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Christopher Miroshnikov, cello

Christopher Miroshnikov

Christopher Miroshnikov has been in the United States since 1997 and earned recognition for his musical sensitivy and craftsmanship. He has been able to capture the attention of his audiences as an "inspired and inspiring" performer (The Morning Call).

Soon thereafter he was awarded first prize at the Schadt String Competition in March 1996, and was acclaimed by both the audience and the critics. Lorne Monroe, a jury member at the competition, said, "It was difficult, but the winner's intonation was so secure, so reliable, I didn't see how anyone could beat that." Nathaniel Rosen added, "He gave a totally dominating performance of an enormous work (Prokofiev's Symphony Concerto), and he did it with great variety and great courage" (cited in The Morning Call).

Mr. Miroshnikov's recent accomplishments include receiving a cello from the Virtu Foundation as a Scholarship Award 200, being awarded first prize at the 1999 "TECHNI" Cello Competition in Thessaloniki, Greece, and winning the 1998-1999 Oberlin Conservatory Competition. He was also awarded an honorary bow made especially for him by the German bow-maker Rudolf Newdorfer, who personally presented it to him after a concert in the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory.

Mr. Miroshnikov's interest in 20th century music was expressed in his premieres of works by Greek composers N. Piperis and D. Arivas, first recording of works by Russian composer M. Zelenaia, and participation in a concert series devoted to the works of contemporary Romanian and Moldavian composers such as Negruce, Lobel, and Vieru.

Christopher is part of a 4th generation in a family of professional musicians. After finishing his Artist Diploma under the leadership of Professor Andor Toth at Oberlin Conservatory he moved to New York City where he currently resides.

April 26, 2003