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Johns Hopkins University Program in Multi-Scale Computational Biology
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Thesis Research

Students are involved in research from the start. During the first year, students complete three 10-week rotations. Students are expected to select a lab and to embark on a dissertation research project by the beginning of the first summer. All students are expected to have two mentors on their dissertation projects. After their fifth semester, progress in research is reviewed annually.

IMMBI faculty members come from many departments, and the students can likewise be enrolled in one of several different departments. In the School of Engineering, students may be enrolled in the Departments of Electrical, Chemical and Biomolecular, Mechanical, or Biomedical Engineering. Students doing thesis research In the School of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Medicine will be enrolled in the Department of Biophysics, Arts and Sciences. Academic policy and requirements will be equivalent for all students in the IMMBI, regardless of their departmental affiliation.