The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 2, 1998
Mar. 2 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 24


Women's History Month: Talks, FIlms, Workshops

Christine A. Rowett
News and Information
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As a young woman growing up in India, Mrinalini Sinha was aware of a difference in social status between men and women. But as an educated woman from a comfortable family, she was never stifled by it. Literate, ambitious women in India could realistically dream of leadership roles in their country, Sinha says, if not in their own families.

"Women holding high political office is not such a novelty in India as it is in the United States," she says. "You don't have that kind of easy opportunity in the United States; that's still a major challenge."

Sinha credits leaders like Ghandi for his willingness to involve women in political issues that date back to India's struggle for independence from Great Britain.

"But at the same time, this didn't mean total equality," she says. "Women were expected to be the carriers of tradition, not to question the men."

Sinha, associate professor of history at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, will present the keynote address for Women's History Month, which begins on March 2. The series of events is sponsored by the Women's Studies program.

The co-editor of the feminist journal Gender and History, Sinha is currently researching the women's movement in India during the 1920s. Her discussion is titled "Gender and Culture in Indian Labor History." It will take place at 5 p.m., March 26, in the Merrick Barn on the Homewood campus. A reception will follow. For more information, call Rachel-Karol Ablow in Women's Studies at 410-516-8340.

The following events will be held in recognition of Women's History Month.

Scheduled Events

March 8-9 Workshops in public speaking: Jane Slaughter, instructor (see following listing). Co-sponsored with SLAC. Pre-registration required; sign up in 300 Jenkins. Various times and locations over the course of two days.
March 9 Lecture: "Organizing the Unorganized: Is It Enough?" Jane Slaughter, author of Concessions and How to Beat Them and member of Labor Notes' policy committee. Co-sponsored with SLAC. 5 p.m., 111 Mergenthaler
March 10 Video: Nappy. A documentary by Lydia Douglas. Screening followed by discussion with videomaker; 6 p.m., Mudd Auditorium
March 12 Panel discussion: "Identity and African Women's Experiences of the U.S." Co-sponsored with the African Students Association. 3:30-6 p.m., Garrett Room, MSEL
March 24 Talk: Aileen Getty, HIV/AIDS activist. Co-sponsored with DSAGA. 7 p.m., Glass Pavilion, Levering
March 24-26 The Thalheimer Lectures: "Feminist Internationalism." Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago Law School. Co-sponsored by the Committee on Moral and Political Thought. 4:30 p.m. each day, Garrett Room, MSEL
March 25 Movie: All Over Me. Co-sponsored with DSAGA. 8 p.m., Mudd Auditorium
March 26 Lecture: "Gender and Culture in Indian Labor History." Mrinalini Sinha, Southern Illinois University. 5 p.m., reception to follow, Merrick Barn
March 28 Self-defense workshop: Anna Lobiano, instructor. All women welcome. Pre-registration required; sign up in 300 Jenkins. Time and locations TBA
March 30 Lecture: "Gender Relations in China after the Manchu Conquest, 1644-1800." Susan Mann, University of California at Davis. Co-sponsored with the History Department. 4 p.m., 315 Gilman
March 31 Lecture: "Engineering Education in the 21st Century: Diversity and Cultural Change." Denice Denton, dean of engineering, University of Washington. Co-sponsored with DOGEE. 3 p.m., location TBA
April 1 Book talk: Christina Vella, Tulane University. Intimate Enemies: The Two Worlds of the Baroness de Pontalba. 4:30 p.m., 323 Gilman