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Charles Village

Many students find this walking neighborhood very convenient to Homewood, shopping and restaurants. The JHMI shuttle, that runs daily, has 2 stops in Charles Village once it leaves Shriver Hall. The shuttle is great for not only Homewood students, but also people attending Peabody and JHMI.

The area has many commercial high and mid rise apartment buildings. Most apartments in Charles Village are located in typical Baltimore row houses that are divided into 3 or more units. Some students can also find row homes that have not been divided if they are looking to share a house with several roommates.

Here are a few links that will give you some information about this neighborhood:
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Homewood Campus
Roland Park

Once part of the countryside, Roland Park was where many of the wealthier citizens built summer homes. Today Roland Park is still one of the more affluent areas but now part of Baltimore City. Several neo-classical and Victorian mansions have now been converted into multi-family homes.

This area was also the setting for many scenes of Barry Levinson's films Diner and Avalon.

To find out more about this area, please follow one of these links:
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Homewood Campus

Now considered one of the trendier areas, this was traditionally a blue collar neighborhood where the mill workers once lived. Artists began to move in and the area enjoys a new vitality. The eclectic neighborhood now comprises lifelong residents, artists, graduate and some undergraduate students.

This area is also where Baltimore's own Miracle on 34th Street takes place each holiday season. Be sure to visit it around the holidays. Local filmmaker, John Waters, shot most of his film Pecker in Hampden. The Avenue (36th street) is also a great place for interesting shops and cafes.

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Homewood Campus
Wyman Park

This community borders the Homewood campus directly on the west. Nestled between Johns Hopkins and the Hampden community, Wyman Park in mostly comprised of residentially owned rowhomes. This area also includes a big park of the same name, popular for dog walkers and recreational activities.

With many stores and shops within walking distance, this community has a nice mix of urban and suburban culture. Just blocks away is the popular holiday tradition of the “Miracle on 34th Street”, in which a block of new homes comes to life in an illuminated wonderland.

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Photo Strip - Wyman Park

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Homewood Campus

The Guilford Community borders the Homewood campus to the north/northeast. This neighborhood dates back to the 19th century with the building of the Guilford Mansion. It is said that this mansion was built to commemorate General McDonald’s participation in the battle of Guilford Court House in North Carolina. Thus giving this community its name.

This beautiful community is comprised of beautiful cottages and stately mansions. It is also the home to the famous Sherwood Gardens.

Please be advised that a covenant exists in the Guilford community that limits the rental of residences to one family only. Thus, individuals that are unrelated may not live in the same residence. The covenant is posted at (see Section III at the bottom of page 15).

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Homewood Campus

Remington is an inexpensive, working-class neighborhood that lies just southwest of the Homewood campus. It contains a widely diverse population and is a community with rich historical significance to Baltimore. 100 years ago, Remington was situated beside a strip of mills that ran along the Jones Falls. Remington itself was an area where many quarries were established and provided a great amount of marble that was used in the building of thousands of Baltimore’s signature marble steps that characterize many of its residential homes.

More recently, Remington has become well-known for being home to the famous bakery Charm City Cakes owned by Duff Goldman, which is featured on the hit television series “Ace of Cakes” on the Food Network. Besides rubbing elbows with Duff Goldman, residents can also enjoy a peaceful ride along the Jones Falls Bike Trail and visits to the local shops and restaurants.

Residents can also hop aboard the convenient Shuttle Bug that connects Remington to neighboring Hampden, a trendy community with fun shops and great things to do.

Live in Baltimore
Google Maps
The Shuttle Bug

Homewood Campus

Oakenshaw is a quiet, charming community that borders the Homewood campus on its southeast side. With its scenic trees and gardens, Oakenshaw’s suburban greenery offers a beautiful oasis in the heart of the city. Its picturesque landscape is celebrated annually with the Oakenshaw House and Garden Tour held in October.

Oakenshaw is also a National Register historic district with 3-story brick rowhomes in the Georgian Revival style. The community enjoys a diverse population with residents ranging from growing families to college students. It is also conveniently located near restaurants, bookstores, and shops, as well as the weekly Waverly Farmers’ Market. Residents can also take advantage of the nearby Baltimore Museum of Arts and the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg YMCA.

Live in Baltimore
Google Maps

Homewood Campus
Waverly Information coming soon! Homewood Campus
Tuscany/ Canterbury

The Tuscany/Canterbury neighborhood is located just northwest of the Homewood Campus. Located between West University Parkway and North Charles Street, this community dates back to the 18th century.

This historic area consists mostly of residential homes, townhouses, and some apartment buildings. A lot of the townhomes were built in the early 1900s. The commercial properties in this neighborhood include: The Carlyle, Hopkins House, and the Broadview.

Here are some links about Tuscany/Canterbury:
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Homewood Campus
Ednor Gardens

The historic area of Ednor Gardens was once the property of the Revolutionary War hero General Samuel Smith, who named his lake in celebration of the victory at the Battle of Montebello. Today, Lake Montebello is the majestic centerpiece of this community. Ednor Gardens is about 1.5 miles east of the Homewood Campus. Its residents live in single-family and semi detached homes and townhomes in may styles, as well as colonial-style homes near the lake.

The Ednor Gardens-Lakeside Civic Association remains very involved by creating newsletters to keep residents informed and appointing block captains to attend to any issues or complaints. Recreational activities include trails for walking, skating, biking, and visits to the nearby Herring Run Park. Shopping, restaurants, and clubs can be found in neighboring Waverly and Charles Village.

Ednor Gardens is also home to Maryland's largest YMCA facility and children can participate in nearby sports leagues as well as the summer youth art program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Ednor Gardens' Neighborhood Association
Live Baltimore Informational Site: Ednor Gardens