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Contemporary Music and the HSO

The HSO has a long history of working with living composers, performing their works, and inviting them to conduct or otherwise be present for the performance. A good number of these have been commissions by the orchestra, and many of the rest have represented American or regional premieres. A list of contemporary works recently performed by the HSO is given below.


Composer Works performed Performance dates Comments
Samuel Adler (b. 1928) The Fixed Desire of the Human Heart October 21, 1995
Stars in the Dust October 21, 1995
Art Creates Artists October 24, 1998
Eliot Bailen Double Concerto for Flute and Cello October 12, 2012 World premiere
Larry Bell (b. 1952) Symphony No. 2 ("Idumea") March 2, 1997 World premiere
Thomas Benjamin (b. 1940) Two Latino Sketches March 7, 2004 World premiere
Andrew Cole (b. 1980) Maya Beckons; I Shall Embrace Her March 4, 2007 World premiere
David Froom (b. 1951) Festive Sounds May 2, 1993 World premiere
Jim Grant (b. 1954) Concerto for Viola and String Orchestra December 6, 1997 World premiere
Symphonic Poem No. 1: Release March 3, 2001 World premiere
Waltz for Saxophone and Strings March 3, 2001
Lee Pui Ming (b. 1956) she comes to shore:
a journey for piano and orchestra
February 28, 2010 World premiere
Albert Leman (b. ca. 1920) Fortuna Desperata March 10, 1996 American premiere
Nkeiru Okoye Songs from Harriet Tubman March 1, 2009  
Gaetano Panariello (b. 1961)

Triple Concerto for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano:
Omaggio all'opera buffa

April 27, 2008 World premiere

Paul Phillips (b. 1956)

Brownian Motion

December 3, 2005

Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez (b. 1964) Girándula March 5, 1994 World premiere
Five Pieces for Orchestra March 6, 2005 World premiere
Ex Machina  for Piano, Marimba, and Symphony Orchestra April 26, 2009  
Robert Sirota (b. 1949) City of God:  Prelude March 9, 2003 World premiere
Steven C. Smith Quattro Contro December 9, 1989
Russell Steinberg Symphony No. 1 ("City Strains") May 1, 1999
Matthew Stofferahn (b. 1982) Synkinetic December 1, 2007 World premiere
Roderick Watkins (b. 1964) Light's Horizon May 4, 1996 World premiere
Mark Lanz Weiser (b. 1968) Into the Dark and Darker Cold December 4, 1999 World premiere