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Stressbusters is an incredibly fun and far-reaching community wellness program. It continuously trains and dispatches volunteer teams of students to provide FREE five-minute backrubs and health information to other students and staff at campus events, residence halls, organization meetings, libraries and wherever else the stressed gather. Stressbusters are community service volunteers working to promote health and wellness on campus.

Meet the Stressbusters Coordinators!

Hello. I'm BaDoi Phan and I grew up in the Silicon Valley where life is carefree and relax is the culture. I'm a junior studying Biomedical Engineering with a premed track. I play badminton, attempt to dance with Eclectics, and volunteer with Thread. Sometimes all of this is a bit stressful, but that’s why I love Stressbusters. Being part of Stressbusters since freshman year makes me realize how stress management can be as simple as getting a back rub by a student Stressbuster. It’s my pleasure to work with Stressbusters to continue giving out the much needed busting sessions like Mellow Out Monday. For those who find this weekly session, it is a release for them, and I love the fact that many consistently return. I look forward to Mellow Out Mondays to both give and get the de-stressing back rubs.

Hello! My name is Daniel Kim. I am a junior Computer Science major. I am from Southern California, from a very peculiar town called Brea. On campus, I am involved with Residential Life, working as a Resident Advisor. I love to work with students and residents all across campus, so if you ever see me around, say hi! I chose to become a Stressbuster because I wanted to give back to the Hopkins community, which has given me such an amazing college experience. I enjoy "hands-on" experience (pun intended) when it comes to socializing with the students here, so I felt that Stressbusters was the place to be. A couple fun facts about me is that I am 6' 5" in height and I am also left handed. I am pretty much a statistical anomaly!


Become a JHU Stressbuster for the benefits

How do I get started?

The requirements are stress-free, the training is for life, and the popularity is instantaneous!

Atttend a Stressbusters training session to learn and practice basic backrub techniques

Find out about JHU wellness resources so you can be an info source at Stressbusters events

Participate in four or more campus Stressbusters events over a semester (a commitment of approximately 4-6 hours)

Click here to apply to Stressbusters


Bring the Stressbusters to your event

Why host a Stressbusters event?

  • To reduce stress in your organization, office, or residence hall
  • To show appreciation for staff or students
  • To have a fun, stress-free program for your organization
  • To become very popular!

How much does it cost?

Not a thing! It's FREE of charge!




Schedule a session at your next event, program, meeting or special occasion. Please click here to go to the JHU Stressbusters website to fill out the event request form.