The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 16, 1998
Nov. 16, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 12


For The Record

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Arts and Sciences

The Harvard Business School's Business History Review has given the Thomas Newcomen Award to history professor Louis Galambos, with Jane Eliot Sewell, for Networks of Innovation: Vaccine Development at Merck, Sharp & Dohme, and Mulford, 1895-1995 (Cambridge University Press). The award was for the best book on the history of business published between 1995 and 1997.

Seth Sanders, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, has been awarded the National Foundation for Jewish Culture's Joan and Richard Scheuer Fellowship. The $10,000 grant will assist Sanders in the completion of his doctoral dissertation, "Ritual and Apocalypse: Ascent to Heaven in the Ancient Near East and Early Judaism."


Alan J. Goldman has been appointed professor emeritus in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, effective July 1, 1999.


Benjamin S. Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, was honored Oct. 7 at the Baltimore branch NAACP's Annual Unity Banquet at Martin's West. Carson was recognized for breaking down barriers and opening doors in medicine.

Edmund Y.S. Chao, Riley Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, has been inducted into the National Academy of Engineering. Chao was recognized for the development of rigorous biomechanical models for functional analysis of human limbs and limb-salvage procedures in cancer patients.

Jennifer Dawson has been promoted to senior project manager in the Office of Design and Construction. She is currently responsible for the management of the multimillion-dollar Basic Science Initiative project.

Todd Dorman has been appointed director of the Division of Adult Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology. He also has been named co-director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit and director of the Adult Postanesthesia Care Units.

George J. Dover, chief of Pediatrics, has received the 1998 Leadership Award from the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dover was cited for his outstanding service on behalf of children with special health care needs.

Linda Fried, professor of medicine and past chair of the Department of Medicine's Task Force on Women's Careers in Academic Medicine, spoke at a national conference on "Women in Research Universities" on Nov. 13 at Harvard. Her speech was titled "Organizational Change to Support Success of Women: A Model and Its Lessons." The conference explored the current status of women faculty and new efforts under way at some institutions to expand numbers of women, promote their research and improve the academic environment.

David Linden, associate professor of neuroscience, has received the 1998 Young Investigator Award from the Society for Neuroscience. The $5,000 award is presented each year to a scientist who has made a significant contribution to research in neuroscience. Linden, whose work focuses on understanding the basis for memory, is the third faculty member at Hopkins to receive this award.

Lynn Maxwell, deputy director of Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care, has been elected to the board of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia.

Molly L. Mullen has joined the Office of Consumer Health Information as editor of print publications. Mullen comes to Hopkins from Waverly Press/Williams & Wilkins (now Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins), where she was senior managing editor of clinical books. She oversees all Johns Hopkins consumer health books from manuscript preparation through production.

Kieran Murphy is the new director of Interventional Neuroradiology. Murphy specializes in such areas as angioplasty, stenting the blood vessels to the brain, vertebroplasty and treating intracranial aneurysms as well as brain and spinal vascular malformations. Murphy was previously at the Albany Medical College, where he served as head of neuroradiology for one year after completing a fellowship at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Oliver D. Schein has been promoted to professor of ophthalmology.

Hugh Simmons has been promoted to administrator for the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.

Robert H. Yolken has been appointed to the Theodore and Vada Stanley Distinguished Chair in Neurovirology.

David M. Yousem, the new director of Neuroradiology, comes to Hopkins from the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. His interests include brain mapping using MRI, and he has been instrumental in describing the areas in the brain devoted to processing odors.

In conjunction with his exhibit of medical and scientific illustration, Tim Phelps, associate professor, Art as Applied to Medicine, participated in a lecture series as a distinguished alumnus at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. Phelps, who is currently president of the Association of Medical Illustrators, and David Rini, assistant professor, exhibited in the Society of Illustrators National Show titled "Illustrators Who Teach." Works by the two are also being exhibited in a show of medical illustration in Sao Paolo, Brazil.


The Pro Bono Counseling Project, a statewide nonprofit organization linking the volunteer clinical services of licensed mental health providers with low-income, uninsured families and individuals, has elected to its board of directors Peggy Soderstrom, assistant professor in the School of Nursing, as president and David H. Edwin, assistant professor in the School of Medicine, vice president.


Fannie Gaston-Johansson (pictured at right) has been named full professor with tenure in the School of Nursing. This appointment makes Gaston- Johansson the first African American woman to have both tenure and full professorship at the university.

Gaston-Johansson is director of International and Extramural Affairs at the school and also holds the Elsie M. Lawler Chair. The focus of her research is pain management and testing of a comprehensive coping strategy to help women with breast cancer adjust to diagnosis and treatment. She has received national and international recognition for development of the Painometer, a patented pain assessment tool, and has received federal funding for her research. Gaston-Johansson is a member of the American Academy of Nursing and a fellow in the American Academy of Pain Management.

As director of the school's international program, Gaston-Johansson educates undergraduate and graduate students about health care systems around the world, guiding them in exchange experiences. She has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with universities in Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

A native of Hickory, N.C., Gaston-Johansson came to Hopkins in 1993 from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she was associate professor and director of nursing research in clinical practice.
--Kate Pipkin

Public Health

M. Harvey Brenner has been appointed professor emeritus in the Department of Health Policy and Management, effective June 30, 1999.

Noel R. Rose has been elected a fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.