Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 15, 1996

For the Record: The University's Named Chairs

     The following is a list of the university's named chairs for
Medicine, Nursing, Peabody and SAIS, and the faculty who
currently hold them.

     John Jacob Abel Distinguished Service Professor 
     of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
          Paul Talalay

     American Cancer Society Distinguished Research Professor 
     of Molecular Biology and Genetics
          Hamilton O. Smith

     American Cancer Society Maryland Division Professor 
     of Clinical Oncology
          Raymond E. Lenhard Jr.

     Andelot Professor of Laryngology and Otology
          Charles W. Cummings
          George T. Nager (emeritus)

     Theodore and Ingrid Baramki Professorship 
     of Reproductive Endocrinology
          Howard A. Zacur

     Baxley Professor of Pathology
          Alfred P. Sanfilippo

     Stanhope Bayne-Jones Professor of Medicine
          John G. Bartlett

     The Bertram M. Bernheim Research Professorship
          G. Melville Williams

     Alfred Blalock Chair in Surgery
          John L. Cameron

     John E. Bordley Chair in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
          Mark A. Richardson

     Boury Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics
          Thomas J. Kelly Jr.

     Breast Cancer Research Chair in Oncology
          Nancy Ellen Davidson

     Burroughs-Wellcome Professor of Clinical Pharmacology
          Paul Lietman

     Clayton Professorship in Oncology
          Bert Vogelstein

     Michael J. Cudahy Professorship in Cardiology
          James L. Weiss

     Harvey Cushing Professor of Neurosurgery
          Donlin M. Long

     Richard Bennett Darnell Professor of Cardiac Surgery
          Vincent Lynn Gott

     DeLamar Professor of Biological Chemistry
          M. Daniel Lane

     The Martin Donner Professorship 
     in the Morgan Department of Radiology
          Elias A. Zerhouni

     Eudowood Professor of Pediatric Immunology 
          Jerry A. Winkelstein

     King Fahd Chair in Molecular Medicine
          Andrew P. Feinberg

     King Fahd Chair in Pediatric Oncology
          Curt I. Civin

     Warfield M. Firor Chair of Surgery
          R. Robinson Baker

     Robert Garrett Professor of Pediatric Surgery
          Paul M. Colombani 
          (Professor of Surgery and Oncology 2/1/94)

     Given Foundation Professor of Pediatrics
          Frank A. Oski

     The Willard and Lillian Hackerman Professor of Radiation Oncology
          Moody D. Wharam

     Bayard Halsted Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy
          Thomas D. Pollard

     John Eager Howard Chair of Endocrinology and Metabolism
          Paul W. Ladenson

     Kennedy Professor of Neurology
          Guy M. McKhann

     Zanvyl Krieger Professorship in Pediatric Ophthalmology
          David Guyton

     Harriet Lane Home Professor of Pediatric Cardiology
          Langford Kidd

     Lederer Professorship in Pediatric Epilepsy
          John M. Freeman

     Robert L. Levy Chair in Cardiology
          Eduardo Marban

     Edythe Harris Lucas and Clara Lucas Lynn Chair in Hematology
          William R. Bell

     David Marine Professor of Medicine
          Jimmie T. Sylvester

     Eli Kennerly Marshall Jr. Professor of Oncology
          Martin D. Abeloff

     Massey Professor of Biomedical Engineering
          Murray B. Sachs

     Eugene Meyer III Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine
          Phillip R. Slavney

     David Hall McConnell Professor of Urology
          Patrick C. Walsh
          William Wallace Scott (emeritus)

     The Catherine Iola and J. Smith Michael Distinguished 
     Professorship of Urology
          Donald S. Coffey

     The Noxell Professorship
          Thomas Provost

     Odd Fellows Professor of Ophthalmology
          W. Richard Green 

     Odd Fellows Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmic Immunology
          Arthur M. Silverstein

     Thomas P. O'Neil Professor of Immunology
          Kimishige Ishizaka (emeritus)

     Lewis J. Ort Chair in Ophthalmology
          Irene H. Maumenee

     William Osler Professor of Medicine
          Edward J. Benz Jr.

     Arnall Patz Distinguished Professorship of Ophthalmology
          Reuben Adler

     The Moses and Helen Golden Paulson Professor 
     of Gastroenterology
          Thomas R. Hendrix

     Virginia M. and William A. Percy Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery
          A. Hari Reddi

     Henry Phipps Professor of Psychiatry
          Paul R. McHugh

     Russell H. Morgan Professorship
          Paul A. Bottomley

     Dr. and Mrs. John F. Rainey Professor of Pediatric Hematology
          William H. Zinkham (emeritus)

     Mark M. Ravitch Professor of Surgery
          Gregory B. Buckley

     Robert A. Robinson Chair of Orthopedic Surgery
          Richard N. Stauffer

     Lawrence Cardinal Sheehan Chair in Rehabilitation Medicine
          Barbara de Lateur

     Walter J. Stark Chair in Ophthalmology
          Walter J. Stark

     Seeing Eye Research Professor
          Arnall Patz (emeritus)

     Richard W. TeLinde Professor of Gynecological Pathology
          J. Donald Woodruff (emeritus)
          Robert E. Kurman

     Philip Franklin Wagley Professorship in Biomedical Ethics
          Ruth Faden

     Frank B. Walsh Professor of Neuro-ophthalmology
          Neil R. Miller

     William H. Welch Professor of the History of Medicine
          Gert H. Brieger

     William Holland Wilmer Professor of Ophthalmology
          Arnall Patz (emeritus)
          A. Edward Maumenee (emeritus)
          Morton F. Goldberg

     J. Donald Woodruff Chair in Gynecology & Obstetrics
          Edward W. Wallach

     University Distinguished Research Professor of Anesthesiology
          Richard J. Traystman

     University Distinguished Service Professor 
     of Biomedical Engineering
          David A. Robinson

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine
          C. Lockard Conley (emeritus)

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine
          A. McGehee Harvey (emeritus)

     University Distinguished Service Associate Professor
          Carol J. Johns

     University Distinguished Service Professor
          Richard J. Johns
          Frank A. Oski       
          Albert H. Owens Jr.

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Neuroscience
          Solomon H. Snyder

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery 
                    Robert A. Robinson (emeritus)
          Lee H. Riley

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Pathology
          Robert H. Heptinstall

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Pediatrics and
          William H. Zinkham

     University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry
          Joel Elkes (emeritus)

     University Professor
          Hugo Moser

     University Professor of Medical Genetics
          Victor A. McKusick

     University Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics
          Daniel Nathans

     University Professor of Neuroscience
          Vernon B. Mountcastle (emeritus)

Unoccupied Chairs in the School of Medicine
     University Distinguished Service Professor of Radiology 
          and Radiological Science
     University Distinguished Service Professor of Child Psychiatry
     Patrick C. Walsh Professor of Urology
     Dr. Frank V. Sutland Chair in Pediatric Genetics
     William R. Brody Professorship
     Mark. C. Rogers Chair in Anesthesiology and Critical Care
     Endowed Chair for Pediatric Anesthesiology and 
          Intensive Care Medicine
     A. Edward Maumenee Professor of Eye Research
     Virginia and Daniel K. Ludwig Chair 
     The Elizabeth Triede and A. McGehee Harvey Professor of 
          the History of Medicine
     Dr. Dorothy Edwards Professor of Gynecology 
     Akef El-Maghraby Chair of Blindness Prevention 
     The Haller Professorship of Pediatric Neurology   
     Richard Bennett Darnell Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine 
     David J. Carver Professor of Medicine

     The Elsie M. Lawler Chair
          Fannie Gaston-Johansson

     Independence Foundation Chair in Nursing Education
          Ada Jacox (until 12/31/95)

     Anna D. Wolf Professorship
          Jacquelyn Campbell

Unoccupied Chairs in Nursing
     M. Adelaide Nutting Professorship in Clinical Nursing

     Sidney M. Friedberg Chair in Chamber Music
          Earl Carlyss

     Andrew W. Mellon Chair in Piano
          Leon Fleisher

     The Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Music Director's Chair_
     The Peabody Symphony Orchestra
          Hajime Teri Murai

Unoccupied Chairs at Peabody
     Chair in Music Criticism
     Edwin Litchfield Turnbull Chair in Music

     Dean Acheson Chair
          David P. Calleo

     Jacob Blaustein Chair in International 
     Organizations and Conflict Resolution
          I. William Zartman

     The Edward B. Burling Chair in International Law and Organization
          Christoph H. Schreuer

     William L. Clayton Professor of International Economics
          Isaiah Frank

     Christian A. Herter Professor of American Foreign Policy
          Michael E. Mandelbaum

     Sarita and Don Johnston Chair in Latin American Studies
          Riordan Roett

     Majid Khadduri Professorship in Islamic Studies
          Fouad Ajami

     Andrew W. Mellon Chair in International Studies
          Charles F. Doran

     Yasuhiro Nakasone Chair in Japanese Studies
          Nathaniel B. Thayer

     Paul H. Nitze Professor of International Politics
          George Liska

     Robert E. Osgood Chair in American Foreign Policy
          Zbigniew Brzezinski

     Edwin O. Reischauer Chair in East Asian Studies
          George R. Packard

     University Distinguished Research Professor
          Majid Khadduri (emeritus)

     University Distinguished Service Professor
          George Liska

Unoccupied Chairs at SAIS
     William McChesney Martin Chair in International Finance
     George and Sadie Hyman Chair in Chinese Studies
     The Davis-Donner Foundations Chair in Canadian Studies
     The Grove Haines Chair_Bologna Center
     The AGIP Professorship in International Economics_
          Bologna Center      

Unoccupied Chair
     Robert G. Merrick Jr. Research Chair

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