The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 17, 1997
Nov. 17, 1997
VOL. 27, NO. 12


Hindus Celebrate Diwali Dhamaaka

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Hindu Students Council Chapter of The Johns Hopkins University will celebrate Diwali Dhamaaka, the Hindu New Year, on Saturday, Nov. 22, at 9 p.m. in the Glass Pavilion on the Homewood campus. The annual event is especially significant for students this year because it marks the 50th anniversary of India's independence.

Diwali, also referred to as Deepavali, literally means "the festival of lights." Each day of this five-day festival celebrates a different aspect of the triumph of ancient heroes against the forces of evil and immoral values. In modern times, it is considered a time of purification and new beginnings--a new year celebration.

Literally, Dhamaaka means "explosion of music, colors and dance." In keeping with the festival's lively tradition, the Hopkins Hindu Students Council will present raas and garba, a traditional group dance. Guests will be given the opportunity to learn and participate in this vibrant dance, fueled by a live performance of rhythmic and vibrant Indian music.

The Hindu Students Council is committed to maintaining its members' heritage and celebrating the richness of their culture. In honor of the golden anniversary of India's independence, the group urges Hindu and non-Hindu members of the community to celebrate this holiday with them.

For more information about Diwali Dhamaaka or the Hindu Students Council, visit the organization's Web site at or call Kevin Sheth at 410-516-2631.