The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 14, 1998
September 14, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 3


APL Cyber Tech Seminars Open to All

By Pamela Houghtaling
Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Advances in technology are bringing about changes in the ways people live and work. Gaining a clearer understanding of the broader implications is the goal of the ongoing Cyber Tech Seminars at APL, which are open to all members of the Hopkins community.

"We hope to bring added value by thinking through the impact of technological developments on society and our institutions, essentially putting technology in context," explains Dale Pace, series coordinator. Developments in information systems and networking capabilities are serving as the framework for the series. Upcoming programs will take a look at the emerging network environment, the human-computer interface and high-performance computing.

Morning presentations by leading experts from industry and government are followed by smaller group discussions in the afternoon. Attended by the speakers, invited guests and APL staff, the afternoon sessions are designed for in-depth discussion of important issues raised during the morning. Morning sessions are open to the public.

The presentations given at the previous seminars and a non-attribution synopsis of the afternoon sessions, along with information on upcoming programs, can be found at the Cyber Tech Seminars Web site: Videotapes of the morning sessions are available in APL's Gibson Library.

Upcoming Cyber Tech Seminars are "Connecting the World: Networking (including intranet and extranet)" on Sept. 25; "The New Cyber Landscape" on Nov. 13; and "Making It Happen: High-Performance Computing" on Jan. 13. Seminars are held at the Kossiakoff Center on the APL campus. Directions can be found on the Web site. The program begins at 9 a.m. and runs through noon.