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Everyone, on occasion, is challenged by personal problems and issues. These may include family or relationship issues, work-related problems, the death of someone close, concerns about drugs or alcohol, stress, depression, or an array of other personal challenges.

Faculty, staff, employees, their dependents and significant others are eligible for services, without charge, as a personnel benefit. FASAP has offices conveniently located on the East Baltimore campus and adjacent to the Homewood campus.

Assessment & Diagnosis
Crisis Intervention
Brief Treatment
Supervisory / Managerial Consultation
Training, Education, & Outreach


When you come to FASAP, a licensed or certified mental health clinician will discuss with you, your concerns or problems. The clinician may ask questions about how things are going at work, at home, and with others, as well as how you are feeling. When the clinician feels he or she has a good understanding of your concerns, you will be provided feedback about the clinician's diagnostic impressions. In other words, the FASAP clinician will share with you his or her thoughts about what might be causing your problems, and what can be done to remedy them.


After discussing your concerns or problems with the FASAP clinician, he or she may recommend that you receive some type of counseling or treatment from another clinician. FASAP maintains a large referral network, and can facilitate referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, support groups, and various treatment programs. We can refer to clinicians and programs within the Hopkins network, as well as those not affiliated with Johns Hopkins. While you are not charged for FASAP services, you may be able to use your health insurance to help pay for the services provided by the clinician or program to which you are referred.


In many situations, a timely intervention is the key to a successful resolution. If a situation requires a very rapid response, a FASAP clinician may be available to meet with you on the same day that you call. We strive to provide expeditious and effective responses to assist you in a healthy resolution to your concerns.


When a problem can be adequately managed in just a few meetings with the FASAP clinician, arrangements can be made so you can receive brief, time-limited treatment through FASAP. In situations requiring a referral, the FASAP clinician may continue to meet with you until you can meet with the new clinician or treatment program.


FASAP provides an invaluable service to faculty and staff who are in a supervisory or managerial position. When supervisors or managers are concerned about, or are unsure how to effectively work with, a coworker or a subordinate, they can consult with a FASAP clinician. In a collaborative approach, the FASAP clinician and the supervisor or manager will generate alternatives and problem-solve on the most efficient manner to handle the difficult situation.


FASAP strives to improve and maintain the physical and psychological wellness of the Hopkins communities. We provide customized, in house discussions or lectures about topics such as Stress Management, Impact of Change on the Workplace, Surviving Workplace Change, Assertiveness Skills Training, Recognizing Depression, and Relationship Enhancement. We are also able to provide mini-lectures on other related topics, by request.

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