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Stressbusters is an incredibly fun and far-reaching community wellness program. It continuously trains and dispatches volunteer teams of students to provide FREE five-minute backrubs and health information to other students and staff at campus events, residence halls, organization meetings, libraries and wherever else the stressed gather. Stressbusters are community service volunteers working to promote health and wellness on campus.

Meet the Stressbusters Coordinators!


Hi! My name is Cathy and I’m going to be one of your coordinators this year. I am a senior majoring in Classics and minoring in Math. Hopkins has really become a home away from home, so seeing all my stressed out peers made me sad. That’s why I decided to join Stressbusters, to give a little something back to the people who have helped me grow so much during my time here. It is amazing how a short back-rub can really change your view on the pile of homework you have waiting. Stressbusters is an awesome program that’s dedicated to the students, run-by students. I look forward to getting to know you all better this upcoming year and to find new ways to bust stress!


Hi! My name is Jon and I am a senior Psychological and Brain Sciences major following the pre-medicine track. Along with Stressbusters, I am also a research assistant at Kennedy Krieger Institute, a resident advisor in Charles Commons, and a member of the Vocal Chords. Stressbusting has always been a great outlet for alleviating both mine and others' stress!


Hello. I'm Mike, a senior majoring in Public Health and Earth & Planetary Sciences. Outside of class, I'm an avid singer and is frequently involved in opera productions with the Peabody Opera Department. I'm hoping to someday become a professor. My motto in life is "Professor during the day, opera singer at night!"


Become a JHU Stressbuster for the benefits

How do I get started?

The requirements are stress-free, the training is for life, and the popularity is instantaneous!

Atttend a Stressbusters training session to learn and practice basic backrub techniques

Find out about JHU wellness resources so you can be an info source at Stressbusters events

Participate in four or more campus Stressbusters events over a semester (a commitment of approximately 4-6 hours)

Click here to apply to Stressbusters


Bring the Stressbusters to your event

Why host a Stressbusters event?

  • To reduce stress in your organization, office, or residence hall
  • To show appreciation for staff or students
  • To have a fun, stress-free program for your organization
  • To become very popular!

How much does it cost?

Not a thing! It's free of charge!




Schedule a session at your next event, program, meeting or special occasion. Please click here to go to the "NEW" JHU Stressbusters website to fill out the event request form.