The Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 22, 1998
June 22, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 38


For The Record: Milestones

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary during May 1998 are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural Centers

25 years of service
Crawford, Ali A., JHPIEGO

10 years of service
Hagopian, Philip C., MSE Library

Arts and Sciences

5 years of service
Callahan, Jullia F., Physics and Astronomy
Falgout, Sheryl M., Physics and Astronomy


10 years of service
Paul, Melissa J., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

Homewood Student Affairs

10 years of service
Eaton, Sherman L., Housing
Fulton, Wistoria, Housing
Green, Lorrie, Dormitory Office Operations

Hygiene and Public Health

25 years of service
George, Christopher T., American Journal of Epidemiology

15 years of service
Sternberg, Alice L., Epidemiology

10 years of service
Toms, Nellie Fae, Epidemiology
Tucker, Christine Elizabeth, Environmental Health Sciences

5 years of service
Neiderer, Harry F., Population Communication Services
Palmer, Anne M., Population Communication Services
Tweedie, Ian, Population Communication Services


35 years of service
Gottal, Richard F., Medicine

30 years of service
Holloway, David C., Laboratory Animal Medicine

25 years of service
Jones, Carolyn V., Art as Applied to Medicine

20 years of service
Crenshaw, Loretta I., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Kurgansky, Barbara A., Pathology

15 years of service
Allen, Valeria V., Physicians Billing Service
O'Brien, Paulette, Ophthalmology
Rutkowski-Almony, Diane, Ophthalmology
Sawicki, Dolores, History of Medicine

10 years of service
Armstrong, L. Robin, Medicine
Beam, Jackwalyn, Medicine
Hall, Emily Virginia, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Mach, Penelope, Oncology Center Services
McLoughlin, Sandra L., Facilities Management
Noethen, Mark A., Physicians Billing Service
Pollard, Deborah Joan, Psychiatry
St. Clair, Carol Y., Medicine
Welsh-Brandenburg, Laura E., Medicine

5 years of service
Alston, David, Ophthalmology
Apuzzo, Linda, Medicine
Casey, Jane Cassilly, Neurology
Chang, Feng, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Colletta, Lorraine W., Medicine
Liberto, Rita, Facilities Management
White, Marshall Samuel, Laboratory Animal Medicine


10 years of service
Frondorf, Margaret Hardt, Social Change and Development

5 years of service
Kusmik, Jennifer G., Library Services

University Administration

25 years of service
Schorr, Charles B., Security Services

20 years of service
Bagwell, Joan, The Johns Hopkins Club

10 years of service
Mixter, Jane Lee, Telecommunication Services
Young, James E., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Zimmer, Judith D., Central Purchasing

5 years of service
Cho, Myon K., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Dang, Hoa T., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Esau, Dowlat P., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Jones, Orion G., Office of V.P., Development and Alumni Relations
Park, Byung Ki, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Woo, Sung Won, Plant Operations and Maintenance