morris, Gilbert, Facilities Design and Construction
Osborne, Sheila, Anesthesiology
Rose, Jennie, Cellular Biology and Anatomy
Shulman, Anita, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Wallace, Stephanie, Anesthesiology
Woodling, Sheila, Ophthalmology
York, Troy, Facilities Support Services

5 years of service
Abdallah, Nadia, Pathology
Agarwal, Abhijit, Psychiatry
Agyei, Yaw, Pathology
Barat, Nicole, Pathology
Baze, Rosemary, Cardiac Surgery
Bialek, Richard, Jr., Facilities, Maintenance and Operations
Chen, Yueping, Gastroenterology
Deshpande, Deepa, Neurology
Desideri, Serena, Oncology
Epps, Michael, Facilities Support Services
Harrison, Philip, HEBCAC/Youth Opportunity Center
Jeter, Kathryn, Administration, Clinical Investigations Human Subjects
Khaki, Leila, Pathology
King, Roger, Pathology
Ladenson, Rachel, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Mamedova, Lyudmila, Neurology
Moore, Marlene, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer
Oleksiuk, Dianne, Urology
Pin, Scuth, Pathology
Pratt, Dionne, HEBCAC/Youth Opportunity Center
Redfearn, Shayla, HEBCAC/Youth Opportunity Center
Rojahn, Elizabeth, Urology
Sherrod, Daisy, Pathology
Shirk, Lisa, Bayview Housestaff Education
Slicher, Kimberly, Ophthalmology
Stromberg, Carole, Oncology
Strough, Deanna, Urology
Tam, Ada, Rheumatology
Vaughan, Joyce, HEBCAC/Youth Opportunity Center
Wang, Ruihua, Psychiatry
Yang, Fang, Neurology


School of Nursing

10 years of service
Blankenship, Linda, Registrar's Office


Sheridan Libraries/ JHU Museums

25 years of service
Stimpert, James, Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Vazakas, Susan, Milton S. Eisenhower Library


University Administration

Carver, Maureen, 21 years, Alumni Relations
Douglas, Thomas, 15 years, Security Administration and Training

30 years of service
Cartwright, Gary, Materials Management
Znovena, Joseph, Building Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Jackson, Brenda, Custodial Services
Price, Thomas, III, Grounds Services
White, Barry, Information Systems Auditing

15 years of service
Heasley, Constance, Benefits Administration
Hwang, Jung, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Hudson, Deitra, Vice President and General Counsel's Office
Levo, Ryann, Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration
Stokes, Roger, Accounts Payable Shared Services

5 years of service
Henderson, James, Campus and Community Patrol
Johnson, Sharon, Custodial Services
O'Connell, Rosemarie, Information Systems
Veney, Terry, Building Operations and Maintenance


Whiting School of Engineering

30 years of service
Eggleston, Debra, Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center

15 years of service
Fry, Ronald, Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center

10 years of service
Libertini, Laura, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Queen, Monique, Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center

5 years of service
Kavanagh, Christine, Geography and Environmental Engineering


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