Johns Hopkins Gazette | June 23, 2008
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University June 23, 2008 | Vol. 37 No. 38

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in May of 2008. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

10 years of service
Green, Lorrie, MSE Library
Stuart, Lynne, MSE Library

5 years of service
Stafford, Jeanne, MSE Library


Bloomberg School of Public Health

25 years of service
Sternberg, Alice, Epidemiology

20 years of service
Whitehair, Lena, Center for American Indian Health

15 years of service
Palmer, Anne, Center for a Livable Future
Tweedie, Ian, Center for Communication Programs

10 years of service
Alden, Christine, Epidemiology
Barrett, Nancy, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Tso, Carol, Center for American Indian Health
Zhang, Hao, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

5 years of service
Maru, Shailaja, Center for Communication Programs
McCall, Lisa, Epidemiology


Homewood Student Affairs

Decker, Toni, 21 years of service
, Summer Conference Programs

10 years of service
Albert, Josephine, Registrar's Office

5 years of service
Grogan, Alicia, Human Resources


Johns Hopkins Club

30 years of service
Bagwell, Joan, Dining Room


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

10 years of service
Mendez, Maria, Advanced Academic Programs
Rutledge, Kenneth, Biophysics

5 years of service
Budavari, Tamas, Physics and Astronomy


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

15 years of service
Kusmik, Jennifer, Mason Library


Peabody Institute

10 years of service
Stinnette, Donna, Business Office


School of Education

Martin, Janet, 10 years of service
, Information Technology


School of Medicine

40 years of service
Holloway, David, Animal Resources

35 years of service
Jones, Carolyn, Art as Applied to Medicine

30 years of service
Kurgansky, Barbara, Pathology

25 years of service
Almony, Diane, Ophthalmology
O'Brien-Ayd, Paulette, Ophthalmology

20 years of service
Hall, Emily, Cell Biology
Mach, Penelope, Oncology
Noethen, Mark, Clinical Practice Association
Pollard, Deborah, Neurobiology

15 years of service
Chang, Feng, Oncology
White, Marshall, Facilities Management

10 years of service
Cronin, Ruby, Gastroenterology
Driscoll, Tina, Urology
Guo, Liping, Neuroimmunology
Holcombe, Dorene, Nephrology
Houp, Julie, Immunogenetics
Miller, Angela, Center for Innovation in Quality Patient Care
Mucha, Jennifer, Psychiatry
Patey, Jolene, Rheumatology
Serio, Salvatore, Jr., Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Stokes, April, Infectious Diseases
Thomas, Heather, Infectious Diseases

5 years of service
Brewer, Gertrude, Gynecology Obstetrics
Collins, Vanessa, Transplant Surgery
Cropper, Susan, Medicine
Decastro, Nestor, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Goforth, Jennifer, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Housten-Harris, Traci, Pulmonary
Jia, Zhenzhen, Phys Lab Technical Services
Kolish, Richard, Health, Safety and Environment
Lawrence, Gloria, General Internal Medicine
Martin, Scherry, Clinical Practice Association
Newcomer, Christian, Animal Resources
Oberai, Pooja, Nephrology
Rector, Elizabeth, Endocrinology
Scherr, Karen, Dermatology
Stafford, Amanda, Genetics
Wildes, Flonne, Radiology
Wollett, Jessica, Oncology
Zhu, Liqun, Neurology


University Administration

35 years of service
Crawford, Ali, Jhpiego
Schorr, Charles, Campus and Community Patrol

20 years of service
Young, James, Custodial Services
Zimmer, Judith, Purchasing

15 years of service
Esau, Dowlat, Custodial Services
Park, Byung, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Culp, Dale, Sponsored Projects Shared Services
Kahl, Lori, Sponsored Projects Shared Services
Kim, Ki-Bok, Housing, Operations and Maintenance
Nelson, Travers, Facilities Management
Owens, Kapreena, HR Shared Services

5 years of service
Dougherty, Margaret, Sponsored Projects Shared Services
Freyman, Wayne, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Herrmann-Estes, Dagmar, Internal Audits
Lee, Tae, Housing Operations and Maintenance
Pierre, Catherine, Johns Hopkins Magazine
Vernetson, Mary, Facilities Management


Whiting School of Engineering

5 years of service
Hernandez, Rafael, Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals
Hopkins, Jennifer, Institute for Computational Medicine


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