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Looking for off-campus housing can be a fun, yet challenging experience, especially if you have never lived on your own. But with our assistance, hopefully it will be more of a fun and exciting experience. This website contains tons of information to help you during your transition. Our Commercially-Owned property list is a listing of several properties in different neighborhoods around campus including: Charles Village, Hampden, and Mt. Washington. In addition to this list, we also maintain an off-campus database full of residential properties in and around the Charles Village area.

Our office is located in Wolman Hall, room 102 for you to visit and get more information about the neighborhoods, security, tenant and landlord relations, and local commercial properties. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm. If you have more questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via email at: offcampus or call at 410-516-7961.


When should I start looking for a place?

If you want to live in one of the commercial buildings, you should start contacting property managers around February. Some properties still use wait lists but be aware that a waiting list will not guarantee you a space; you should continue to call the property manager to find out what is available and so he or she can keep you in mind.

If you want to rent from a private landlord, you will need to search the classified ads and our online property listings. Landlords generally list properties 14 to 60 days before they are available to a new tenant. New listings come in daily, so check our site frequently.

Check out our Off-Campus Listings database, which is updated daily.


Where else can I find listings?

Be sure to utilize all resources when searching for housing. Check local papers, walk around the neighborhood to jot down phone numbers, and check our website!

The City Paper is published every Wednesday. Visit their website ( and under the classifieds section you will find all the rentals listed for the week.

The Baltimore Sun will also be very helpful. The Sunday paper lists dozens of available apartments and houses for rent. You can find these listings online at (

Craigslist ( is a great place to check for listings. They also have a great marketplace if you need to find furniture.

There are also several realty companies that manage properties for private owners. These companies will usually have lists of what is available in the area. You will need to go to their office, leave a key deposit, and visit the property on your own. The properties they manage are not limited to apartments; they often have several houses in their inventory as well.


What is a co-signer? Do I need one?

A co-signer is an adult that is ultimately responsible for the rental property. He or she will guarantee that the landlord will receive rent on time, and he or she will be responsible if the property is damaged. Unless you can prove to the landlord that you meet their income requirements on your own, you will need a co-signer. Be aware that not all landlords will accept a co-signer, so ask first.