The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 2, 1998

Mar. 2, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 24


Employment Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, homosexuality, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or veteran status in any student program or activity administered by the university or with regard to admission or employment.

University Jobs

University-wide job vacancies are posted on bulletin boards located at various campus sites, as well as at divisional human resources offices.

Positions listed in The Gazette were vacant when submitted for publication. No assurance is given that any position on the list will be available at the time this publication reaches the reader.


First floor, Garland Hall
Charles and 34th Streets
Baltimore, Md. 21218
(410) 516-8048

Job posting boards: First floor, Garland Hall; ground floor, Gilman Hall

Data Warehouse Project Manager 43 E98-6034
Assoc. Director, FASAP 43 U97-6847
Director, Major Gifts, WSE 43 G97-7044
Program Director, SHP&R 43 U96-895
Manager, HVAC Services 42 D97-6456
Staff/Labor Relations And Employment Manager 42 U97-6958
Sr. Systems Programmer 42 L97-6979
Assoc. Director of Development 42 P97-6995
Sr. Programmer Analyst 42 U97-7027
Instructional Facilitator 41 P98-6024
Librarian III (Non-Book Cataloging) 41 S98-6042
Asst. Director, Development, IAAY 41 S98-6074
Librarian III 41 S98-6094
Librarian III 41 S98-6095
Instructional Facilitator 41 P97-6374
Systems Programmer 41 L97-6741
Financial Planning Analyst 41 U97-7004
Programmer/Analyst 40 S97-6577
Research Nurse 39 S98-6054
Asst. Director, Admissions 39 L98-6087
Writer/Communications Specialist (part-time) 39 U97-6763
Occupational Health Nurse 39 U97-6963
Admissions Counselor 38 L98-6089
Data Quality Controller 38 U98-6093
Registration Asst. III 36 L98-6133
Scheduling Asst. 36 L98-6134
Secretary III 36 P98-6145
Education Asst. 36 P97-6397
Research Data Aide (casual) 34 E98-6064

School of

1830 E. Monument St.
Baltimore, Md. 21205
(410) 955-2989

Job posting boards: second floor, 1830 Building; concourse level, Turner and Traylor; ground floor, WBSB; several locations at JHH

Admin. Secretary 37
Admin. Secretary (Howard Hughes Inst.) 37
Medical Office Coord. 36
Sponsored Research Administration 43
Research Nurse (licensed) 39
Physician Asst. (certified) 40
Research Program Interviewer various
Research Program Asst. various
Programmers/Analysts various

Schools of
Public Health
and Nursing

2021 E. Monument St.
Baltimore, Md. 21205
(410) 955-3000

Job posting boards: lower level, Hygiene Building; lower level, Hampton House; second floor, 1830 Building

Research Programmer 39 1276-97
Research Program Asst. II various
Secretary III/Receptionist 36 1746-97
Programmer/Data Analyst various
Major Gifts Officer 42 1597-97
Desktop Publishing Asst. 37 1683-97
Admissions Counselor 39 1696-97
Sr. User Systems Specialist 40 1702-97
Assoc. Director, Admissions and Student Services 41 1755-97
Sr. Lab Tech. II 37 1693-97
Copy Center Supervisor 39 1567-97
Sr. Research Program Coord. 40 1619-97
Admin. Manager II 42 1019-98
Microcomputer Support Specialist 39 1039-98
Research Asst. II 39 1646-97
Nurse Practitioner/Program Coord. 41 1010-98
Sr. Word Processing Specialist 37 1722-97
Research Program Coord. 39 1698-97
Research Interviewer (casual) 36 1727-97
Research Asst. II 39 1734-97
Support Services Manager 41 1032-98
Research Data Manager 41 1042-98
Sr. Research Program Coord. 41 1014-98
Sr. Field Assessor 38 1736-97
XRF Research Tech. II 39 1737-97
Research Asst./Supervisor 39 1031-98
Project Coord. various
Research Data Asst. II 36 1015-98