The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 2, 1998
Mar. 2 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 24


Krieger Mind/Brain Institute Now Linked To Arts and Sciences

Emil Venere
News and Information
Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, a brain-research center on the Homewood campus, is now officially linked to the School of Arts and Sciences.

The institute has become increasingly involved with undergraduate education and will now report directly to the dean of Arts and Sciences, according to a new arrangement approved on Feb. 1. Mind/Brain had reported to the university's provost.

The institute, located in Krieger Hall, was founded in 1990, in part through a $7.5 million donation from Zanvyl Krieger and the Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund.

Mind/Brain will continue to be independent of Arts and Sciences, much like the Space Telescope Science Institute; although STScI is not part of Johns Hopkins, some faculty from Hopkins have joint appointments there, said Richard McCarty, interim dean of Arts and Sciences.

"We are not creating a new department," McCarty said.

Current Mind/Brain scientists are members of the School of Medicine faculty. Future appointments to Mind/Brain will be made through both Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine, he said. Adjunct appointments will likely be made.

Mind/Brain researchers work extensively with departments at Homewood, including Psychology and Cognitive Science, and they are directly involved with undergraduate education. A new neuroscience major was made available to undergraduates in the fall of 1996.

"The Mind/Brain Institute has always been interactive with colleagues both in the medical school and at Homewood," said Guy McKhann, director of Mind/Brain and a professor of neurology. "We intend to retain that relationship and still maintain close ties to the medical school."