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Articles and press coverage of the HSO

Date Source Headline or other information
Spring 2012 (Vol. 9, #2) JHU Arts & Sciences Magazine Hopkins Symphony Orchestra turns 30
16 April 2012 JHU Gazette HSO season finale features Concerto Competition winners
9 April 2009 JHU News-Letter Lan and Wolf win 2009 JHU Concerto Competition
30 March 2009 JHU Gazette Winners in Concerto Competition to Perform With HSO
5 March 2009 JHU News-Letter Historical American icon honored by HSO
30 October 2008 JHU News-Letter Hopkins Symphony Orchestra romances enraptured audience
3 April 2008 JHU News-Letter Senior arts project results in annual Concerto Competition
24 March 2008 JHU Gazette Winner in First Concerto, Aria Competition to Perform
6 December 2007 JHU News-Letter HSO's 25th season culminates
26 February 2007 JHU Gazette Calendar entry and photo for HSO children's concert [Gazette online]
26 October 2006 JHU News-Letter HSO showcases the work of two classical music giants
28 April 2006 JHU News-Letter World-renowned flutist imparts wisdom on symphony students
17 April 2006 JHU Gazette Eugenia Zukerman solos with Hopkins Symphony
17 October 2005 JHU Gazette "Hitting all the right notes" (Despite photo credit, I did not take this photo! -- David F.)
8 April 2004 JHU News-Letter HSO chamber group performs Dvorak
Winter/Spring 2003 JHU Arts & Sciences Update (an alumni publication) Rex Chao was an undergraduate member of the HSO who was murdered on campus in 1996. Several years later a statue was erected on campus for him.
A Fitting Tribute [136K]
Also, see On Students: Hopkins Community Remembers Rex Chao (JHU Gazette, 22 April 1996)
23 October 2003 JHU News-Letter HSO stuns with Beethoven show
10 April 2003 JHU News-Letter HSO plays at Levering (chamber concert)
3 March 2003 JHU Gazette Classical music to meet digital artistry in HSO performance
15 April 2002 JHU Gazette Awadagin Pratt returns to Hopkins for benefit concert
15 July 2000 JHU Gazette Obituary for Margot Stambler (HSO General Manager)
2 December 1996 JHU Gazette A piece of consolation
7 October 1996 JHU Gazette Historic Krieger Hall celebrating makeover (HSO Brass Ensemble).
16 November 1993 New York Times New York Times Obituary for Robert Black, HSO Music Director:
"Robert Black, 43, Pianist Known As Stalwart of New-Music World"
24 October 1989 JHU Gazette Steve Haaser (flute) and Deborah Fleisher (harp), soloists for the Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto. (Calendar section) [136K]
Here is the original version of the photo (by David Friedlander).
Interestingly enough, on the cover of this issue of the Gazette was a photo of Franz Van de Putte, violin, who became the HSO concertmaster many years later. (This photo of him had nothing to do with the HSO at the time it was taken.) [76K]