CHEW's Health - Choosier students choose CHEW and so can you!

Awareness Weeks and Events
Each semester, CHEW and its CREW of peer health educators can be found on campus providing information on various college health issues to help raise awareness and promote healthy choices.
CHEW’s Health
CHEW provides information on health topics relevant to JHU students.
Guest Speakers
CHEW sponsors various guests to come to campus to share their health related stories and/or expertise with the campus community.
On the Street Outreach
Peer Health Educators will be hitting various spots on campus to catch you in between classes to distribute information and healthy lifestyle items such as condoms, sunscreen, and stress relievers, while engaging students in a conversation. Look for SEE tabling every Monday during the academic year from 11-1 at various locations on campus.
Peer Health Education
Need educational programming for your residents or student group? CHEW’s Peer Health Educators can provide fun, interactive programs. All you need to do is fill out the request form. It’s that easy!
Need a community or campus health resource but not sure where to go? We can get you connected! CHEW can help steer you in the right direction.
Resource Library
Health related information can be found at the CHEW office in the form of brochures, posters, books, newsletters and more!
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Safer sex, alcohol and other drugs, tobacco control, nutrition and stress management are just a few of the topics CHEW presents or sponsors. For a list of our programs click here