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Please click here to visit the John's Hopkins Security Website, or read below for more information regarding on-campus safety.

Emergency Assistance
Safety Tips
Neighborhood Safety Tips
Residence Halls/Apartment Safety Tips
Fire Safety
Evacuation Procedures
Campus Security Office
24-Hour Emergency Phone System
Elevator Disablement
Escort Vans
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Quad Montitors
Building Access Systems
Student Monitor Program
Wolman, Mccoy, Charles Commons, Bradford And Homewood Security Staffing
Identification Of Housing Staff
Hopkins Crime Watch Program


Residents in University housing can obtain emergency assistance through the Office of Residential Life at anytime. Residents should call or visit the office for help during regular office hours.

When the offices are closed, residents who cannot locate their own resident advisors can call the RA/CA assigned to duty coverage for the night. Resident/Community Advisors take turns providing emergency coverage in each residential area at night. Residential Life staff operate the AMR II staff lounge Sunday through Wednesday nights from 8:00pm-midnight, as well as Thursday through Saturdays from 8:00pm to 1:00am.

Residents who need immediate medical or security assistance should call Campus Security at 410-516-7777 to request it directly. Whenever possible, residents are encouraged to contact an RA/CA as well so that proper coordination and follow-up can occur.

Campus police can be contacted 24/7 by dialing 6-7777 for emergencies or 6-4600 for non-emergencies.

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Most importantly, Take Responsibility for Yourself.
The University cannot guarantee your safety, but assuming personal responsibility for your own well-being by following the guidelines below will decrease your risk. Cooperation among all members of the residential community is an essential ingredient for a safe environment. The decisions you make will affect your neighbors' safety, as well as your own.

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While the Homewood Campus provides a sense of suburban community, city streets surround the University. Residents must use the same precautions called for in any major metropolitan area to stay safe. Follow basic personal security guidelines to decrease the risks that are standard in urban areas like Baltimore. For example:

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A few simple procedures can help keep you and your possessions safe while you are living at JHU. No tailgating!

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Drills are conducted in every building at least twice a year by University staff and the Baltimore City Fire Department. Additional drills may occur as required.

If you See or Smell Fire:

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Residents are required by law and University policy to evacuate their residences immediately when the fire alarm sounds. The evacuation procedures follow, but are also posted in each building and are reviewed with freshman residents at the beginning of each semester by RA's.

  1. If you hear the fire alarm sound, you must prepare to evacuate. Students found in the building during an evacuation will be subject to disciplinary action.
  2. Feel your room door. If it is hot, stay in your room and signal for help from you window. Put a towel under your door.
  3. If there are no flames or heavy smoke, close your room door behind you and walk quickly to the nearest exit.
  4. If you find the nearest exit blocked, AMR residents should remember that there are fire stirs in the rear of the Clark and Hollander and the front of Royce and Wood. Wolman, McCoy, Charles Commons, Bradford and Homewood apartment residents MUST use the stairs only.
  5. Remain a safe distance from the building until you are told by Housing or Residential Life staff members that you may go back inside.

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The Security Office lost and found (x6-5268) is located in the lower level of Shriver Hall and is staffed 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday and is closed on weekends and University holidays. Officers are available to assist students around-the-clock with any security related problem or emergency. Call 410-516-4600 for non-emergencies or 410-516-7777 for emergency assistance. Hopkins officers patrol the Homewood campus on foot, segways, golf carts, and in vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, the grounds and common areas of University housing buildings are patrolled by a uniformed Hopkins officer. The streets around off campus housing and off campus housing common areas are also patrolled. Security desks in and in front of housing buildings are staffed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

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The Homewood campus has 94 Emergency Phones at various locations on and around campus. There are several types:

If you see anyone vandalizing or abusing this system, please report the incident to Campus Security.

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In the unlikely event that you are in an elevator that experiences a mechanical problem, sound the alarm bell and/or use the elevator phone to call Security at x6-7777. For more information, refer to the Evacuation Manual or call the Homewood Safety Office at 410-516-8798.

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Campus Security operates an escort van service daily from 5:00 pm to 3:00 am. This free service picks up and drops off students from campus and other locations within a mile radius of the Homewood Campus. After 10:00pm daily, transports are limited to campus residences and/or residence to campus. Call x6-8700 to contact the van service. Campus Security will also provide an on-campus walking escort. Call x6-4600 to contact security or visit the JHU website at for shuttle details. Call for Security Patrol vehicles for transportation after 3:00 am. JHU identification is required to ride.

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This free bus service is provided to students and JHU affiliates who want to visit the East Baltimore campus, Peabody, and Penn Station. For more information call 410-516-PARK. Visit for a schedule. A Hopkins photo ID is required to ride this shuttle.

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Provides free shuttle service between JHU, Loyola, College of Notre Dame, Towson University, MICA, and Goucher College. Student identification is required. Visit for more information.

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Student monitors patrol the lower, upper and freshman quads daily from 5:00 pm to midnight. They are available to escort students after dark. Call x6-8700 for service. Students interested in applying for this position should contact the Escort Supervisor at x6-4547.

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All University housing buildings are equipped with a phone access or intercom system that enables visitors to call a resident's room to be admitted into the building. Phones in some buildings can also be used to contact Campus Security.

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Monitors are stationed in the AMR I common space, the AMR II social lounge, and the terrace levels of Wolman, McCoy and Charles Commons. Monitors are responsible for checking out recreational equipment and providing directions and assistance for groups having functions in the common space rooms. Students interested in applying for this position should contact the AMR II Housing Office at 410-516-8282.

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Security Guards are stationed in the lobbies of Wolman, McCoy, Bradford and Homewood and the third floor of Charles Commons (bridge) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These guards are available to offer immediate security assistance and to deter unauthorized individuals from entering the building, assist guests in contacting their hosts and intervene in security related incidents. Students should bring any immediate security concerns to the guard's attention.

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All personnel needing access to student housing are required to wear identification badges. These cards, which feature a photograph of the staff member, are worn daily by maintenance and custodial staff in the residence halls and apartments. If you have any concerns about workers in your building, please call the AMR II Housing Office (x6-8282) or Wolman Housing Office (x6-7960).

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Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility. Get involved: it's easy to become a member! Contact Lt. Steve Ossmus at 6-6629 or email for information.

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