From molecules to organs, formulas to models
Johns Hopkins University Program in Multi-Scale Computational Biology
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About the Institute

Computational methods for biological studies have undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 30 years. Today it is possible to perform simulations, modeling, and/or analysis of biological systems that involve many time and length scales, with realistic expectations of gaining new insight and understanding. Combined with the databases of genetic, proteomic, and structural information, multiscale computational approaches will unquestionably guide the integration of biological information to describe the underpinnings of biological function and organization.

The Institute in Multiscale Modeling of Biological Interactions (IMMBI) at Johns Hopkins draws on a variety of disciplines in science and engineering to foster studies of biological interactions and to train the next generation of computational biologists. The IMMBI is a collaborative effort with two partner institutions, the University of Delaware and Los Alamos National Laboratory. It is one of three programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy under their computational biology Genomes-to-Life initiative.