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Hopkins Symphony Concerto Competition: Previous Winners

2014 concerto competition winners

Alice Huang and Conor Hammonds
Photo by David Friedlander

2013-14 Competition Winners

Alice Huang, violin
Conor Hammonds, tuba











2012 concerto competition winners

Matthew Lochner and Malinda McPherson
Photo by David Friedlander

2011-12 Competition Winners

Malinda McPherson, viola
Matthew Lochner, piano

2012 press release




2010 concerto competition winners

Patrick Hu and Hyun-Sun Seo
Photo by David Friedlander

2009-10 Competition Winners

Patrick Hu, violin
Hyun-Sun Seo, piano

2010 press release




2009 concerto competition winners

Mengyu Lan and Philip Wolf
Photo by David Friedlander

2008-09 Competition Winners

Philip Wolf, cello
Mengyu Lan, piano

2009 press release

JHU News-Letter article (9 April 2009):
Lan and Wolf win 2009 JHU Concerto Competition
JHU Gazette article (30 March 2009):
Winners in Concerto Competition to Perform With HSO


2008 concerto competition winners

Competition creator Hernan del Aguila with
2007-08 winners Katie FitzGibbon and
Ji Hea Hwang
Photo by David Friedlander

2007-08 Competition Winners

Ji Hea Hwang, piano
Katie FitzGibbon, bassoon

2008 press release [PDF, 80K]

JHU News-Letter article (3 April 2008):
Senior arts project results in annual Concerto Competition
JHU Gazette article (24 March 2008):
Winner in First Concerto, Aria Competition to Perform