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Qing Li, violin

Qing Li has been a member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra since 1993. Born in Beijing, China, she began playing the violin at age four under the guidance of her father, and at twelve was admitted to the Central Conservatory. While there, she was "discovered" by violinist Berl Senofsky, and came to Peabody to study with him.

After Ms. Li obtained her BA degree and Performance Certificate from Peabody, she went to Bloomington, Indiana to study with Josef Gingold. She has won prizes in national and international competitions, and has held fellowships to the music festivals of Meadowmount, Aspen, and Tanglewood among others.

Her current position is Acting Assistant Concertmaster with the Baltimore Symphony, and she also performs solo and chamber music. Her most recent solo appearance with the BSO was in July 1998.

March 5, 2000