The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 5, 1998

Jan. 5, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 16


Diversity Council Sets Agenda For Its First Year

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The Diversity Leadership Council, formed by President William R. Brody in May 1997 to address a variety of issues within the Johns Hopkins community, has begun to identify projects of concern, which range from faculty, staff and student retention to creation of an inclusive institutional culture. The committee convened in the fall semester.

Ron Walters, professor in the Department of History in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, chairs the council, whose 16 members represent a cross section of faculty, staff and students.

Ron Walters, chair of the Diversity Leadership Council, says he is "cautiously optimistic." Cecy Kuruvilla serves as staff to the group.

"I am cautiously optimistic about diversity initiatives," both at Hopkins and nationally," Walters said. "For one thing, there are a lot of activities throughout the university and outside of academia as well. We are still trying to survey everything that is going on at Hopkins."

The council members, selected by Brody from 38 nominees, are focusing their attention this academic year on the following areas:

  • recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff and student community;

  • educational opportunities, including curricular matters;

  • same-sex partner benefits, as well as general issues affecting gay, lesbian and bisex-ual members of the Hopkins community;

  • accessibility and infrastructure as it relates to people with disabilities;

  • communications both within the Hopkins community and outside; and building an inclusive institutional culture.

    Faculty members of the council are Gwendolyn Boyd, Applied Physics Laboratory; James Calvin, Division of Business and Management, School of Continuing Studies; Sheila Fitzgerald, School of Hygiene and Public Health; Constance Johnson, School of Medicine; and Alan Stone, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering. Staff members are Lucille Eaddy, School of Nursing; Ichiro Fujinaga, the Peabody Conservatory; Young Mi Kim, School of Hygiene and Public Health; Lewis Myrick, University Administration; Serena Watters, School of Hygiene and Public Health; and Bonnie Wilson, SAIS.

    The student members are Gitanjli Arora, Cherokee Dunkley and Noah Stein, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; and Marisela Gomez, School of Medicine.

    In addition, the council will be advised and supported by three ex-officio members: Audrey Smith, vice president for human resources; Edgar Roulhac, vice provost for academic services; and Larry Benedict, dean of Homewood student affairs. Staff to the council is Cecy Kuruvilla, senior organization development and diversity specialist with the Office of Human Services.

    Further information about the Diversity Leadership Council, including descriptions of its charter and its role, is available on the Internet at