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When the Readin' is Easy

Comprehensive List of What Hopkins Academics
Will Be Reading this Summer

By Dale Keiger

Our story featured only the highlights of the reading lists we raided; below, find a comprehensive listing of what Hopkins academics will be mulling over this summer:

Roger Brunyate, chairman of Peabody opera department
- Tolstoy: Anna Karenina
- Seamus Heaney (trans.): Beowulf
- Patrick O'Brien: the Aubrey/Maturin novels

Paula Burger, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & International Programs
- Jung Chang: Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
- Frances Mayes: Under the Tuscan Sun
- Karen Armstrong: A History of God
- Doris Kearns Goodwin: No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt -- The Home Front in World War II

Carol Burke, associate professor, the Writing Seminars
- Susan Faludi: Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Male
- Sherrie Inness: Tough Girls: Women Warriors and Wonder Women in Popular Culture
- Shay Youngblood: Black Girl in Paris
- Victor Pelevin: The Blue Lantern
- Marguerite Duras: The War
- Mary Gordon: Seeing Through Places
- Paul West: OK: The Corral, the Earps, and Doc Holliday
- Oliver Sacks: Migraine

Ilene Busch-Vishniac, dean, school of engineering
- Terry Pratchett: the "Disc World" novels
- Anything recent by Tony Hillerman, Ruth Rendell, Patricia Moyes, Linda Barnes, and Laura Lippman
- New work by Barbara Kingsolver or Alice Walker
- Essays by John McPhee, Primo Levi, and Henry Petrosky

Sara Castro-Klaren, professor of romance languages
- Jorge Luis Borges: Selected Non-fictions
- The Bible: "Song of Songs"
- Julio Cortazar: Hopscotch

Andrew Cherlin, professor of sociology
- Rick Bragg: All Over But the Shoutin'
- Joseph Heller: Catch-22
- Milan Kundera: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
- Thomas Harris: Hannibal

Charles Doran, SAIS professor of international relations
- John Rawls, The Law of Peoples: With "The Idea of Public Reason Revisited"
- Charles Darwin: The Autobiography of Charles Darwin
- Robert Frost: collected poems

P. M. Forni, professor of romance languages
- Robert Wright: The Moral Animal
- Eric Foner: The Story of American Freedom
- Arthur Lovejoy, George Boas: Primitivism and Related Ideas in Antiquity
- Katharine Whittemore et al [eds.]: The Sixties
- Ippolito Nievo: The Castle of Fratta
- Joe McGinniss: The Miracle of Castel di Sangro

Louis Galambos, professor of history
- Robert Caro: The Path to Power
- Various "dreary academic texts"
- Perhaps some William Faulkner

Neil Hertz, director of the Humanities Center
- C. M. Doughty: Travels in Arabia Deserta
- Thorstein Veblen: The Theory of the Leisure Class

Martha Hill, professor, School of Nursing
- Elizabeth M. Norman: We Band of Angels: Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese
- Pat Barker: Another World
- Allison Weir: The Life of Elizabeth I
- Mary Ellen Haywood, Charles Belfoure: The Baltimore Row House

Julian Krolik, professor of physics and astronomy
- Taylor Branch: Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years 1963-1965
- Sherwin Nuland: How We Die

Sharon M. K. Kugler, chaplain
- Dava Sobel: Galileo's Daughter
- Alice McDermott: At Weddings and Wakes
- Laurent A. Parks Daloz et al: Common Fire: Leading Lives of Commitment in a Complex World

Jean McGarry, chairman of the Writing Seminars
- Proust: In Search of Lost Time

Edward Miller, CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine
- Leon Uris: A God in Ruins
- Sebastian Junger: A Perfect Storm
- F. A. Worsley, Endurance: An Epic of Polar Adventure

Stephen Nichols, chairman of romance languages
- Seamus Heaney (trans.): Beowulf
- Proust: Within a Budding Grove
- Wallace Stegner: Angle of Repose

Matthew Roller, assistant professor of classics
- Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa: The Leopard
- Anthony Grafton: The Footnote: A Curious History
- Markus Sehlmeyer: Honorific Statues of the Republican Period
- Valerius Maximus: Memorable Doings and Sayings

Glenn Schwartz, assistant professor of Near Eastern studies
- Thackeray
- Japanese novels, including some by Haruki Murakami
- Ruth Benedict: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Robert Sirota, director, Peabody Institute
- Walter Benjamin: The Arcades Project
- College Music Society: Reflections on American Music: The Twentieth Century and the New Millennium
- Robert Stone: Damascus Gate
- John Baggley: Doors of Perception: Icons and Their Religious Significance

Solomon Snyder, director, JHMI department of neuroscience
- Maynard Solomon: Mozart: A Life
- Daniel Boorstin: The Creators

Alfred Sommer, dean, school of public health
- Homer: The Odyssey [Fagles translation]
- Clayton Christensen: The Innovator's Dilemma
- Richard Russo: Straight Man

Walter Stephens, professor of romance languages
- Stendhal: The Charterhouse of Parma
- Patrick O'Brien: the Aubrey/Maturin novels
- Torquato Tasso (late Renaissance Italian poet): collected works
- Jorge Luis Borges: newly issues translations of his fiction, essays, and poetry

Sasha Torres, professor English
- Kristal Brent Zook: Color by Fox: The Fox Network and the Revolution in Black Television
- Rafael Alvarez: Orlo and Leini
- Marie Brenner: Great Dames: What I Learned From Older Women
- Cheryl Mendelson: Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House

Ron Walters, professor of history
- Dashiell Hammet
- Raymond Chandler
- James Joyce: Dubliners, Ulysses

Daniel Weiss, chairman of history of art
- F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby
- William G. Bowen, Derek Bok, Glenn C. Loury: The Shape of the River: Long Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions
- H. W. Brands: T.R.: The Last Romantic [biography of Theodore Roosevelt]

Geoffrey Wright, director, Peabody Computer Music
- Richard Adams: Watership Down
- John Barth: Giles Goat-Boy and The Floating Opera
- Richard Charles Boulanger: The Csound Book: Perspectives in Software Synthesis, Sound Design, Signal Processing, and Programming
- Carlos Chavez: Toward a New Music: Music and Electricity
- Mihaly Csikszentmihaly: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
- Eric F. Douglas: Straight Talk: Turning Communication Upside Down for Strategic Results at Work
- David Epstein: Beyond Orpheus: Studies in Musical Structure
- James R. Evans, Andrew Abarbanel: Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback
- Masanobu Fukuoka: The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming
- R. J. Heifetz: On the Wires of Our Nerves: The Art of
Electroacoustic Music

- P. Hyun: Koreana
- Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy: Hi-tech Shiva and Other Apocryphal Stories: An Academic Allegory
- Jonathan D. Kramer: The Time of Music: New Meanings, New
Temporalities, New Listening Strategies

- Ernst Krenek: Exploring Music: Essays by Ernst Krenek
- Ray Kurzweil: The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
- H.-G. Lee: Korean Music and Instruments
- D. S. Pottruck, Terry Pearce, Lew Platt: Clicks & Mortar
- John Rahn: Perspectives on Musical Aesthetics
- Howard Rheingold: Higher Creativity: Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insights
- Jeremy Rifkin: The Age of Access: The New Culture of Hypercapitalism, Where All of Life is a Paid-For Experience
- Kim Ronyoung: Clay Walls
- R. Murray Schaefer: The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World
- Bryan Simms: Composers on Modern Musical Culture: An Anthology of Readings on Twentieth-Century Music
- David Toop: Ocean of Sound -- Aether Talk, Ambient Sound, and Imaginary Worlds
- Karl H. Worner: Stockhausen: Life and Work