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Alumni News ... Special Section
Alumni Council Celebrates
10th Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years
The First 10 Years
Alumni Council Pair Share Special Bond
1998-99 Johns Hopkins Alumni Council

Celebrating Ten Years

Outgoing Alumni Council President Fran Keen presents a plaque to Wendell Smith honoring him as the first president of the Council, which celebrated its 10th anniversary during Leadership Weekend in October.

Flying in from the West Coast for the annual Alumni Council meeting during Leadership Weekend were, from left, Kozo Shimano, Jim Zevely, Daniel Tuerk, trustee Ernie Bates, janis Tuerk, Mark Margolin, Howie Mandel, and Doug Greiser.

President Emeritus Steven Muller, who in 1986 convened the Task Force on Alumni Relations that resulted in the creation of the Alumni Council in 1988, reviewed the Council's progress at a luncheon during Leadership Weekend in October.

Baltimore Chapter officers and members pose at the Museum of Industry. They are, from left, Josh Reiter, Peter Dolkart, Bob Laird, Harry Silverwood, Eamonn McGeady, bill Single, and Carol Franklin.

Newly chosen Alumni Council officers are, from left, President Jim Archibald, Second Vice President Joe Reynolds, Secretary Patricia Springer, First Vice President Idy Iglehart, and Second Vice President Rick Carr. Not pictured is Treasurer Joe Clarke.

Young Alumni chairs flank Judy Chung, Alumni Relations staff member, during the Alumni Council dinner at baltimore's Museum of Industry. They are, from left, Chris Brown, Baltimore Young Alumni vice chair; peter Dolkart, Baltimore Young Alumni chair; Justin Szlasa, Chicago Young Allumni chair; and Atul Pathiyal, D.C. Young Alumni chair.

Wendell Smith, A&S '54, chaired the President's task Force on Alumni Relations in 1986-87 and became the first president of the Alumni Council in 1988.
Johns Hopkins Alumni Council: The First Ten Years

The 150-member Alumni Council is founded to represent all divisions and geographical areas and to enhance services to the University, its alumni, and students. One student from each division also sits on the Council. Today, the Alumni Council represents 94,000 alumni.

Divisional alumni office is created for Homewood Schools (Arts and Sciences and Engineering).

Baltimore Alumni Chapter is established. Today, the chapter sponsors more than 30 events a year. Outside of Baltimore, more than 100 events are planned each year in 42 regional chapters, including four chapters abroad.

Woodrow Wilson Award for distinguished government service is established, joining the Distinguished Alumnus Award and Heritage Award as honors for alumni and friends.

Host Family Program is created to give entering students a family tie away from home.

Thanks to the Host Family Program, begun in 1991, students like Andrew Schmidt of Ohio can ease into freshman year with a "home away from home"--in this case, the friendship of 1973 grad Robert Scholz and his wife, Rebecca.

Excellence in Teaching awards are established for all divisions.

Alumni Council president becomes ex officio member of the Board of Trustees.

During 1993, SAIS students Camille Richardson, left, and Rachel Lerman received Alumni Council Community Service Grants for a program to introduce minority high school students to international affairs.
1993- 94
Alumni Council's Policy and Long Range Planning Committee makes recommendations incorporated into the final report of the Johns Hopkins Committee for the 21st Century.

Community Service Grant Program is created to encourage and enable students to initiate projects in neighboring areas.

Toll-free number (800-JHU-JHU1) is established for alumni office.

Bob Kleeb, SAIS '63, seen talking with Vice Provost Paula Burger, headed Alumni Council involvement in the University's strategic planning through the provost's Committee for the 21st Century during 1993-94.
Alumni Web page is established. Electronic services now include alumni career network, voluntary on-line directory, and e-mail alias.

Alumni Council first vice president becomes second Council officer to be ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.

New Alumni Council President Jim Archibald, A&S '71, second from left, is flanked by previous presidents John Brickman, A&S '66 left; Fran Keen, Nurs '70; and Doug Fellman, A&S '84.

Charles Johnson-Bey, left, and Charles Einolf now serve together on the Alumni Council.
Alumn Council Pair Share Special Bond

Dreams are coming true for Charles Johnson-Bey, Engr '89. He has spent four years in the corporate world--at Motorola and Corning--working on image compression and next-generation optical communication networks. In August, he moved back to his hometown of Baltimore to teach electrical engineering at Morgan State University. Charles and his wife, Lena--literally the girl next door--have two fine young sons. And at Hopkins, where he feels "a stake in its future," he was elected to the Alumni Council last fall.

"Teaching is a lifelong dream," explains Dr. Johnson-Bey, who received his Ph.D. at the University of Delaware. The happiness in his voice is unmistakable. "I feel blessed."

One of his early dreams materialized in the fall of 1986 when he entered Johns Hopkins with a scholarship endowed by computer engineer Charles Einolf, Engr '56, of Atlanta. Charles Johnson-Bey played football (tying Hopkins' single-season solo sack record at nine) and also excelled at his studies, graduating in three years. "It was a wonderful experience, which is why I am so tied to Hopkins," he says.

"The scholarship was extremely important," he continues. "After graduation from Poly [the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute] I worked for two years as a chemical technician for another Poly grad and took evening classes at Hopkins. Some of the older folks in my classes advised me to sell my car, quit my job, and go to school full time. I didn't think I could afford it, and then the scholarship came along."

The two Charleses first met, to their mutual delight, during 1997's Leadership Weekend at Hopkins. Now they are serving together on the Alumni Council, of which Mr. Einolf has been a member for three years. The latter calls himself a "senior member" of the Council, where he serves on the Nominating Committee, the Awards Committee, and the Ad- Hoc Committee for Technology. He says the Alumni Council is a "great experience" and that he is enjoying "learning a lot about Hopkins and about people."

Charles Einolf also grew up in Baltimore, and after World War II earned his bachelor's degree while raising a family and working at IBM. His career took him to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to England, and ultimately to Atlanta, where he was an adjunct lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology on the IBM Faculty Loan Program. He retired from IBM in 1984, having twice received the Outstanding Corporate Award.

"When my father died in 1982 he left me some money, and our children had finished school," Mr. Einolf relates. "I felt I owed Hopkins an awful lot. So my wife, Dorothy, and I decided to set up a scholarship fund in the name of my father and stepmother."

Over the years, 14 students have held Einolf scholarships, and the Einolfs have enjoying meeting them whenever possible. In one of them--Charles Johnson-Bey--Mr. Einolf has a new Alumni Council colleague whose dreams he has helped make come true.

1998-99 Johns Hopkins Alumni Council

Executive Committee

James K. Archibald
A&S '71

1st Vice President
Iredell W. Iglehart III
Med '83

Vice President
Roderich M. Carr
Engr '78

Vice President
Joseph R. Reynolds, Jr.
Engr '69

Patricia S. Springer
Peab '59

J. Joseph Clarke
SCS '78, '91

Jeffery C. Baldwin
Nurs '94

Barbara A. Mountain Belt
Peab '91

Ridgely C. Bennett
SPH '84

Robert S. Buxbaum
Engr '51, '53

Rashid A. Chotani
SPH '96

Charles I. Clarvit
A&S '78

Gene A. Detroyer
A&S '69

Loren R. Douglass
Engr '86, SAIS '95

Carol Y. Franklin
SCS '85

Robert E. Greene
SCS '91

Helen L. Holton
SCS '95

Ilaya R. Hopkins
SAIS '93

Allan D. Jensen
A&S '65, Med '68

AndrŽa F. Katz
Med '82

Albert G. Laverty
Engr '53

Simeon Margolis
A&S '53, Med '57, '64

Lewis G. Miller
Engr '57, '61

Erik P. Molander
A&S '78, SAIS '78

Joshua J. Reiter
A&S '83, SCS '94

Edie Sagenkahn
Nurs '95

Andrew L. Solberg
SPH '77, '89

Lucy R. Sutphen
Med '85

Angela Revis Taylor
Peab '93, '94

David P. Yaffe
A&S '74

Student Members

David S. Rosenberg

Serena J. Gondek

Terry McBride

Bridget Innerarity

Lori Wescott

April Oster

Sonia Singh

Kristi R. Stanton

Council Members

Jacqueline M. Akinpelu
Engr '80

Andrew W. Albstein
A&S '78

John M. Allan, Jr.
A&S '77

Anthony A. Anderson
A&S '76

Susan E. Appling
Nurs '73

Frances W. Baker
A&S '63, Med '66

Lewellys F. Barker II
Med '59, SPH '91

Rebecca M. Barshick
Nurs '94

George L. Becker, Jr.
A&S '50

Karen V. Bennett
Nurs '64

John A. Blohm
Engr '67

Robert F. Bradley
Engr '73, SCS '96

Edward D. Burger
Engr '51, '55

Janice K. Bush
A&S '76

Earl J. Campazzi
A&S '84, SPH '86, '91

James T. Clancy
A&S '85

Taylor L. Clark
Peab '84

S. Tracy Coster
Engr '84

Sharon E. Crane
A&S '84, Med '90

Anton T. Dahbura
Engr '81, '82, '84

Ralph L. Disney, Jr.
Engr '52, '55, '64

Lewis H. Diuguid
SAIS '63

George E. Dredden III
A&S '77

Steven W. Eaddy
A&S '78

Lisa C. Egbuonu-Davis
Med '83

Martin G. Eichtinger
SAIS '85

Charles W. Einolf
Engr '56

Timothy S. Fallon
A&S '86, SCS '93

Abbe Fessenden
SAIS '64

Stanley E. Fisher
A&S '66, Med '69

E. Carl Freeman
Peab '59, '62

C. Lee Friant
Engr '79, '82, '85

Arnold D. Gale
Med '76

Melvin D. Gerald
SPH '74

Robert S. Ginsburg
SAIS '60

Kenneth A. Giuffre
Med '87

Terry Ann Glauser
SPH '95

Douglas T. Gneiser
A&S '83

Ann S. Goldman
SAIS '84

Theodore N. Graser III
A&S '57

Gary H. Greenberg
A&S '70

Harriet K. Greif
SCS '66, A&S '69,'77

Erica E. Gum
IAAY '84, A&S '91

J. M. Dryden Hall, Jr.
A&S '54

Theodore C. Hanf
A&S '71

Joseph S. Haraszti
Med '71

Eugene C. Harvey
Engr '60

Richard C. Hu
Engr '58

George J. Hudgins, Jr.
Engr '58, SCS '71

Elmer E. Huerta
SPH '92

Robert B. Isaacs
A&S '62

William H. Jarrett II
Med '58

Charles T. Johnson-Bey
Engr '89

Eugene E. Joyce
A&S '55, Med '59

Steven M. Kaye
A&S '81

Danny R. Kelley
Peab '71, '85

Susan Kern
SCS '95

Hanya M. Kim
SAIS '91

John W. Knapp
Engr '62, '65

James P. Krawczyk
Engr '81

Donald A. Kurz
A&S '77

Jon M. Laria
A&S '85

Jay L. Lenrow
A&S '73

Joel D. Lesnick
A&S '53

Robert W. Lindsay
SCS '60

Ron M. Lissak
SAIS '83, '88

Diana C. Liu
A&S '83

Thomas B. Lonegro
Engr '65

Michael F. Lubin
A&S '69, Med '73

Donna M. Mahrenholz
Nurs '62

Howard C. Mandel
A&S '77

Marilyn S. Mandler
Nurs '56

Paul A. Matlin
Peab '70, '72, SCS '81, Engr '84

Leslie S. Matthews
A&S '73

Christina Mattin
A&S '75

Wayne C. Matus
A&S '72

James E. McClaine
Engr '63

Mary E. McGeady
Nurs '55

Albert J. McGrail
A&S '70

James A. Miller
A&S '64

Edward L. Morse
A&S '63, SAIS '66

Joseph D. Neff
IAAY '85, Engr '91

James H. Nelson
A&S '75

D. Scott Nickerson
Med '71

John E. Osborn
SAIS '92

Ira D. Papel
A&S '77

Alan S. Parter
A&S '66

Gavril W. Pasternak
A&S '69, Med '73, '75

Edward C. Perko
Engr '54, '69

Claudia F. Pleasants
SCS '95

W. Ross Pumfrey
SAIS '87

Lawrence J. Quinn
A&S '85

Turpin H. Rose
A&S '59, Med '63

Warren M. Rosman
A&S '73

Irene O. A. Sandvold
SPH '75, '82

Elaine N. Schelle
Nurs '59

Henry M. Seidel
A&S '43, Med '46

Peter J. Senatore
A&S '79, Med '82

Kozo Shimano
Engr '84

Joseph M. Sigelman
IAAY '87

K. Scott Starks
A&S '74

Jeanne A. Stinchcomb
SCS '93

Joseph F. Strohecker
Engr '53

Mary Ellen Thomsen
SCS '88

Daniel B. Tuerk
A&S '62, Med '65

Margaret E. G. Vanderhye
SAIS '72

Sanford L. Victor
A&S '77

F. Jay Ward
A&S '56

Barbara P. Wasserman
Med '68

Caroline H. Waxler
IAAY '85

Patti M. Wilcox-Honnold
Nurs '67

Cheryl G. Hudgins Williams
SCS '93

Mary Kaye Willian
SPH '79, '82

Jack J. Woods
SAIS '66

Ted Zaleski, Jr.
SCS '70, '86

James D. Zevely
A&S '67