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Located in the Integrated Imaging Center in Dunning Hall, Room 109 , the Homewood Flow Cytometry Resource (HFCR) is a comprehensive FACS sorting and analysis laboratory. The Center's instruments include:

• a BD FACSVantage SE with DIVA option;

a BD FACSCalibur analytical flow cytometry; and

• a BD FACSCanto highthroughput analytical flow cytometry.

• COMING SOON, a new Sony Biotechnology SY 3200 Cell sorter.

The HFCR provides the instrumentation, training, and expertise for all of your basic/advances flow cytometry needs.

For more information and/or training please contact IIC Director, Michael McCaffery by phone at 410-516-3321; or by email at jmccaffery@jhu.edu;


HFCR manager Ms. Bethany Ackermanat (410) 516-8230 or (410) 516-8042; or by email at backerman@jhu.edu;


HFCR technician Ms. Erin Pryce by phone at (410)-516-8042; or by email at epryce@jhu.edu.


Flow Cytometry , literature, software, links, etc.....

Flow Cytometry On the Web  (courtesy Salk Institute CCMI) 
FACSVantage SE with DIVA optimization (courtesy Salk Institute CCMI) 
Fluorochrome Table (courtesy Salk Institute CCMI) 
Education and Practical References
Practical Flow Cytometry (Howard Shapiro)
BD Introduction to Flow Cytometry 
Flow Cytometry: A Basic Introduction (Mike Ormerod)
Interpreting flow cytometry data: a guide for the perplexed (PDF)
Selecting Reagents for Multichannel Flow Cytometry (Holden Maecker, Joe Trotter, PDF)
Commercial Suppliers (courtesy Salk Institute CCMI)