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With Gratitude

June being the month for celebrations--weddings, graduations, Father's Day, the summer solstice, etc.--as well as the end of the academic year, I thought it both timely and fitting to recognize an unsung group of folks who, unlike secretaries, grandparents, and teachers, don't already have a national calendar spot of recognition.

Thus, I hereby declare June 2002 to be Johns Hopkins Magazine Readers Appreciation Month. As a group, you are cheerfully supportive, unflaggingly curious, often funny, and always unafraid to speak your minds--in short, an editor's dream.

... To the eagle-eyed among you (such as Jerry Smilack, MD '68, a member of SPELL, the Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature) who write to point out our occasional grammatical gaffes, I offer a heartfelt thank you, for reading the magazine so closely and for keeping us on our toes.

... To the not-so-eagle-eyed who express frustration with design trends that can make type reversing out of a colorful background tough to read: We're listening.

... To the several thousand who responded to our spring solicitation by making a financial contribution, I extend my gratitude and the assurance we will be wise stewards of your money. Many of you included suggestions ("Would like more articles featuring women") or a note of encouragement and praise. ("I'm almost 89 and the articles about what happened in the past and what is to come mean so much to me.") Thank you for taking the time to write. We read every comment.

... To the alumnus who phoned last week and threatened to sue us if we failed, yet again, to remove his name from our %#X%$ mailing list. It's done!

... To my e-mail buddies (such as alumnus "Dr. Josh" Grossman, who regularly corresponds about university matters and who sends me a "poem of the month" to share with my two young sons at home): Though we've never met in person, your warmth and considerable loyalty to Johns Hopkins are inspiring--and contagious.

... To those who've written to express anger/disbelief/chagrin at some subject that has appeared in our pages, thank you for contributing to the lively exchange of ideas that lies at the heart of Johns Hopkins.

In our sincere appreciation to all 130,000 of you, we can't offer flowers or a lunch out but instead humbly submit a fresh new issue for your consumption. Enjoy it. And stay connected. Please!

-Sue De Pasquale

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