From molecules to organs, formulas to models
Johns Hopkins University Program in Multi-Scale Computational Biology
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Faculty, fellows, and graduate students of IMMBI at Johns Hopkins and at the other affiliated institutions (University of Delaware, University of New Mexico, Los Alamos National Lab, Ohio State University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) attend a yearly off-campus retreat in early summer. The purpose of the retreat is for all members of IMMBI to get acquainted, share research results, establish collaborations, and to socialize.


Two separate seminar series are organized to provide ample opportunities for IMMBI students and fellows to keep up with progress in other institutions. The Seminars in the Computational Biology series brings speakers from a variety of disciplines to present research on computational approaches to the study of biological function. The Computational Biology Evening series is an in-house seminar series with an unusual chalk-talk format aimed at fomenting awareness of multi-scale and biological computations within the IMMBI community. IMMBI students and fellows will also be interested in the other, innumerable seminar series in all Departments and Schools at Johns Hopkins.

Workshops and Meetings

Summer workshops and specialized meetings will be open to all IMMBI students and fellows.