Johns Hopkins Gazette | July 21, 2008
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University July 21, 2008 | Vol. 37 No. 40

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in June of 2008. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

Gleason, Joseph E., 33 years, MSE Library

35 years of service
Rickert, Penelope, MSE Library

30 years of service
Higgins, Pamela, MSE Library

10 years of service
Medina, Rosana, Bioethics Institute
Nash, William, Jr., Mind/Brain Institute


Bloomberg School of Public Health

20 years of service
Castleberry, Sharon, Environmental Health Sciences
Kight, John, Facilities Maintenance

15 years of service
Finnell, Brian, Multimedia Center
Martin, Nancy, Health, Behavior and Society
Vondrasek, Claudia, Center for Communication Programs

10 years of service
Cox, Earlene, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

5 years of service
Choi, Keith, Environmental Health Sciences
Dineva, Atanaska, Epidemiology
Ko, Jeanne, Epidemiology
Mullen, Joanne, Epidemiology
Pitkevits, Leana, Center for a Livable Future
Venkatesh, Hemalatha, Epidemiology
Wynne, Michael, Operations Information Systems


Homewood Student Affairs

20 years of service

Earley, Mary, Office of Student Health Education

15 years of service
Bennett, Caroline, Office of Dean of Students
Knox, Mamie, Budget Administration

5 years of service
Brokl, Amy, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Haskins, Nathan, Games Operations
Stickel, Carrie, Career Center


Johns Hopkins University Press

5 years of service
Tamberino, Claire, Books Marketing


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

30 years of service
Ruff, William, Physics and Astronomy

5 years of service
Burruss, Daniel, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Zeller, Megan, History


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

10 years of service
Lief, Louise, International Reporting Project
Toussaint, Cynthia, Registrar


School of Education

15 years of service
Lambdin, Charles, Jr., Columbia Campus Center


School of Medicine

Bailey, Vivian, 17 years, Psychiatry
Heisch, Deborah, 30 years, Clinical Immunology

35 years of service

Matthews, Vendetta, Vestibular Neurology

30 years of service
Schroll, Barbara, Cardiology

25 years of service
May, Betty, Molecular Pathology
Tilotta, Anita, Biomedical Engineering

20 years of service
Caplan, Katherine, Cardiology
Darcy, Sherry, Ophthalmology
Elliott, Cynthia, Clinical Research
Langdon, Jacqueline, Clinical Immunology
Miller, Susan, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Vogan, Janelle, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Weinstein, Sue, Pathology
Young, Patricia, Urology

15 years of service
Alston, Chris, Ophthalmology
Long, Yu, Cell Biology

10 years of service
Aquino, Veronica, Comparative Medicine
Barry, Joann, Radiology
Brown, Sharonne, Surgery
Campochiaro, Elizabeth, Ophthalmology
Hafez, Michael, Pathology
Jipson, Candace, Johns Hopkins Medicine International
Johnson, Rosselyn, Pediatrics
Johnson, Tammy, Urology
King, Kye, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lamberti, Patricia, Anesthesiology
Lambros, Kristine, Physicians Billing Service
Luthardt, Frederick, General Clinical Research Center
Peluso, Debra, Orthopedic Surgery
Robinson, Phyllis, Clinical Practice Association
Sanders, Dawn, Billing
Snyder, Patricia, Pathology
Valenta, Danielle, Ophthalmology
Wingo, Jeanne, Cardiology

5 years of service
Ball, Susanne, General Internal Medicine
Booth, Andrea, General Internal Medicine
Buta, Brian, Geriatric Medicine
Greer, Jacqueline, Oncology
Happel, Gina, Pulmonary
Hayes, Richard, Orthopedic Surgery
Holland, Lynn, Radiation Oncology
Hughes, Michelle, Cardiology
Ironside, Valerie, Oncology
Johnson, Derrell, Genetics Research Core Facility
Johnson, Mia, General Internal Medicine
Johnson, Rose, Ophthalmology
Li, Chunyuan, Anesthesiology
Merritt, John, Jr., Oncology
Noonan, Gloria, Anesthesiology
Panek, Tiffani, Bayview Hospitalists
Rhatigan, Thomas, Pulmonary
Schutz, Jennifer, Continuing Medical Education
Smith, Sandra, Neurology
Thompson, Taneshia, Orthopedic Surgery
Tyagi, Sandeep, Infectious Diseases
Wallace, Christopher, Facilities Support Services
Ware, Patricia, Adult Anesthesiology
White, Karen, General Internal Medicine
Williams, Coraine, Neurology
Williams, Kathy, Infectious Diseases


School of Nursing

30 years of service
Rent, Nancy, Academic and Student Services

5 years of service
Chin, Matthew, User Support Services
Wilson, Devin, User Support Services


University Administration

Ostrowski, Joan, 19 years, Human Resources

30 years of service
Butler, Terry, Building Operations and Maintenance
Gobrecht, Chapman, Jr., Building Operations and Maintenance
Laney, Dennis, Building Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
He, Xueying, Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration

15 years of service
Smith, Deborah, Accounts Receivable Shared Services

10 years of service
Malooly, Michael, Telecommunications
Moon, Brenda, HR Shared Services
Montgomery, Pleasant, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Pleah, Tsigue, Technical Leadership and Innovation Office

5 years of service
Amey, John, Reporting
Colebrook, Terry, Accounts Payable Shared Services
Cromwell, Tracy, Organizational Management Shared Services
DeShields, Leticia, Human Resources
Kamal, Faizun, Global Programs
Lebo, Cathy, Institutional Research
Strumke, Brian, Homewood Support Services
Verclas, Kirsten, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
Westrick, Nicole, Financial Information and Technology Training Program


Whiting School of Engineering

5 years of service
Vo, Huy, Biomedical Engineering


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