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Parking for HSO Musicians

[Please note the general "How to get to the HSO" page as well as the information on this page.]

Most of us will need to park in the South Garage. If you’re able-bodied and you play a small instrument, please park in the Garage and leave the few driveway spaces for those who really need them.

The South Garage is beneath the Decker Quad (just west of Shriver), at 3101 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218. You enter opposite the Wyman Building. Once parked, follow the signs to Shriver Hall. The garage is open 24/7, but not always with an attendant, so parkers need a voucher, ticket, pass, or credit card to get out. Details below.

Regular garage fees
Monday – Friday 7 am – 3:45 pm $3/hour, up to maximum of $15/day
Monday – Friday 3:45 pm – midnight $6
Saturday & Sunday 8 am – midnight (all day) $6