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The High-Resolution Analytical

Electron Microbeam Facility


Located in the Blaustein Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Room 143, Olin Hall, the High-Resolution Analytical Electron Microbeam Facility is a multi-user facility which houses:

• a FEI CM 300 FEG equipped with a Gatan EELS 200 EELS detector and Oxford EDS detector;

a Philips EM 420 TEM equipped with an Oxford EDS detector; and

a JOEL 8600 microprobe.

These instruments are the focus of high-resolution structural and analytical microscopy on the Homewood Campus; and they are available to all users Hopkins-wide. Specifically, the CM 300TEM is a 300 keV atomic resolution TEM with a field emission gun capable of point-to-point characterization of material at the nanoscale (<0.2 nm) and equipped with a high current probe capable of extremely high resolution (~ 1 nm) chemical analyses.

Presently, ongoing research is leading to the development of new materials and advancing our fundamental understanding of environmental chemistry, geochemistry, and physics at nanometer/even atomic dimensions; and research in these areas is necessarily highly dependent on the ability to observe and characterize solids at these ultra-fine resolutions. Current research projects that are currently being carried out in the HRAEM facility are processing and characterization of nanoscale materials, dislocation core structures in intermetallic alloys, environmental chemistry (addressing sorption of toxic metals and other pollutants on soil minerals), development and characterization of rare-earth magnetostictive materials, nanoscale observations of porous semiconductors, the identification of failure mechanisms in materials with applications to manufacturing processes, and investigations in crystal chemistry and geochemistry.

For more information please contact HRAEM Director, Dr. Ken Livi by phone at 410-516-8342 or by email at klivi@jhu.edu; or IIC Director, Michael McCaffery by phone at 410-516-3321; or by email at jmccaffery@jhu.edu