List of Churches in Baltimore Area Attended by Current or Former GCF Members

Second Presbyterian Church Second Presbyterian Church
4200 St. Paul St.

Central Presbyterian Church
7308 York Rd.

Central Presbyterian Church
Faith Christian Fellowship Arches Faith Christian Fellowship
505 E. 42nd St.

Grace Life Church: Stepping Stone Ministry
Shaffer Hall 3

Shaffer Hall
Grace United Methodist Church Grace United Methodist Church
5407 N. Charles St.

Sovereign Grace Church
900 Trimble Rd.
Joppa, MD

Sovereign Grace
Chesapeake Community Church
Evangelical Formosan Church of Baltimore and Columbia
Stonehouse Dr.
Columbia, MD

Evangelical Formosan
University Baptist Church
3501 N. Charles St.

University Baptist Church
New Psalmist Baptist Church
6020 Marian Dr.

Valley Presbyterian Church
2200 W. Joppa Rd.
Lutherville, MD

Valley Presbyterian Church
InterFaith Center Chapel The Catholic Community at Johns Hopkins
InterFaith Center Chapel
University & N. Charles

The Village Church
37th & Roland
(the Hampden Baptist Church building)

Jesus House Baltimore
7710 Windsor Mill Rd.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Nigeria)
Gallery Church Baltimore
1407 Fleet St.

The Broom Corn Building

The above images are the property of their respective churches, with the exception of the photos of Shaffer Hall and the InterFaith Center Chapel, which are the property of Johns Hopkins University, and the photo of Faith Christian Fellowship, which is the property of Josh Porter.
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