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Welcome to the Undergraduate
Housing and Dining Office

The Department of Housing and Dining Services believes that through group living, students develop important personal, social and interpersonal skills.

There is a two-year residency requirement for all new students attending Johns Hopkins University. This policy requires that first and second year students reside in University Housing or at home with a parent or legal guardian. Please contact us at confirmation@hd.jhu.edu for more information on the commuter exemption process.

Students learn to appreciate and respect individual differences and ethnic diversity, develop a greater understanding of their own identity and learn that they are responsible for their actions as they deal with moral and ethical dilemmas. Encouraging the integration and involvement of faculty and other student affairs staff further enhances the quality of the residential community.

In order to better carry out our mission, the Department of Housing and Dining Services contains several divisions:

On-Campus Housing: responsible for campus owned and operated residence halls and apartments. Contracts, room and board billing, room assignments, room selection, summer housing and mail room services are all managed through on-campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing: responsible for maintaining updated information regarding the communities surrounding Johns Hopkins University. The Off-Campus Housing Office hosts a listing site open to members of the community to post places available to offer for sale or for rent.
Only JHU affiliates have access to contact landlords posting on the site.

Dining Services: responsible for maintaining relations between the University and Bon App├ętit, our food service provider. The Office of Dining Services is the contact point for students who have questions or comments regarding the residential dining facilities and meal plans on campus. Students may sign up for and change meal plans (at appropriate times of the year) through Dining Services.

responsible for maintaining residential campus buildings. Students may report maintenance issues with their room, suite, apartment, or building common areas, directly to the Maintenance office.