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Maurice Bender, A&S '38, writes: "I have enjoyed extensive world travel since my retirement. I chaired the construction of the only senior housing co-op (123 units) in the Northwest and enjoy watching our three great-grandchildren evolve."
   Harold Gordon, A&S '38, writes: "I am retired and living in Santa Cruz, California, where I am active at the University of California at Santa Cruz library and at the local hospital. We traveled to Russia with a Johns Hopkins group June 17-30; it was very enjoyable."


Robert Beery, A&S '43, writes: "I enjoy gardening, photography, traveling, and volunteer work, and I work as an engineering consultant for a small steel fabrication company."
    Irvin Glassman, A&S '43, writes: "I still edit the journal Combustion Science and Technology and am active in the National Academy of Engineering. I'm thinking about writing a history of Princeton's Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Center. Most of all, I enjoy being with my grandchildren and reading mystery stories."
    John Hildebrandt, A&S '43, writes: "I am an active member of the Rockville, Maryland, Art League as a watercolor painter. I retired in 1988 after 29 years in business development for the Vitro Corporation, and I am now a summer resident of Wakefield, New Hampshire."
    Robert Resnick, A&S '43, writes: "I retired in 1993 as distinguished professor of physics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I continue my professional activity as a textbook author and speaker at national and international meetings. I enjoy extensive worldwide travel, and I am lucky to have been married for 57 years and to have three grandchildren."
    Alan Schwartzman, A&S '43, writes: "I'm a consulting architect to the U.S. Embassy in Paris. I was elected to the French Academy of Architecture in 1998. I also serve as a member of the U.S. delegation to the International Union of Architects and attended the Triennial Assembly in Berlin in June 2002. I am also the 2003 chair of the International Committee of the American Institute of Architects. My son, Eric, was married in June 2000 in Lisbon."
    Peter Stern, A&S '43, writes: "I enjoy writing light verse and parodies. In 2000, I published my own book of 267 poems and songs written over a lifetime to celebrate significant events of family, friends, business associates, and political candidates. It is titled 'At Eighty.' I still play tennis twice a week and swim daily (in season)."
    John Strauch, A&S '43, writes: "I was employed by General Electric for 37 years, and retired in 1990. I was subsection manager in the Engineering Group, furnishing nuclear reactor power level measuring equipment to the U.S. Navy for nuclear attack and ballistic missile submarines and for Carrier Battle Group nuclear surface vessels. It was very interesting national security work involving emergency trips to shipyards and sub bases, and sea trials."


Walt Lyon, Engr '47, '48 (MSE), writes: "I guess I flunked retirement -- I'm getting ready to teach my Spring 2003 class at Penn in environmental impact analysis for the 21st year since retiring from state government service in 1983."


Bill Boenning, A&S '48, writes: "I retired from the National Security Agency after 33 years and originated a consulting business in 1980, operating until 2000. I now enjoy traveling -- especially JHU trips -- frequent visits to our vacation home in Bethany Beach, Delaware, and monthly luncheons with KA fraternity friends. I also participate in project planning activities for Volunteers for Medical Engineering."
    Henry Boettinger, A&S '48, writes: "I retired to England in 1977 thanks to my English wife. My wife edits the Village Gazette, and I print it. I play cello in the Bode Symphony. In 1995, I was runner-up in the UK's Mastermind TV program. I enjoy painting, writing about the history of technology, music groups, golf, and snooker."
    Donald Honig, A&S '48, enjoys golf and tennis and serves as president of his country club, as well as vice president of his condo association.
    John Charles Kramer, A&S '48, writes: "I'm still practicing pediatric pulmonology and was remarried after my first wife died of tobacco-related arterial disease. I enjoy judging greenhouse-cultured orchids."
    King Schultz, A&S '48, has served as an elder in the North Coast Presbyterian Church for the past seven years. He writes: "Paula and I own a Cessna Turbo 210 that I fly regularly. We frequently visit Australia, where our kids went to high school. I am active in Johns Hopkins alumni activities in the San Diego area and in local YMCA fitness."
    Warren Wurzbacher, A&S '48, Med '52, retired in 1987 from his private Ob-Gyn practice in Baltimore. He continued to do part-time clinic work for the Maryland State Health Department until his full retirement in 1999.


Gene Lovell, A&S '55, has written a new book titled Tomahawk Brown. He writes: "The hero of the book is a CIA spook who has an abrupt reality check when he is confronted by the fruit of a one-night stand 20 years ago."


Stanley E. Matyszewski, A&S '58, writes: "After 31 years of medical practice in anesthesiology in Waterbury, Connecticut, I retired on January 1, 2001. For 18 of those years, I served as chairman of the department of anesthesiology at St. Mary's Hospital. I am now enjoying visiting our children and grandchildren around the country, leisure dining, and some cruises with friends."
    John Ruffle, A&S '58, has been elected to his third six-year term as a trustee of Johns Hopkins University. He also has opened a wine business with classmate Dr. Ernest Bates, A&S '58.
    Anthony Salem, A&S '58, an orthopedic surgeon, is still working and raising his three young boys. He enjoys playing golf and tennis and spends some time in Maine.
    John Schenck, Engr '58, writes: "I retired in 1999, after working as a consulting engineer in the Baltimore area. We now spend time on our sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay and travel occasionally."


Harold Wilson, A&S '59 (MA), has published Confederate Industry: Manufacturers and Quartermasters in the Civil War. He is an associate professor of history at Old Dominion University and is the author of McClure's Magazine and the Muckrakers and numerous published articles.


Harold Walpert, Engr '62, was elected president of the Maryland Art League, a non-profit organization.


Charles M. Chadwick, A&S '63, writes: "I retired in May of 2002 from the position of general counsel of Maryland Midland Railway, Inc., which is headquartered in Union Bridge, Maryland. I expect to travel and visit friends in the future."
    Alfred Geier, A&S '63 (PhD), has published Plato's Erotic Thought: The Tree of the Unknown (Univ. of Rochester Press).
    Howard S. Ginsberg, A&S '63, writes that his hobbies include softball and coaching junior league wrestling.
    Nicholas Ioannou, A&S '63, is a consultant in electrical power engineering, specializing in protective relaying and controls. He writes: "I enjoy travel, golf, and family activities."
    Richard Kandler, A&S '63, writes: "I enjoy traveling up to six months a year. I recently spent two months in Southeast Asia, after a trip to China. I've also taken up lawn bowls, and I hope it becomes an Olympic event -- this is my last chance to medal!"
    Robert Emmet Kennedy, A&S '63, is writing a history of secularism in Europe. In 2003, he will begin his 30th year of teaching at George Washington University.
    Ronald Kochis, A&S '63, has retired from the New York State Mental Health Department as chief of services. He splits the year between Key West, Florida, and Hudson Valley in New York. He writes: "I'm enjoying lots of fly fishing and boating."
    Stuart H. Lessans, A&S '63, writes: "I'm semi-retired from my busy ophthalmology practice. My most notable accomplishment (besides my Hopkins degree) is that I'm the proud father of Matthew and Faye, who are both 22 months old! I hope they'll be future Hopkins alums. It's great to have the time to spend with these wonderful babies!"
    Mel Lurie, A&S '63, writes: "After practicing medicine for two decades and raising four children, I got an MBA and a divorce. Now we'll see what follows!"
    John A. Morgan, A&S '63, writes: "I retired in 1991 as vice president of Verizon. From 1993-1999, I was president of Smart House Centers, Inc. In 2000, I became a GCA certified professional golf club maker."
    Bill O'Connor, A&S '63, writes: "On April 1, 2002, I retired from Black and Decker as VP of Engineering Operations for B&D and DeWalt power tools. I'm continuing to consult part time for Black and Decker. I'm the chairman of the safety and public relations committee for Power Tool Institute, on the board of directors for AMIE (Advancing Minority Interests in Engineering), a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for Morgan State University's Engineering School, and a frustrated golfer."
    Martin Reville, A&S '63, enjoys sailing. Burt Routman, A&S '63, writes: "I am professor of family medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, and vice-chair of the Committee on Education and Evaluation of the American College of Osteopathic Family Practice. I was appointed to the Primary Care Organizations Consortium. When I left Des Moines, I ran the Dr. Burt Routman Free Clinic in the low-income area of the city."
    Howard M. Silverman, A&S '63, is president of Home Maintenance Service, Inc., and a holder of state of Florida contractors licenses for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and general contracting.
    Alan Sorkin, A&S '63, writes: "I have been professor and chairman of the economics department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, for 29 years. In addition, I am adjunct professor of international health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Hopkins, where I teach health economics. I have written or co-edited 19 books dealing with the economics of human resources. I just became a grandfather for the first time when my son David and his wife, Surekha, had a son, Neil Mohan Sorkin. He was born on September 5, 2002."
    Albert Sramek, A&S '63, writes: "I directed corporate real estate and construction activities for more than 30 years at Smith-Kline Corp. and also at Standard. I retired in 1997, and I am now consulting. I am on the National Board of Directors of the IRDC and received the Krafsur Award, which is an award for international achievement. I live in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and I play a bit of golf." Richard "Dick" Webster, A&S '63, writes: "I have two grandchildren and a third on the way -- what a thrill!"
    Charles J. "Chuck" Weiss, A&S '63, recently retired as corporate secretary of Citizens Communications Company and has been appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission of Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as to the Charter Revision Committee and the Selectman's Transportation Committee. He writes: "The hours are almost the same as at work -- some Town Meetings go until 4 a.m. The plus is no more plane trips."


Mark Monmonier, A&S '64, distingushed professor of geography at Syracuse University, has received the Award of Distinction by the Canadian Cartographic Association for his exceptional scholarly contribution to the field of cartography.


Gianfranco Pasquino, SAIS '67 (MA), continues his teaching at both the University of Bologna and at the Bologna Center and is serving as co-editor of the Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica. He has published the book, Il Sistema Politico Italiano (2002) and a long essay titled "Italy: A Democratic Regime in Transition." He plans to spend the first semester of 2003 as a fellow of Clare Hall at Cambridge.


Lewis Frisch, A&S '69, writes: "I have just ended a 30-year exile in Atlanta and have relocated to Nazareth, Pennsylvania." He has completed his first draft of "Rat Hunting -- A Baltimore Memoir," which is an 80-page reflection on his years (1965-74) at Hopkins and the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development, as they relate to the Orioles, contemporary America, National Bohemian, and the most destructive animal known to man -- Rattus norvegicus. For details, contact


Dennis McCort, A&S '70 (PhD), associate professor in the languages, literatures, and linguistics department in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University has been promoted to the rank of full professor. He is the author of several books, including Going Beyond the Pairs: The Coincidence of Opposites in German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction, and Perspectives on Music in German Fiction.


Daniel B. Polin, A&S '72, is executive producer of America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero. The program was produced by Polin's Great Projects Film Company and Shadowbox Films, owned by another Hopkins alumnus, Justin Schein, A&S '90, in association with Kevin Spacey's company, Trigger Street Productions. Spacey was the narrator of the piece.


William J. Corbett, A&S '73, recently authored a book titled Entrepreneurship for People with Developmental Disabilities -- A Textbook & Resource Guide for Self-Employment Services with Steve Mariotti and Michael Caslin III. He is the executive director of a non-profit, disability organization in Massachusetts.
    Amy Kass, A&S '73 (PhD), has published The Perfect Gift: The Philanthropic Imagination in Poetry and Prose (Indiana University Press: August 2002).

1975 Chip Feazel, A&S '75 (PhD), has been named a senior scientist in the newly-merged firm, ConocoPhillips. A specialist in carbonate sedimentology, he solves problems in oil and gas exploration and production worldwide, with a special focus on the Middle East, Caspian Sea, and North Sea regions.


Fran Ludman, SPSBE '79 (MLA), returned to work part time after 7-1/2 years as a full-time, stay-at-home mom for daughter, Erica. She is an instructor in the Community College of Baltimore County's Adult Basic English and GED program. She also is a freelance editor of the Calvert School's home schooling promotional literature. She writes: "I find the former emotionally challenging and fulfilling and the latter intellectually stimulating."


Joan Habbegger, A&S '81 (MLA), traveled to eastern Romania as part of a 21-member Global Volunteers team that worked on teaching and child-care projects.


Susan (Weissfeld) Hammerman, A&S '83, writes: "I married Jan Hammerman, A&S '78, SAIS '81 (MA), after we graduated from Columbia Law School. I am corporate general counsel to the Gates Corporation. Jan runs his own law firm, specializing in transactional/ bankruptcy matters. We have two children, Laura and Tamara. We love Colorado and its year-round sunshine -- we also love playing music together. All four of us play instruments.
    "Some of you may not know that our friend and classmate, Dale Fike, A&S '83, passed away in 1996. As a lasting tribute to Dale's friendship, a group of us -- including Peter Berman, A&S '83, Helene Caloir, Engr '83, Tracy Coster, A&S '84, Richard Gibbs, A&S '83, Amir Halevy, A&S '83, and Diana Liu, A&S '83 -- have committed to help fund a $20,000 scholarship in memory of Dale. We are starting the fund in 2003, our 20th reunion year, and plan to have the scholarship fully endowed within five years, in time for our 25th reunion. For more information, please contact me at"


Jon M. Laria, A&S, has been named by the Baltimore Business Journal to its "40 Under 40." He writes: "I continue to practice law at the Baltimore office of Ballard, Spahr, Andrews, & Ingersoll, LLP, concentrating on complex real estate transactions. My most recent and interesting project is the restoration of the old Hippodrome theater, a long-vacant vaudeville house on Baltimore's west side, into the city's new Broadway venue -- under construction and opening early 2004."
    Doreen E. Moran, A&S '84, writes: "After a three-year stint as a strategic planner for an interactive/web marketing agency in New York, I've joined the 'Free Agent Nation' as a freelance advertising copywriter (moonlighting on top of my freelancing as an e-mail consultant). After the whole marketing maven trip, it's been amazing to get back to what I truly love -- writing.
    Question: does anyone know how to reach Jessica Kubzansky, A&S '84, or Rosy Benarroch Joseph? E-mail me at"


Renate Langewiesche, A&S '85, writes: "I have changed my job and my address. I became a college teacher of English and political science in Germany -- my dream job because I get to work with young people."
    Sharon Sirota Rubin, A&S '85, and her husband, Dr. Eric Rubin, are happy to announce the birth of their son, Samuel Jacob Rubin, on June 18. Sam joins big sister Jenny and big brother Alex. She writes: "We're learning to juggle two careers, three kids, and two dogs."


Fred Assaf, A&S '88, and his wife, Martha, announce the birth of their fifth son, Thomas Nye Assaf. Tommy joins Jack, Hank, Mick, and San. Fred is principal of LaSalle College High School, and they reside in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.
    Jennifer Varrell Bonner, A&S '88, has relocated to the D.C. area after three years in Jerusalem, where she served as the administrative officer at the U.S. Consulate, and her husband Fred Bonner, Engr '88 (MS), '93 (PhD), was a post-doctoral fellow at Hebrew University. After a year of Ukrainian language training, the family will move to Kiev, Ukraine, in August 2003. Fred is currently working on environmental policy issues with the Cadmus Group in Rosslyn, Virginia.
    Lora Costello Bonser, A&S '88, writes: "I recently moved from Texas to Taipei, Taiwan, with my husband, Doug, and three children: Danielle, Bradley, and Erika. We will be here for 1 to 2 years and will then move on to Singapore for a few years. We are thoroughly enjoying our 'Asian Adventure' so far!"
    Ian C. Brooks, A&S '88, writes: "My daughter, Grace, was born in April. I'm teaching mathematics and coaching volleyball and swimming."
    Clifford Chen, A&S '88, writes: "Our little girl is now 3 years old -- Robin and I are enjoying her immensely. I recently joined an independent private group practice. We still live in and enjoy Pittsburgh."
    Wayne S. Creadick Jr., A&S '88, was elected mayor of Myersville, Maryland, in July 2002 (his term expires in May 2004). He also was appointed to the Maryland Municipal League Legislative Committee for the 2002-2003 Legislative Session.
    Jane Latona Diseker, A&S '88, writes: "After being a trial lawyer for four and a half years, I retired to dedicate myself full time to the creation and maintenance of civilization. Jack and Grace are a joy, a blessing and a challenge every day."
    Julia Heaney, A&S '88, writes: "We welcomed our second son, Andrew Luis, in March 2002. I continue to practice law at Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell as a partner in the Intellectual Property Litigation group."
    Andrea L. Hillier, A&S '88, writes: "Along with my husband and two daughters, Caroline and Elizabeth, I welcomed the arrival of Christian Edward on July 11, 2002. I continue to practice corporate bankruptcy law with the law firm of Foley & Lardner."
    Harriet Anastasia "Stacy" (Boetcelen) Hoffer, A&S '88, writes: "I would love to attend (reunion), but I am expecting our second baby on 2/27/03 and will probably be too busy with my two kids to make it. I continue to have a private practice in psychotherapy out of my home, which I enjoy immensely. I am a practitioner of Thought Field Therapy, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Reiki, in addition to traditional psychotherapy."
    Razib Khaund, A&S '88, is working as clinical assistant professor of medicine at Brown University, as well as enjoying work in a sports medicine practice.
    Thomas E. Leathrum, A&S '88, is still making music as a member of the Northwest Georgia Winds Concert Band. His professional projects include writing online math software.
    Scott David Lippe, A&S '88, writes: "I have a private practice in gastroenterology in Bergen County, New Jersey. We have four children and my wife is pregnant again!"
    Shyamali Mallick, A&S '88, recently finished surgical residency at the University of Washington and has moved to California to start a fellowship in surgical oncology. She writes: "I am enjoying living in California -- more peaceful lifestyle."
    Regina Galante Pellicci, Nurs '88, is married to Ltc. Jack Pellicci, who is stationed at Ft. Hamilton in Brooklyn, New York. They announce the birth of their daughter, Gianna Jane Pellicci, who was born in May.
    Ishrat (Ashi) Rafi, A&S '88, writes: "I now have a private practice in Baltimore as an Ob/Gyn. I am also juggling two energetic boys, Alexander and Zachary. My husband, Alan Raynes, A&S '86, is a partner in a law firm, so we keep ourselves very busy."
    Evan R. Reiter, A&S '88, was recently appointed residency program director in otolaryngology- head and neck surgery. He is enjoying work, family life, and "perpetuating the physician stereotype by playing golf whenever possible."
    Larry Sharett, A&S '88, directed his first play, Connections, in New York City.
    Lillie D. Shockney, SPSBE '88 (MAS), director of education and outreach at Johns Hopkins Breast Center, has received the 2002 Oncology Nursing Society Excellence in Breast Cancer Education Award. This award supports and recognizes excellence and dedication to educating the public about breast cancer.
    Melissa Wu, A&S '88, SPSBE '02, has had two big events in the past year: She married Tyler Brannen in September 2001, and in June 2002, she completed her MBA -- part time through SPSBE.


Natalie M. Givans, A&S '89, has been named a vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton. She leads the firm's Security Architecture, Engineering, and Integration Delivery Team.
    Carleton (Thomas) Heinrich, A&S '89, lives with her husband, Todd Heinrich, and their twin 3-year-old girls, Grace and Eleanor, in South Salem, New York.
    Soogy Lee, A&S '89, who lives in New York, is a bankruptcy lawyer at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett.
    Kendra (Davis) Stewart, A&S '89, and Damon Stewart, A&S '88, live with their son, Connor, not too far away from the beach in Greenlawn, New York.
    Sybille Woel, A&S '89, is a doctor in Washington D.C. She is a radiologist specializing in breast imaging.
    Barbara Gaile Warden, A&S '89, who lives in Boston, is vice president of marketing for geoVue, a Massachusetts-based software company.


Bonnie Bassler, A&S '90 (PhD), a biologist who researches the communication among bacteria, has been awarded a 2002 MacArthur Fellowship. (See p. 65)
    Jeff DeCagna, A&S '90, has founded his own company, Principled Innovation, which offers strategy and innovation consulting primarily to non-profit membership associations. Last year, he was inducted as a fellow of the American Society of Association Executives, and he was also recently elected a trustee of the Chaordic Commons.


Lesa Beamer, Med '91 (PhD), assistant professor of biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, has been awarded the 2002 Dorsett L. Spurgeon Distinguished Medical Research Award. The annual award recognizes outstanding achievement by School of Medicine researchers in the early stage of their academic careers.
    Matthew Jerram, A&S '91, writes: "After five long years, a wedding, and a brief visit on Jeopardy!, I finally finished my PhD in clinical psychology at Suffolk University in September 2002. My wife, Erika, and I have moved out of our grad school hovel this summer and are living in Watertown, Massachusetts. She's an urban planner, and I'm a postdoc at Harvard Medical School, trying to perpetually hide from student loans."
    David Redish, A&S '91, and his wife, Laura (Nagel) Redish, A&S '93, write: "Our second son, Daniel Sarlys Redish, was born in early June. We now live in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Dave is an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Neuroscience."


Darren Miller, Engr '92, and Gloria (Lillard) Miller, A&S '92, announce the birth of their third child, Alice Hopkins Miller. Mom, dad, and big sisters, Stephanie and Robin, are all doing well. The Millers live in Salem, New Hampshire. Darren works as a software engineer for Ab Initio Software Corporation. In her "free" time, Gloria operates a small ebusiness ( that makes personalized books for children.
    John E. Osborn, SAIS '92 (MA), has received a faculty appointment to serve as a visiting fellow during the 2002- 2003 academic year with the Bobst Center for Peace & Justice at Princeton University. While at Princeton, John will focus his research on the peace process in Northern Ireland, which he first explored as an Eisenhower Fellow in 1998. Earlier this year, John was appointed to the Wilson Council, the private sector advisory board of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C.
    Laura Antonina Vicari, Peab '92, MM '94 (GPD), sang the title role in the Lancaster Opera's performance of Madame Butterfly last fall. She writes: "It was in English, staged, costumed, and with orchestra. It was the dream of a lifetime, and I am hard at work."


Andrew Ackerman, A&S '93, writes: "After a few years in and out of Chicago, I came back to New York City and have finally bit the bullet and purchased an apartment on the Upper West Side. I work currently as COO at and have just wrapped up our fourth successful summer providing Web sites and other online services for summer camps."
    Ryan Gill, A&S '93, and Jill Litt, A&S '93, were married on May 30, 1999, in Princeton. Ryan is an assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where Jill is also an assistant professor of environmental health. On August 14, Jill and Ryan celebrated the birth of their daughter, Eden Talya Gill.
    Quimby E. McCaskill, A&S '93, writes: "In May 2002, I was married to Suzanne M. Sutliff of Clemmons, North Carolina. Presently, we live in Jacksonville, Florida, where I'm completing my final year in a residency program in pediatrics. In addition, I also have agreed to stay on next fall to serve as chief resident."
    B. Chris Miller-Munyan, SPSBE '93 (MLA), has opened an art gallery in Occoquan, Virginia. Ste. Felix Galerie features the work of more than 22 local and national artists working in all media.
    Diego F. Wyszynski, PH '93 (MHS), '96 (PhD), assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at Boston University School of Medicine, has published Cleft Lip and Palate: From Origin to Treatment (Oxford University Press).


Rebecca S. Gordon, A&S '94, writes: "This has been quite an eventful year for me. On May 30, I became engaged to Gary Kittrell. I graduated from Brooklyn Law School on June 5. Gary and I moved to Long Beach, New York, in August, and I started as a first-year associate at Farrell Fritz, P.C. in Uniondale, N.Y. on September 3."
    Ashkan Lahiji, A&S '94, is in his fourth year of residency at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in orthopaedic surgery. He received his MD from SUNY Downstate Medical College in 1998.
    Neil Veloso, A&S '94, recently left a biotech start-up to take a position in the technology transfer office at Case Western Reserve University. He and his wife, Hazel, have a 1-year-old daughter, Isabel.


Jason S. Goldfeder, Med '95, and Ngyen Nguyen were married in April in St. Louis. They are both faculty members in the department of internal medicine at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.
    Robert Torretti, A&S '95, has graduated from The Wharton School of Business and is now working for AIG in New York City, focusing on their Latin American operations.
    Ryan Younger, A&S '95, and Janine Fredericks-Younger, A&S '95, write: "We are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Madeline Rose Younger, born in Boston on September 16. On the work front, Janine is a dentist at Tewksbury State Hospital and a faculty member at Tufts Dental School. Ryan is senior marketing manager at Partners Healthcare System."


Nicolee Wilken Ambrose, A&S '96, Peab '96, has accepted an appointment from the Bush Administration and now works in Washington D.C.
    Jennifer (Askanazi) Caplan, A&S '96, and Glen Caplan, were married on August 24, in West Orange, New Jersey. Bridesmaids included Carolyn Boies, A&S '96; Joanna Mongiardo, A&S '96; and Carlene Kuczma, A&S '96. Other Hopkins alumni in attendance were Amy Dodrill, A&S '95; Karen Guzzo, A&S '97; Vanessa Bakert, A&S '97; and Adam Haeberle, A&S '96. She writes: "Glen and I just graduated from Duke Law School and are moving to Palo Alto, California, where I will be working at the law firm of Fenwich & West, and he will be working at Wilson, Sonsini, Rosati & Goodrich."
    Devon Chivvis, A&S '96, married Mark Fowler on September 2, in Sun Valley, Idaho. Several Hopkins alumni attended, including Suchet Venkatesh Bhandari, A&S '96, Seema Mohapatra, A&S '96, Ghida AlJuburi, A&S '96, and Rita Kim, A&S '96.
    Riple Hansalia, Engr '96, is now finishing his residency at the University of Maryland and will be a chief resident next year. He is looking into various cardiology programs. Maura LoMonico, A&S '96, has plunged headlong into the interactive television industry as a producer for Mag Rack, a nationwide video-on-demand service for digital cable subscribers. She is based in Manhattan and is able to spend more time with fellow alums Emily Baillieul, A&S '97, Alicia Bromfield, A&S '96, Josh Lebowitz, A&S '96, and Rachel Haugh, A&S '97. This fall, she begins her first year of a two-year term on the New York Metropolitan Area Chapter Executive Committee.


Richard A. Ambrose, Engr '97, A&S '97, started a new company, Canine Loft Corp. that has rapidly become one of the most visited sites on the Web for dog breed specific gifts and artwork.
    Aime Poldmae, Engr '97, and Matthew J. Levesque, Engr '97, married in Portland, Maine, on August 17. Several Hopkins alumni attended. Aime and Matt live and work in Baltimore. She is a manufacturing manager at FMC Corp., and he teaches mathematics at Patterson High School.


Heather Brock, A&S '98, recently climbed Mount Fuji with 3,000 other people.
    Kirk Chan-Tack, Med '98, and Janet Lam, PH '98 (MHS), announce the birth of their first child, Katelyn Brianna Chan-Tack, who was born on June 29.
    Sara Clemence, A&S '98 (BA/MA), graduated from Columbia Journalism School in May and is now working as an environmental journalist in Anniston, Alabama.
    Amy Davis, A&S '98, and Christopher Duncan, A&S '98, were married on September 21 in Buffalo, New York. In attendance from Hopkins were Andrea Ott, Engr '98, Amy (Miliano) Geisen, A&S '98, John McGivney, Engr '98, Ian Wood, A&S '98, Jonathan Boott, Engr '98, and Jennie Jaeckel, Engr '02. Following the wedding, Amy and Chris moved to Hawaii where Chris, a captain in the Army, has been stationed. Amy will continue to work at MAXIMUS, where she was recently promoted to director.
    Charlyn Fisher, SPSBE '98 (MS), manager of institutional research at Hood College, was selected as a First College Year Assessment Fellow by the Association of Institutional Research, and she received the Second Annual Research Grant by the Maryland Association of Institutional Research. The grant will help fund a database subscription that will allow her to compare financial variables of small colleges, such as percentages of alumnae and alumni donors, endowments, or expenditures.
    Jaime Klimsey, A&S '98, writes: "I will receive my DVM from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2003 and plan to marry on October 4, 2003."
    Elizabeth Jordan Lawrence, A&S '98, and Jared A. Lawrence, Engr '96, married on July 5, 1998. Their daughter, Alexandra Noble Lawrence, was born on November 17, 2001. Natasha Lazo, A&S '98, writes: "I went home and got my MAT so that I could teach. I taught a bilingual class in Providence for a few months. Then I took a position at a school in Baltimore. I taught for a year at Mount Royal in the Bolton Hill area of Baltimore. Now I'm teaching 8th-grade English in Newark, New Jersey."
    William Cory Lukens, A&S '98, writes: "I got married in 2001 and graduated from the master's of social work program at the University of Maryland that same year. I am working at Crownsville Hospital and coaching wrestling at Annapolis High School, where we were second at the 2002 state duals and fourth at the 2002 state tournament."
    Yasaman Mohadjer, A&S '98, has completed medical school and is doing an intern year of residency to be followed by an ophthalmology residency at St. Louis University.
    Melissa Pavetto Murphy, A&S '98, married David Murphy on June 15. Several Hopkins alumni attended, including Marlon Satchell, A&S '98, Christina Olson, Engr '98, Laurie Archibald, A&S '98, Aaron Pannone, A&S '98, John Schnakenberg, A&S '00, and Lance Harper, Engr '00. The couple now lives in New Jersey, where Dave is an intern in internal medicine at Robert Wood Johnson, and Melissa is finishing her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mark A. Perez, A&S '98, is living in the Seattle area. Christina Polyak, A&S '98, is working as an epidemiologist in East Africa.
    Claudia Joe Salter, A&S '98, is a graduate student in clinical psychology at George Mason University. She married Brian Salter on June 3, 2000.
    Matt Schernecke, A&S '98, writes: "I've moved to New York to work 'permanently.' Right now, I'm clerking for a judge in the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) and will be working with Jen Choi, A&S '98, and Lauren Augerman, A&S '98, at Morgan Lewis and Breckins the year after. Feel free to write to me at:"
    Doug Steinke, A&S '98, writes: "After being a journalist for the past four years, I decided to return to school and to New York to study the law at St. John's University. Before that, I was working as a reporter at the Providence Journal in Rhode Island and as a researcher for the executive editor of the Washington Post."
    Sarah Vance, A&S '98, writes: "I have returned recently from Japan and headed to England for graduate school, where I will be studying international conflict resolution and recovery management. I am also newly engaged to a wonderful man -- Kasey Clark of Green Mountain College in Vermont. We are looking forward to living in England and starting our life together."
    Megan Weil, A&S '98, is working on her PhD in environmental and occupational health, focusing on mercury exposure and cognitive function.


John H. Debes, A&S '99, and Alexandra Surcel, A&S '00, were married on October 5, 2002, in Washington D.C. Their bridal party included John Northrop, A&S '99, Erica Preston, A&S '99, and Simon Oh, Engr '00. They are both currently graduate students at Penn State: John is working toward a PhD in astronomy, and Alexandra is working toward a PhD in cell and developmental biology.
    Daniel Kasstein, Peab '99, was recently appointed to the Louisville Orchestra.
    Johanna "Jody" Seasonwein, A&S '99, has received a faculty fellowship from the Department of Art History at Columbia University, where she is a first-year PhD student.
    David Silverglide, A&S '99, has decided to take some time to enjoy life and is now traveling around the world with Leslie Swallow, A&S '02.


Michael I. Morgenstern, A&S '01, is vice president of the lobby and advocacy firm Russell J. Wilson & Associates. He lives in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. He writes: "I'm happy to represent fellow alumni from JHU or Hopkins interests in general. You can contact me at"


Michael Brennan, SAIS '02 (MA), entered the Foreign Service in September and will be posted to Lima, Peru, in April as a consular officer. He says that after working for Shell Oil in Houston, the move into a new career ought to provide some great experiences in public policy and living abroad.

In Memoriam

1928: Edward S. Loane, Engr '28, former vice president of GPU Service Corp. and also a former director of Metropolitan Edison Co., died August 30. His engineering and supervision were considered instrumental in the construction of hydroelectric plants in Yards Creek, New Jersey and Seneca, Venango County.

1937: John Anthony Canning, A&S '37, an Air Force Veteran of World War II and the Korean War, has died. He was an artist and sculptor and also served as the fleet surgeon for the Saville Yacht Club and the Great South Bay Cruising Club.

1941: Robert Tarbert Parker Sr., A&S '41, Med '44, former chief of medicine and vice president of medical affairs at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, died in October. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, three sons, and 10 grandchildren.

1970: Vincent J. Lamparella Jr., Med '70, director of Syracuse University Health Services from 1975-90, died July 26. Dr. Laparella was a staff psychiatrist with the Veterans Administration Medical Center for the past two years and had been engaged in private practice in Syracuse since 1994.

1985: Suneeth Nayak, A&S '85, died on August 27, after a nine-year battle with Hodgkins disease. He is survived by his wife, Hollidae, his parents, and his brothers, Bob and Tim.

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