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Incoming Freshman Housing

First and second year undergraduate students are required to live in University Housing. First-year students are placed in one of six residence halls, typically with a roommate. We will pair students together based on their responses to the preference questions, however, we cannot guarantee a perfect match. Most students will reside in double occupancy rooms; please note that there are a limited number of single occupancy rooms available. Second-year students have the opportunity to choose whom they wish to live with through a room selection process.

Commuter Exemption
The only exception to the above residency requirement for freshmen is for those students who live with their parent(s) or legal guardian within commuting distance from campus. If this is your situation and you wish to opt for a commuter exemption, you must complete the commuter exemption request located here. This form is due no later than May 30, 2014.

Request for Special Housing Accommodations
Medical documentation is required to request special housing placement. Special housing placements are granted based only on medically-documented need. No request can be considered for any circumstances beyond documented medical needs. All Documents should be submitted to the Student Disabilities Services Office (SDS). The request will be evaluated and approval or denial will be communicated directly to the student.  The types of accommodations provided are dependent on the impact of the student's disability.

Single Room Accommodations
Requests for a single room as an accommodation based solely on a desire to have a “quiet, undisturbed place to study” will not be granted. By virtue of the shared facilities, resources, and number of people living under one roof, it is not logical to assume that having a private room would provide for such quiet, distraction-free space to any appreciable degree beyond living in a standard double room.  Requests for a single room as an accommodation requires documentation from a qualified medical professional that demonstrates a link between the request and disability. 

Steps to Receive Housing Accommodations: All requests for special housing accommodations and supplemental medical documentation must be received by the Student Disability Services Office no later than May 15, 2014.

Liability Policy
As stated in your housing contract, the University is not responsible for damage to or disappearance of a student's or their guest's personal possessions unless such damage or disappearance is proven to be the result of the sole negligence of the University. This policy includes, but is not limited to, items in student rooms, bike rooms, trunk rooms, and music rooms. Just as in a private home, sometimes things happen that cannot be foreseen, and items are damaged. The University will do everything possible to expedite cleanup of the facility.

Because of the possibility of damage or theft, it is a good idea for students to insure their possessions. In some cases this can be done through the parent's homeowners policy. If this is not possible, we strongly urge you to consider a renter's policy. The University has found a company that specializes in serving the collegiate environment: National Student Services, Inc. Information is available through both housing offices. For more information, please visit

Move-In, Residence Hall Closures & Travel Plans
Before making travel plans (and booking airline/train/bus tickets) for move-in or breaks, please refer to our Housing and Dining Calendar 2014/2015. Residence hall closing and opening dates and times are firm.  For the Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods, only those students who have made prior arrangements will be permitted to remain in their rooms.  For Winter Break, all students MUST vacate their building.

Freshman move-in dates for Fall 2014 will be Friday August 22nd and Saturday, August 23rd. Each building has its own move-in date. Specific move-in dates are sent out to students with their residence hall room assignment letters. If you need to make travel plans prior to receiving your room assignment letter (mid-July), please plan to arrive and move-in on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

For Peabody Dual Degree Students:

Peabody dual degree students are required to reside on the Peabody campus for their freshman year. For more information, please click HERE to visit their webpage.

Assignment Process
Housing assignments are made according to the results of two computerized random sorts. This allows all students who return all of their housing packet materials (contract & roommate questionnaire confirmation) by the deadline, an equal opportunity to get a low (better) sort number.

All Students:
All students' application materials (contract & roommate questionnaire confirmation) received by May 30, 2014, will be included in the freshman lottery. Students will receive a priority number that designates the order they will be assigned their space. The priority numbers are determined through a random computer generated sort of students who meet the above deadline.

Early Decision Students:
Early admissions students receive a housing preference priority and are placed first.

Regular Decision Students:
Regular decision students will be placed after the early decision students based on their priority number.If any student misses the May 30, 2014 deadline, he or she will be placed in any remaining available space after the process.

Placement will be based on your random sort number. The best effort is made to honor your preferences. However, there are times when this is not possible. Contracts received after the May 30, 2014 deadline will be prioritized according to date and the order in which they are delivered to our office. Contracts in this group are the only ones that are assigned on a first come, first serve basis after the lottery process is completed. For example, if the second random sort ends with number 1000, the first contract received after the deadline would receive number 1001, the second 1002, etc.

Assignment Process
Aside from your lottery number, part of the assignment process is evaluating your selections on the roommate questionnaire.  The roommate questionnaire asks you to list your preferences in regards to building, room occupancy, and various other attributes.  You are also able to list what is most important to you (i.e. building placement over room occupancy, roommate request over building placement, etc.)

While we do our best to accommodate students’ top preferences, we cannot guarantee placement in your top choices.  We will refer to the questionnaire when we reach your lottery number and match you with a roommate (if applicable) into available spaces.

Choosing a Triple Room
Each year, there are a small number of traditional double rooms that are converted into triple occupancy rooms to house incoming freshmen.  These are our larger double rooms furnished for three residents designated in AMR III Buildings A and B or AMR I.  While some students may be placed in temporary triples, we are able to accommodate some requests for permanent triple rooms.  This would mean you would reside in your expanded occupancy room for the full academic year.  

Triple Rooms and Freshman Overflow
Please also note that not volunteering for a triple room does not mean you will not be placed in a triple.  You may be placed in a triple based on limited space availability when we reach your lottery number.  Should traditional spaces open up prior to move-in or after move-in, you may be contacted with a new room assignment.

If you are placed in a triple room, you will be billed the triple room rate.  In the event we are able to de-triple the room, or move a student to a traditional space prior to move-in weekend, we will adjust your bill accordingly to reflect the double room rate.  IF you are de-tripled during the school year, your bill will be pro-rated and adjusted based on the date you are de-tripled.

We plan freshman space based on the projected incoming freshman class size.  When we have faced the circumstance where the freshman class size exceeds projections, we have housed the students by increasing the number of triple rooms on campus.

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