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e-Suds is an exciting, innovative online laundry system designed to get you out of the laundry room and on with your life.

e-Suds will allow you to:

Know before you go...

e-Suds give you access to an interactive website with a "virtual view" of the laundry room from your own PC. Each washer and dryer is marked as either "available" or "in-use." If equipment is "in-use" the estimated remaining cycle time is displayed.

Say goodbye to quarters...

...and hello to JCash. e-Suds washers and dryers can be activated with your JCard and payments can be done with JCash

Email it!

You can choose to receive email notification when your laundry is done or when a unit becomes available.

The e-Suds website can be found at:

"How To..."

To be notified by email when your own wash is complete:

Click the "Register for Auto Notification" button in the top right corner of the front page (see illustration). On the next page, enter your JHU email address and click submit.

An email will be sent to your JHU account that will contain a link which will take you to the screen pictured below. If you wish to be notified at an address other than your JHU email that your wash and dry cycles are complete, you can enter it at this time.

To receive a text message to your phoneinstead of a regular email you must have an email address that is used to send the message as a text message to your phone.All major cell phone services allow the user to enable an e-mail address for use with their account. For example, Cingular users should have an email address like Entering this email address in the screen above will generate a text message to your phone when your wash is complete. If you do not already have this service enabled, contact your cell phone carrier to find out more information.

To see which washers and dryers are available:

Click the "Johns Hopkins University - Homewood Campus" link on the front page.

To be emailed when a washer or dryer becomes available:

Check the box next to the machine you wish to use and enter your email address at the top of the listing.