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Andrew Cole, composer

Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole is an active composer in the Baltimore-Washington area.  He has composed contemporary acoustic and electro-acoustic concert music and works for film, dance, art, and theater.  His works have been performed at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival (2005 and 2006), Grand Valley State Listening Chamber Concert (2007), Electronic Pacific 2005, Smithsonian’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow Concert (2003), Tribeca Film Festival (score of the film “The Way I See It,” 2005), Prix d’Ete recital (2005 and 2006), The Perpendicular Dialogues (2001) and Conversations Piece (1999) Art Exhibitions, and the Edinburgh International Dance Festival.  He won first place in the 2006 Prix d’Ete, as well as the Otto Ortman Award, the Robert Hall Lewis Prize, and a Goucher College Strategic Planning Grant.

Mr. Cole received a B.A. in Music and Philosophy from Goucher College, where he studied with Geoffrey Wright and Kendall Kennison.  In 2005 he finished double Master’s degrees in Music Composition and Computer Music at the Peabody Conservatory, where he studied with Bruno Amato and McGregor Boyle.  Mr. Cole is Digital Audio Specialist at the Johns Hopkins University Digital Media Center and serves on the adjunct faculty at Loyola College.

Matt Sterling, Electronic Realization

Matt Sterling studies electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, with interests in computer-generated art and electronic music processing.  An audio lab coach at the JHU Digital Media Center, he has been working with electronic music for more than 8 years.  He hails from the Dayton, Ohio area, but plans to stay on the East Coast after graduating in May 2007.  He would like to thank Andrew Cole for the opportunity to incorporate modern techniques into classical music.

February 27, 2007