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Mary F. Powers, A&S '38, is 93 years young. She sends her greetings and support: "Best to all."


William B. Freedman, A&S '40, Med '50, writes: "About to be 90, I still lead mushroom education and natural science hikes."


Virginia T. Marsteller, Nurs '41, writes: "I am now 90 years old, and my husband will be 90 in July. We live in our three rooms off the main house. We get Meals on Wheels and keep in touch with Marguerite Ave Rankin."


Primrose G. Vining, Nurs '46, lives with two other JHH nurses at a retirement community in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Graycie M. Cameron, Nurs '48, writes: "I enjoyed our 60th nursing school reunion in September. I am 94, and I took the Amtrak at Christmas to spend 10 days with my sister in Jacksonville, Florida."

Richard A. Sindler, A&S '48, writes: "I am still doing whole body CT scanning, and Vicki is still in residential real estate." Nathan A. Strauss, A&S '48, retired on May 30, 2008, after 60 years in the kitchen cabinet industry. He also is retired as a major in the Maryland Defense Force.


Hobart E. Rosen, A&S '49, is a sculptor and photographer working in his studio home in Stamford, Connecticut. He shows his work in area galleries.


Guy N. Cromwell Jr., A&S '51, has been elected chairman of the Board of Governors of Florida Patients Compensation Fund, a malpractice trust group. Richard B. Hornick, A&S '51, Med '55, is still working in a teaching hospital in Orlando.

George F. Schnack, Med '51, is living in Hawaii.


Bernard J. Paris, A&S '52, '59 (PhD), emeritus professor of English at the University of Florida, has had his book, Bargains with Fate: Psychological Crises and Conflicts in Shakespeare and His Plays, originally published in 1991, reissued in a paperbound edition, by Transaction Publishers.


Haswell M. Franklin, A&S '53, is a partner in Franklin Financial Group, a financial services, employee benefits, and insurance firm located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Edwin A. Hirschmann, A&S '54, is the author of Robert Knight, Reforming Editor in Victorian India, published in November 2008 by Oxford University Press.


Nicholas Cunningham, Med '55, SPH '77 (PhD), is now emeritus professor of clinical pediatrics and clinical public health at Columbia University. He is retired but still teaching.


Norma G. Jackson, Nurs '56 (Cert), is retired and enjoying snorkeling, snowmobiling, rearing a Labradoodle puppy and an old lab, plus "my husband and 46-year-old son." She is helping at church and writes: "Life is very busy with being Mom, wife, and dog trainer/caregiver."

James R. Pfafflin, Engr '56, Engr '57 (MA), is working (with E. N. Ziegler) on the sixth edition of the Encyclopedia of Environmental Science Engineering, to be published by Taylor and Francis.


Charlotte M. deOgburn, Nurs '57, writes: "I ended the year by taking a fall cruise on the Queen Victoria's maiden Classic Mediterranean voyage. It was great fun to visit some places for the first time and revisit other places to see the changes time has wrought. Retirement is wonderful."


H.R. Turnbull III, A&S '59, was named the 2006 Distinguished Professor in Special Education and Life Span Studies at the University of Kansas. He is still working at law school and his own research center co-founded with his wife, Ann, in 1988.


June M. Pankey, A&S '60 (MA), writes: "We continue to enjoy retirement, travel, and our time in New Mexico."


Wade J. Williams, A&S '61, writes: "I am keeping busy as the chairman of the Peachtree City (Georgia) Water and Sewer Authority and as a board member of the McIntosh Trail Kiwanis Club (Peachtree City).


Victoria A. Regula-Broyles, Nurs '62, lives in O'Fallon, Illinois, where she owns a printing company with her husband, Jim. They have five grandchildren.


Louise Fitzpatrick, Nurs '63 (Cert), was selected in December 2008 as one of the 25 Women of Distinction by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Stuart H. Lessans, A&S '63, writes: "My twins, Matthew and Faye, are in second grade at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Maryland, and I am planning to attend my 50th high school reunion at Baltimore City College in April!"

Blair F. Jones, A&S '63 (PhD), became emeritus after 50 years with the U.S. Geological Society. He is still working half time.

Frank R. Olenchak, Ed '63 (Cert), retired on June 30, 2005, after 55 years teaching in universities and public schools. He is an emeritus professor at Western Michigan University.

Ronald P. Spark, Engr '63, is the president of his neighborhood association board and chairman of the Pima Parks Alliance in Arizona.

Helen Shea McMahon Wells, Ed '63, who lives in Boca Raton, has published her most recent book, Endless Struggle. It is about the Arab-Israeli conflicts.


Joyce Currie Little, Engr '64, is a professor in the department of computer and information sciences at Towson University. She has been elected to the National Presidents Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals.

Charles B. Young, SAIS '64, is semiretired and living in London, Cannes, and Purchase, New York. He is active as an early-stage investor in the Internet and health care sectors.


Brian D. Briscoe, Med '65 (PGF), is attending radiologist at the Baltimore VA Medical Center. He has three children, Robert, Adrian, and Carla, and he makes frequent visits to Ireland.

Mary Houghton, SAIS '65, co-founder and president of ShoreBank Corporation, will receive the 2009 Economic Opportunity Achievement Award at the Opportunity Collaboration in October.

Margaret Huff Leiendecker, Nurs '65 (Cert), writes: "I am enjoying retirement. We are staying here in Charlottesville. Our son, Andrew, and his family are stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and our younger son is up in Watertown, New York, near Ft. Drum. We are sort of in the middle."


Joan Ellen Corbett, SAIS '66, is working as a foreign affairs expert in the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.

Craig L. Hudson, SAIS Bol '66, SAIS '68, is president and CEO of Summit Consulting, working with Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.

Richard J. Jones, SAIS '66, is currently teaching Practical Issues between Muslims and Christians at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, where he will retire on June 30 as professor of mission and world religions.


Alfred M. Cohen, Med '67, writes: "After 'failing' retirement, I have joined the faculty of the University of Arizona Cancer Center."

Ivor Royston, A&S '67, Med '70, recognized at the San Diego Science Festival's Nifty Fifty, is known as the lead entrepreneur behind San Diego's first biotech company, Hybritech, launched in 1976. He was early to recognize that monoclonal antibodies would be well-suited to use as tests and therapies for cancer.

Eugene Sarver, SAIS '67, is global marketing director for FX4casts, the world's largest foreign exchange forecaster and the forecaster for the Fed, the World Bank, and the IMF.


Thomas M. Foust, A&S '68, has been elected to a third term as vice president of the York City School Board.

Andres Rigo-Sureda, SAIS '68, writes: "In November, I gave the Lauterpacht Memorial Lectures at Cambridge University on the subject of Policy and Discretion in Investment Treaty Arbitration."


Christina M. Hoshowsky, A&S '69 (MA), is retiring from teaching at the West Irondequoit Central School District in Rochester, New York. She will continue as the director of the Bilingual Academy.

Kevin Kinsella, SAIS '69 (MA), was named one of San Diego Science Festival's Nifty Fifty for his work as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He has created from scratch or been an early investor in over 70 biotechnology and high-technology companies, now worth billions of dollars.


Bruce Drake, A&S '70, writes: "After 20 years at the New York Daily News, mostly in Washington, D.C., I spent 15 years at National Public Radio, leaving as vice president for news. I now am executive editor of news at Congressional Quarterly, where I created a Web site,"

Richard F. Keeler, SPH '70, is retired from medicine and enjoying serving as a pastor in a church in Trinidad, an island in the West Indies.


Romesh Batra, Engr '72 (PhD), has been selected to receive the Engineering Science Medal at the Joint ASCE-ASME-SES Conference on Mechanics and Materials in June. The award was made in recognition of his singularly important contributions in adiabatic shear bands.

Michael Berke, A&S '72, has completed closing of an FHA-insured $19.25 million mortgage loan to expand Carlinville Area Hospital in Carlinville, Illinois.

Maxine D. Hurley, Ed '72 (MEd), retired after 35 years as a social studies teacher, and is now teaching world history at Coppin State University.

Norman R. Thom Jr., A&S '72, is a partner in Daniel, Thom and Katzman, P.C. He is president-elect of the El Paso County Bar Association, and he writes: "I spent a magical two weeks in Italy in September."


Mark H. Leifer, A&S '73, Med '77, writes: "My gastroenterology practice opened our new office and ambulatory endoscopy center in 2000. My wife and I are eagerly awaiting our second set of twin grandchildren this spring."

Henry Ver Valen, Engr '73, writes: "I still enjoy retirement and restoring/tinkering with my old Jaguar cars."


Shirley E. Dilsworth, A&S '74, has completed her 10th year at Nordstrom as vice president of human resources.


Deborah Reff, A&S '75, is the health education manager for the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program for L.A. County's Public Health Department. She writes: "After work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and 11-year-old son."

Fred "Rusty" Gage, A&S '75 (MA), '76 (PhD), who was named as one of San Diego Science Festival's Nifty Fifty, discovered 11 years ago that the human brain is capable of growing new nerve cells throughout life. This milestone sparked realistic hope that one day methods can be found to replace or enhance brain and spinal cord tissue which is lost or damaged due to disease or trauma.

Denise L. Wychowanec, Nurs '75 (Cert), writes: "I have been a PNP since I trained at Hopkins. I also taught for five years in the pediatric primary care program and prepared students at the primary care program at the University of Pennsylvania."


Bruce M. Cazenave, A&S '76, writes: "My wife, Cheryl, and I are enjoying Indiana. Daughter number one, Kristin, is studying trumpet performance at Indiana University School of Music. Daughter number two, Kira, is a junior in high school and a tuba player who is interested in going to Purdue University."

Manoochehr Saadat, SPH '76, has retired after almost 40 years of practice. He has recently moved to San Diego and would like to hear from classmates from the MPH program of 1976.


R. Michael Duffin, Med '77, currently works at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah.

Jeffrey P. Engel, A&S '77, Med '81, has been appointed as North Carolina state health director by the Department of Health and Human Services. Since 2002, Engel has served as the state epidemiologist. In 2006, he was named chief of the epidemiology section of the division.

Bert R. Mandelbaum, SPH '77, a well-known orthopedic surgeon and U.S. Soccer Men's National Team physician since 1991, received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the State University of New York during SUNY Cortland's Undergraduate Commencement exercises on May 16.


Chang-Ho Kim, Bus '78 (MAS), is a pastor for the New Life Presbyterian Church in Catonsville, Maryland.


Dorothea M. Cypher-Erickson, A&S '79, will be retiring after 30 years of active duty with the U.S. Army at the end of May and returning to Washington, D.C., for her new life with her family.

Marcia A. Prenguber, Ed '79, was named 2008 Physician of the Year by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Casey C. Younkin, A&S '79, is an associate professor in the ob/gyn department at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and is chief of the general division of ob/gyn. He and his wife, Linda, have four children.


George P. Coutros, Engr '80, is currently employed as CIO of an Atlanta-based specialty financial services company CompuCredit.

Charles S. Faddis, A&S '80, retired from the CIA at the end of May 2008 as head of the agency's WMD terrorism unit. He served 20 years as a CIA operations officer and chief of station, working against terrorist and WMD targets in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. Faddis is the co-author of a recently released book, Operation Hotel California (The Lyons Press), on the actions of his team inside Iraq in advance of the last Gulf War.

Bob Rumer, Engr '80, has joined the faculty at California Lutheran University as an instructor of physics. He has worked as a design engineer for 25 years and has experience in marketing and management.

Rhoads E. Stevens, Med '80, married Carin B. Chan of Honolulu, and formerly of Hong Kong, on August 8, 2008. They now reside on the marina in Hawaii Kai, island of Oahu.


Michael Ellis, SAIS Bol '81 (Cert), SAIS '82, writes: "I joined the Michelin Tire Company in January 2008 as vice president of sales and marketing worldwide for the motorcycle division, based at Michelin Headquarters in Clermont Ferrand, France."

Lawrence Y. Kay, SAIS '81, writes: "I left the world of banking last September and joined Maire Tecnimont, an engineering company based in Rome and Milan. I guided the company, despite the great market turmoil, through a successful IPO. I have joined the senior management coordination committee and am yo-yoing up to Milan on a weekly basis."


Patrick M. Antkowiak, Engr '82, has been named vice president of strategy and capability for Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector's engineering, manufacturing, and logistics organization.

Michael A. Bruno, A&S '82, writes: "My first book, Arthritis in Color: Advanced Imaging of Arthritis, will be published this spring by Elsevier. So far, no one's called me to ask about the movie rights!"

Richard S. Mathis, A&S '82 (MA), A&S '87 (PhD), just published his fourth book, Finding a Grace Filled Life, with Paulist Press.

Teresa Romiti, A&S '82 (MLA), has retired after 30 years of teaching middle and high school in Baltimore County.

Carol Ryan, SPH '82, has been public health director for Sullivan County, New York, since 2000.


Charlotte Druschel, SPH '83, director of the Congenital Malformations Registry and Research Section in the New York State Department of Health (DOH), has been named the 2008 recipient of the Godfrey P. Oakley Jr. Award, presented by the National Birth Defects Prevention Network, to honor her lifetime contributions to the field of birth defects research.

Dana H. Frank, Med '83 (PGF), writes: "After 25 years at Park Medical Associates and 18 years as president, I will become chairman of the Department of Medicine at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore."


Michael R. Moore, Med '84, was elected to the board of directors of the American Board of Spine Surgery in 2008.


Steven Metz, A&S '85 (PhD), writes: "Last November Potomac Press published my book, Iraq and the Evolution of American Strategy."


John McNamara, SPH '86, is assistant professor at George Washington University. Robin Miller, SPH '86, Med '89 (PGF), and Janet Horn, Med '85, have co-authored a book, The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond, recently released by New Harbinger Publications.


Linda Couch, Engr '87, Bus '91, writes: "In September of 2007, I began a doctor of management program at UMUC, and I expect to finish in 2010. In addition, after a 21-year consulting and management career at IBM, I left to become the chief operating officer at Parrish Services. On Thanksgiving Day 2008 I got married, and my husband and I moved into a new home in Warrenton, Virginia. If anyone would like to keep in touch, they can find my profile on LinkedIn."

Fred Karpoff, Peab '87 (MM), '92 (DMA), has produced 3-D Piano, an innovative 6-DVD series that provides pianists with a systematic approach to interdependent, three-dimensional piano playing and teaching. Shot documentary-style in high definition, the series features unscripted lessons with 12 students at various stages of development. More information is available at


Bryan Still, Engr '90, took over leadership of Naval Submarine Support Center (NSSC) New London, Connecticut, in February. New London is considered the "Submarine Capital of the World" and is the site of the first U.S. Navy Submarine Base.


Nicholas R. Bachur Jr., Engr '91, retired as an engineering research fellow after 32 years at BD.

Nels Dumin, Engr' 91, an engineering manager at Texas Instruments who lives with his family in Wylie, Texas, has been named a "Distinguished Toastmaster" by Toastmasters International, a nonprofit education organization aimed at helping individuals develop communication and leadership skills.


John Grossenbacher, SAIS '92, retired in November 2003 as a vice admiral USN from the U.S. Navy. He is currently director of Idaho National Laboratory and president of Batelle Energy Alliance in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In 2005, he was inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame.

Stuart K. Lutz, A&S '92, and his wife, Sara, welcomed their first child, Aidan, in early February.


Daina Garonzik, A&S '93, and Ira Garonzik, A&S '93, live in Pikesville, Maryland, with their four children-Ben, Sophie, Brooke, and Isaac. Ira is a neurosurgeon and president of the Baltimore Neurosurgery and Spine Center. Daina is a lawyer and a full-time mom.

Christine McCullough, Bus '93, is the WFA capability leader at EDS in Philadelphia.


James R. Anderson, Engr '94, and Heather Boston, Engr '94, announce the birth of their daughter, Samantha Nicole.

Shawn C. Carraher, SAIS Bol '94 (Cert), SAIS '96, writes: "I am loving living in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, with my two kids, Zan and Arion. I am looking forward to reconnecting with SAIS friends in 2009."

Colin Chellman, A&S '94, is now the director of policy analysis at the City University of New York.


Adam Bergman, A&S '95, and his wife, Julia, are proud to announce the arrival of their son Aaron Henry Bergman, who joined their family on February 27. Pernell W. Crockett, SPH '95, has retired from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She works as a public health consultant and serves on the University of Maryland institutional review board. She also volunteers on commissions and advisory boards for Montgomery County's public health department.

Matthew A. Luciano, A&S '95, writes: "I launched NYAIX, LLC to cater to the hedge fund investing community. The firm assists in capital raising and consultation. I recently got married to Amanda Oliveira."

Michael White, Bus '95 (MS), writes: "Hello everyone! I invite each and every one of you to visit and subscribe to my new blog:!"


Jeffrey T. Booth, A&S '96, has settled back down in Los Angeles and continues doing satellite design at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Lab. He'll soon teach his 4-year-old daughter how to row a gondola and paddle a kayak.

Todd Brekhus, A&S '96, has been named president of Digital Solutions of Capstone Publishers, a family of specialty publishers recognized throughout the world for children's library materials. The businesses operate in Bloomington and Mankato, Minnesota.

Victor B. Ibabao, SPH '96, is a fellow at the Institute of Public Health Management, Quezon City, Philippines. His assignment, for the 2009 calendar year, is based in the United States.

Jessica S. Paik, A&S '96, SPH '98, writes: "John and I welcomed a baby boy, John Jr., into our lives on July 28, 2008. We love being a family of three in New York City."

Michael D. Portman, A&S '96, owns rock 'n' roll barbershops in Austin, Texas ( and is currently a contributing writer for GQ and Elle. Joyce F. Vaghela, SPH '96, worked in 1997 and 1998 as an I.E.C. consultant with the National Programme for Control of Blindness. Since 1999, she has worked with the community health department of St. Stephen's Hospital in Delhi, India.


Michael L. Makfinsky, Bus '97 (MS), '02 (MBA), is now at KGS Inc., headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, where he serves as the senior director for special programs. He recently earned KGS' 2008 Annual Performance Award, which includes a paid vacation to Cabo San Lucas, where he and his wife, Victoria, brushed up on golf, sailing, and Spanish.

Solito A. Sumulong, A&S '97, writes: "My wife, Stephanie, and I are expecting a baby boy in May. We have moved to the twin cities in Minnesota as I now work for Land O'Lakes Inc."


Dipankar Bagchi, Bus '98 (MA), is currently working at Medtronic, Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management Division, as senior program director.

Barry L. Dunkin, Ed '98 (MA), recently received a Fulbright Grant to study the German education system and student services practices. Jessica Dunne, Engr '98, and her husband, Chris Washburn, welcomed new son Logan Dunne Washburn on February 3.

Geoff Gettinger, A&S '98, and Erica Preston, A&S '99, welcomed new son Jacob Elijah Gettinger on December 12.

Michael McKay, Nurs '98 (MA), is working at Maine Medical Center in Portland, serving 56 different language groups in the internal medicine clinic. Amy Pacer, A&S '98, was elected president of the Junior League of the Lehigh Valley in January.

Eric Joey Quan, A&S '98, writes: "My wife, Jennifer Quan, A&S '00, recently gave birth to our second daughter, Chloe Madison Quan, on January 27. Her big sister, Jordan Evelyn, loves her baby sister."

Margot W. Ziperman, Bus '98 (MA), was recently hired as a production manager for Teaching Strategies, an early childhood education publisher in Bethesda, Maryland.


Stephen Nurse-Findlay, Med '99, SPH '99, has recently accepted a full-time position with the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunisations (GAVI Alliance) in Geneva as their new programme officer for governance.


Bonnie Pladsen Emigholz, A&S '00, Ed '01 (MA), and Christopher Emigholz, A&S '99, and their 1-year-old son, Ryan, welcomed Alex Christopher to their family on December 22, 2008.

Luke A. Tougas, SAIS '00, writes: "I joined DC Power Systems Inc. as eastern regional manager. We are a national distributor of renewable energy products. I recently opened our East Coast facility in Lyndhurst, New Jersey."

Michelle A. Yeager-Streckus, Engr '00, is the plant manager of the Baltimore Combustion Turbines for Constellation Energy. She is responsible for managing the operation of 22 peaking power plants in and around Baltimore. She and her husband, Steve, are loving life with their son, Michael.


Veronica L. Gunn, SPH '01, Med '02 (PGF), has been serving as the chief medical officer for the Tennessee Department of Health and is enjoying the challenge of developing thoughtful, evidence-informed health policies.

Philip J. Iwancio, Bus '01, is a real estate agent with Long & Foster in Baltimore.

Catherine Nikas, A&S '01, and Chad Beck, A&S '94, were married on August 9, 2008, in Philadelphia. Over 20 Johns Hopkins alumni were in attendance.

James W. Warner, Engr '01, is a principal, software development, at Structural Wealth Management.

Marirose Coulson Ziebarth, Bus '01 (MA), and David Ziebarth married on August 23 at St. Jane de Chantal. The couple resides in Bethesda, Maryland. She is an associate at Booz Allen Hamilton.


Brett D. Lee, SPH '02, writes: "I am a vice president at Children's Medical Center of Dallas and have just published my first book, Growing Leaders in Healthcare: Lessons from the Corporate World with the Health Administration Press."

Svetlana Vassiliouk, SAIS '02, has been working at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, in Tokyo, as an analyst with the oil and gas strategy group since January 2008. She also teaches as an adjunct at the Graduate School of Politics of Hosei University.


Joseph F. Brady, Bus '03, is receiving his MS in systems engineering at George Washington University in May.


Robert Baer, Ed '04 (MS), has been promoted to real property manager of the Department of Homeland Security-Directorate of Science and Technology in Washington, D.C.

Sandra E. Brooks, Bus '04 (Cert), Bus '06 (MA), has been promoted to the newly created position of vice president of research at Norton Cancer Institute preventive services.

Rosemarie M. Hall, Ed '04, Ed '05 (Cert), who is employed with Catholic Charities as a senior clinician, has obtained both LCD and NCC status.

Dorothea E. Jordan, Ed '04, is currently employed by Baltimore City Public Schools as a school psychologist specializing in infants, toddlers, and preschool children.

Stephanie Long, A&S '04, and Sam Phillips, Engr '04, were married February 21 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bridesmaids included Sheila (Dickson) Statter, Engr '04, Natalia Loyola, Engr '04, Jen (Caron) Kane, Engr '04, and Sarah Goonan, A&S '04. Groomsmen included Mowry Cook, Engr '04, Tom Mansell, Engr '04, and Roy Hodgman, Engr '03. The couple met fall of their freshman year, in Professor Minicozzi's Honors Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra class (the second couple out of that 30-person math class to walk down the aisle so far!).

Azra J. Malik, Engr '04 (MA), is working for the Department of Defense as a computer scientist.

Susan McCallum-Smith, A&S '04 (MA), writes: "My first book of short stories has just been released."

Anastasiya M. Osborne, A&S '04 (MA), is working as an economist at USDA. She briefed the secretary of agriculture during the Farm Bill deliberations that resulted in the June 2008 Farm Bill.

Neil Safier, A&S '04 (PhD), assistant professor of history at the University of British Columbia, has published Measuring the New World: Enlightenment Science and South America (University of Chicago Press, 2008).


James Lee, SAIS Nanjing '05, writes: "I am a partner of Jiangsu Deqing Law Firm located in Nanjing. Our law firm mainly focuses on non-litigation and litigation of finance and investment, construction and real estate, intellectual property, corporate law, and international trade."

Jennifer (Taillie) Mrazik, SPH '05, married Ryan Mrazik on September 6, 2008, in Washington, D.C. Jen and Ryan recently moved to Seattle, where she continues to work for Stockamp, a Huron Consulting Group Practice, and he is an attorney for Perkins Coie, LLP.

Brigitta Kral, Ed '05, is currently the senior communication associate for the nonprofit Living Cities, the world's largest collaborative of foundations and financial institutions.

Joshua F. Rowe, A&S '05, is a PhD student in the History of Technology program at Princeton University with an expected graduation in 2010. Nathan Yozwiak, A&S '05, writes: "I'm in my fourth year of a PhD program at UC-Berkeley, studying infectious diseases."


Donald W. Buck, Med '06, writes: "My wife, Jennifer, and I welcomed our first child, Benjamin Leo, on January 21."

Christopher T. Reed, Nurs '06, who works full time in the pediatric ICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital, is completing his MSN/MPH at Hopkins and has applied to the DrPH program in Leadership and Management at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Katherine L. Vassalli, A&S '06 (MA), is currently working as the manager of regulatory analysis and education programs for the International Liquid Terminals Association in Washington, D.C.


Allyn R. Cockrell, A&S '07, is working in Hong Kong for an Asia-based conglomerate.

Sarah M. Eichstedt, Nurs '07, writes: "I biked across the country with the Hopkins 4K for Cancer after graduation. I now work in a trauma ICU in San Francisco. I am planning to move again in the near future, and I'm doing two more charity bike rides this year!" Nagi Mei, Bus '07, is working on an MBA/MS ITS dual degree.


Jorge Amaral, Peab '08 (MM), and Mia Pomerantz, Peab '09 (MM), are currently touring and teaching master classes as solo guitar artists. They also perform together as "Duo Amaral." Amaral has recently released his first CD, Viaggio.

Louann M. Conner, Bus '08, is managing director of Sagacious Consulting. Nancy W. Cushman, A&S '08, is president of the Meadow Mill Athletic Club in Baltimore. The full-service club hosts nonprofit Baltimore Squash Wise, an organization that provides squash instruction and physical activity to Baltimore City students.

Megan M. Finnerty, Nurs '08, is working at Children's Mercy Hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit in Kansas City, Missouri.

Anne M. Gatchell, Engr '08, works for Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.

Brooke W. Kenny, A&S '08 (MA), is working as a book reviewer, personal tutor, and freelance writer. She can be reached on her Web site.

In Memoriam

1940: Philip B. Polster, A&S '40, senior member and founder of Pleter, Lieder, Woodruff and Lucchesi, died on February 10. His example led all three of his children and three grandchildren to practice law.

1943: Marjorie Grand-Girard Myers, Nurs '43, A&S '50, died on February 23.

1947: Bernard Harman List Sr., Engr '47 (PhD), who lived in Plano, Texas, died on August 28, 2008. He was assistant vice president of Texas Instruments and a former chief scientist of the U.S. Air Force Avionics Laboratories at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

1949: Virginia Spickard, A&S '49 (MA), of Bridgewater, Virginia, died on February 22. A practicing artist and former teacher, she painted portraits and did pen-and-ink drawings, her favorite subject being the many churches in Brunswick County.

1950: Leo Gugerty, Bus '50, has passed away.

1950: Alfred H. Meyer, A&S '50, of Vero Beach, Florida, died on September 30. He was a World War II Marine veteran.

1954: Edward D. Puhl, A&S '54, died on August 2, 2008.

1956: Cornelius McCole, Med '56 (PGF), emeritus chairman of the ophthalmology department at Henry Ford Health System, died on June 19, 2008. He was a mentor to many students and insisted on high standards in education and the care of his patients.

1959: Richard W. Swanson, A&S '59, of Magnolia, Massachusetts, a retired insurance broker and former member of the U.S. Navy, died on November 9, 2008.

1962: Joseph L. Balintfy, Engr '62 (PhD), of Woodruff, South Carolina, died on December 30. A pioneer in computer applications, his CAMP (Computer Assisted Menu Planning) became part of the IBM Contributed Programs Library.

1966: Albin Twardowicz, Ed '66 (MEd), died November 29, 2008. He was a high school counselor at Northern High School for many years.

1967: Vivian L. Pedraza, Ed '67, '74 (Cert), was a dedicated educator in the Baltimore City Public Schools for many years. She moved to Colorado in 2006 to be close to family.

1970: John B. McKeon, A&S '70, of South Bristol, Maine, died on December 19, 2008. A committed volunteer, he was a geoscientist who pioneered the use of computer satellite technology and also worked as a marketing director.

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