Johns Hopkins Gazette | October 27, 2008
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University October 27, 2008 | Vol. 38 No. 9

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in September of 2008. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

Barnett, Linda, 28 years of service, Center for Talented Youth

20 years of service
Reynolds, Benjamin, Center for Talented Youth

15 years of service

Weyforth, Victoria, Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

Clark, Rebecca, 31 years of service, Health Policy and Management
D'Adamo, Margaret, 17 years of service, Center for Communication Programs
Dugan-Konka, Susan, 18 years of service, Center for Communication Programs
Lee, Shelley, 30 years of service, Custodial Services
Mahachek, Judith, 18 years of service, Center for Communication Programs
Rinehart, Ward, 29 years of service, Center for Communication Programs

25 years of service
Newcomer, Rebecca, Master of Public Health Program
O'Connor, Karen, Mental Health
Rukstelis, Debra, International Health
Yates, Katherine, Epidemiology

20 years of service
Donaldson, Connie, International Health

15 years of service
Abubaker, Salahaddin, Environmental Health Services
Cooper, Deborah, Biostatistics
Deane-Hibbert, Yvonne, International Health

10 years of service
Lemke, Klaus, Faculty Centers and Academic Programs
Marks, George, Custodial Services
Nock, Brenda, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Watty, Shanel, Admissions
Welch, Claudette, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

5 years of service
Calvin, Lynn, Epidemiology
Grutkowski, Mark, Support Services
Howard, Brandon, International Health
Key, Gelores, Health, Behavior and Society
Kolman, Lloyd, Information Technology
Kreis, Sandra, International Health
Levin, Mindi, Student Affairs
Ludden, Michael, Jr., Finance
Marcum, Alicia, Center for Immunization Research
Misra, Vikas, Environmental Health Sciences
Noone, Meghan, Development
Wilson, Todd, Information Technology
Zhang, Hui, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Zhao, Cuiwei, International Health


Carey Business School

10 years of service
Weiss, Edward, Marketing


Homewood Student Affairs

Varner-Gaskins, Rosemary, 16 years of service, Multicultural Student Affairs

5 years of service
Cowan, Rachel, Undergraduate Admissions
Yvonne, Mark, Student Health and Wellness Center


Johns Hopkins Club

15 years of service
Eley, Shelton, Johns Hopkins Club


Johns Hopkins Press

20 years of service
Walsh, Michael, Books Marketing

5 years of service
Clark, Rebecca, Books Marketing


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Ryan, Nancy, 23 years of service, Writing Seminars

20 years of service
Maciver, Douglas, Center for Social Organization of Schools
McCandliss, Stephan, Physics and Astronomy

15 years of service
Friedman, Jill, History
Hu, Weidong, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Kaiser, Mary, Physics and Astronomy
Williams, Lisa, Political Science

10 years of service
Garmon, James, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Jones, Andrea, Development
McCaffery, John, Biology
Waltemeyer, Maria, Center for Social Organization of Schools

5 years of service
Majumdar, Ananya, Chemistry
Strickland, David, Physics and stronomy
Vellante, Lynne, Advanced Academic Programs



Frank, Emily, 26 years of service, Student Services

30 years of service
Nelson, Elizabeth, Admissions

10 years of service

Mason, Robert, Security

5 years of service
Tetreault, Edward, Music Education and Recording Arts


School of Education

25 years of service
Fessler, Ralph, Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Phifer, Samartha, Plant Operations


School of Medicine

Morin, Joan, 17 years of service, Urology
Santos, Filomena, 28 years of service, Pathology
Schatz, Carol, 25 years of service, Clinical Immunology
Weinstein, Helene, 26 years of service, Nephrology

45 years of service
Foy, Mary, Registrar

35 years of service
Buedel, Mary, Urology
Kim, Chung, Welch Medical Library

30 years of service

Price, Antoinette, Pathology
Snell, Joan, Geriatrics

25 years of service
Davis, Eileen, Urology
Golembieski, Doris, Medicine, Student Affairs
Nizer-Pallas, Barbara, Clinical Practice Association
Sheffield, Cynthia, Welch Medical Library

20 years of service
Barnes-Sanchez, Kathleen, Pathology
Chromo, Carrilee, Urology
Driggers, Anna, Clinical Practice Association
Eggleston, Marion, Pathology
Greaver, Monica, Institute for Cell Engineering
Hennel, Terri, Education and Housestaff
Kammerer, Mumtaz, Ophthalmology
Keyser, Mary, Psychiatry
Lee, Soo, Facilities
Martinez, Elizabeth, Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Shaw, Jacqueline, Neurology
Wood, Shirl, Pediatrics

15 years of service
Bernard, Tina, Billing
Candy, Joann, Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Dill, Christina, Oncology
Iglehart, Brian, Immunogenetics
Lane, Karen, Neurology
Stettes, Brenda, Graduate Medical Education
Van't Hoff, Rosemarie, Facilities

10 years of service
Allen, George, Information Technology
Blechman, Gary, Pediatrics
Bonham, Jessica, Neurology
Cooke, Carol, Cell Biology
Fuchs-Lyons, Darlene, Geriatrics
Gillis, Lashawn, Pediatrics
Green, Janette, Neurology
Keiser, Kimberly, General Internal Medicine
Kerilla, Jennifer, Office of International Services
Mack, Sylvia, Anesthesiology
Rodman, Alice, Center for Clinical Global Health Education
Wasta, Vanessa, Oncology
Williams, Vincent, Radiology
Yonkers, Jacqueline, Oncology

5 years of service
Bordon, Claudia, Pediatrics
Brown, Sharel, Neurology
Bullock, Allen, Sr., Facilities Support Services
Carter, Renee, Radiology
Clark, Marie, Pulmonary
Davis, Caroline, Geriatric Medicine
Drummond-Watts, Bennette, Endocrinology
Engler, Tanya, Gastroenterology
Evans, Catherine, Research Animal Resources
Farrier, Michael, Oncology
Fowble, Suzanne, Psychiatry
Frank, Sharon, Psychiatry
Gorham, Marlon, Facilities Support Services
Ishmael-Hosein, Linda, Account Services
Johnson, Maria, Facilities Management
Karikari, Collins, Pathology
Lomax, Cassandra, Surgery
Madison, Shernice, Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Mao, Tianzhi, Pathology
McCarthy, Richard, Radiology
Mercer, Constance, Pediatrics
Minkove, Judith, Public Affairs
Earle, Rachael, Pathology
Myers, Eric, Research Animal Resources
Newman, Magaline, Facilities Support Services
Nolan, Kisten, Ophthalmology
Pisarcik, Sarah, Pulmonary
Scudder, Melissa, General Surgery
Sentz, David, Sr., Neurology
Slattery, Rebecca, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Steinberg, Angela, Cardiology
Taylor, Samuel, Research Animal Resources
Twose, Claire, Welch Medical Library
Vinton, Ryan, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer


Sheridan Libraries and JHU Museums

30 years of service

Lallal, Bertha, Preservation

20 years of service
Slingluff, Deborah, Library Services

10 years of service
Claremon, Linda, Development
Lovett, Patricia, Entrepreneurial Library Program
Reynolds, David, Technical Services


University Administration

Hwang, Jung, Custodial Services
Mixter, Sandra, 20 years of service, Security Administration and Training
Olsen, Harriet, 17 years of service, Investment Management
Seiler, Gilbert, 35 years of service, Information Systems

35 years of service
Aquino, David, Controller's Office

25 years of service

Jackson, Carolyn, Accounts Receivables Shared Services

20 years of service
Hammer, Deirdre, Digital Video Services
Lange, Alice, Office of the Treasurer
Mixter, Sandra, Security Administration and Training
Moody, Joseph, Grounds Services
Ragin, Cynthia, Benefits Administration
Smith, George, Custodial Services

15 years of service
Cook, Carolyn, Center for Training and Education
Jackson, Henry, Central Stores
Mace, Maria, Development
Nesbitt, Therese, MIS Student Information Systems

10 years of service
Dollard, Christine, Human Resources
Pollard, Robin, Academic Affairs
Reale, Laurence, Finance
Taylor, Robert, Research Information Systems

5 years of service

Baird, Julie, Telecommunications
Corb, Geoffrey, MIS Student Information Systems
Fader, Eileen, Development
Gamble, Michelle, Cash Accounting
Ianuzzi, Peter, Utility Operations
Valenzuela, Lana, Benefits Administration


Whiting School of Engineering

20 years of service
O'Neil, Joseph, Geography and Environmental Engineering

15 years of service
Benesch, Stephanie, Business Office

5 years of service
Atkins, Pamela, Business Office
Merryman, Kelly, Development and Alumni Relations
Williams, Denille, Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals


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