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Alumni News
Editor: Billie Walker

Hopkins Forever...

Some 75 entering Homewood students have parents or siblings who came through Hopkins before them Some of them got together during orientation.

Franz Wittlesberger A&S '76, freshman Marlena, and mother Dori.

Freshman Katherine Barth, father Mark, A&S '73, mother Jannette, A&S '74, and sister Erica.

June Frisby, SPSBE '83, son James, freshman Russ, and father Russ.

Mary Ellen Goldberg, freshman Devra, sister Amanda, and father Carl, A&S '72.

Welcome to HopkinsNETTM! Online Alumni Directory Unveiled

Would you like to get in touch with Bethany Littlespoon, your roommate from senior year? Find a Hopkins-trained ophthalmologist in Pittsburgh, or a Hopkins-educated electrical engineer in San Diego? Network with colleagues in your field or connect with fellow alumni in your state, in your town, even in your zip code? All this is now possible with HopkinsNETTM, the new online alumni directory.

Providing alumni with a comprehensive, University-wide, easily searchable online directory was one of the main objectives of an Alumni Council committee formed in 1996. Over the past four years, this committee, along with the Alumni Relations staff, faced head-on the administrative and privacy issues surrounding such a service.

While they worked hard to insure the system's security and fairness, the collaborators were also spurred on by the knowledge that HopkinsNETTM had dramatic potential to create a thriving virtual community among far-flung alumni.

This summer, personalized letters were mailed to alumni informing them of the directory's launch and inviting them to register on HopkinsNETTM and to verify their information prior to the launch of the search feature.

On July 10, HopkinsNETTM was unveiled. It is an extensive data base, containing over 100,000 names, programmed and maintained by Johns Hopkins technical staff, for the exclusive use of Hopkins alumni. The directory is password-protected and users must first be validated as alumni. Users then establish a unique username and password to access any part of HopkinsNETTM.

Importantly, alumni have the options of removing all of their information entirely from the directory (not even their name is included), blocking just their contact information, or blocking individual pieces of information, such as a home phone number.

By the end of August, 5,865 alumni had logged on to Hopkins- NETTM and registered. Some have looked up old friends, some have used the service for career networking. Some may simply have satisfied their curiosity: How many alumni with the last name Lee were biology majors? Fifty-one, of course. How many alumni live in Miami, Florida? Two-hundred and eighty-four.

For log-on information, write or call the Alumni Office at 800-JHU-JHU1 (800-548-5481). Also visit and keep checking in to see what's new!

Susan Willis: Planning for G.O.L.D. in New York

You may not recognize her, but she is the reason that New York is having record turnouts at Hopkins' G.O.L.D. (Graduates of the Last Decade) events. Susan Willis, A&S '92, of Elliott Associates LP, became chair of the young alumni committee four years ago. Since then she has organized over 25 events garnering the participation of over 1,000 recent graduates.

In 1996, the members of the board of the New York Metropolitan Chapter of the Alumni Association set out to increase the participation rate of recent graduates. They knew that scores of alumni move to metropolitan New York immediately after graduation, with as many as 2,100 Graduates of the Last Decade living there at any given time. Thus the area was rich with potential for a large and active alumni network.

Newly at the helm, Susan Willis took some dramatic steps to bring these alumni into the fold, steps based on basic demographic facts: recent graduates don't always read their mail, they don't tend to RSVP ahead of time, they don't have a lot of money, but they do tend to show up if there is an open bar.

Her first major effort was an October 1997 social for young alumni at the nightclub Prohibition on the Upper West Side. The New York Chapter waived the fee for new graduates and partially subsidized the fee for other G.O.L.D. alumni. That night, over 100 recent graduates turned out--an unprecedented number for this age group. The social has since become a popular annual event.

Susan then began compiling an e-mail distribution list of recent graduates. By the time she hosted the first monthly ("Third Wednesday" series) Happy Hour in July of 1998, she had over 140 addresses. Now the list contains over 1,000.

Successful planning and advertisement is only part of the story. Susan has connected Hopkins alumni in New York to the institution and to each other by concerted efforts to provide them with networking opportunities. "Hopkins," she explains with a smile, "is a part of who I am and who I am yet to become. I will always be involved with Hopkins."

Elected Treasurer of the Metropolitan New York Chapter during the summer, Susan Willis steps down as G.O.L.D. leader. "I've had a lot of fun hosting the G.O.L.D. events, but I think it's time to let somebody else take over," Susan says. "With each new leader comes new ideas, and that is just what G.O.L.D. needs to keep thriving."

She intends to remain active in the chapter and says she looks forward to attending events where she can relax and "just socialize."

Report from the Field: Chapter Sends Off Students with an Un-Crab Feast!

Ever wondered what it would be like to throw a crab feast for 140 ravenous people and then not have any crabs for them? Well that sad situation happened to the Northern California Chapter at its August 6 un-Crab Feast and Student Send-off in Berkeley's beautiful Tilden Park.

Instead of delivering the five cases of steamed and iced crabs flown in from Baltimore, a concerned shipping-company employee destroyed all five boxes because "the crabs were dead."

But all was not lost. Some quick planning and a

Sunday morning trip to the grocery store rounded up enough hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausage to feed the masses.

While the attendees may have been disappointed in the last-minute menu substitution, the new students got a lesson about the grace of Hopkins alumni under pressure. Even without the crabs, everyone stayed at the picnic and spent time visiting with the students and their families in the sunshine.

Special thanks go out to Sara McMenamin, A&S '96, and her husband, Joel (for working so hard to find and set up the perfect location); Becky Barnes, from the JHU Alumni Office (for spending all Saturday afternoon on the phone trying to track down the missing crabs); and Chapter President Doug Gneiser, A&S '83 (for stepping in as grill master).

Chapter Chatter: Student Send-Off Festivities Across the Land

Over the summer, Hopkins alumni chapters across the country- -and even overseas--fÉted new and returning students at send-off festivities. At picnics, crabfeasts, cookouts, and pool parties, students enjoyed the opportunity to meet and socialize with other members of the Hopkins community before leaving home.

Altogether, Johns Hopkins welcomed 3,392 new students this fall, graduate and undergraduate: 295 in Advanced International Studies (SAIS); 1,425 in the Schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering; 120 in Medicine; 180 in Nursing; 647 in Public Health; 235 in Peabody; and 725 in Professional Studies in Business and Education (SPSBE). Among those students, every state of the union plus nearly 100 foreign countries are represented.

Those entering Hopkins include SAIS student Kristina Han, a graduate of Harvard and a 1988 Olympian in swimming; A&S undergraduate Melissa Floca, who as a high-school student completed research on environmental racism and its effect on African-Americans living on the Mississippi River; and, at the School of Nursing alone, 22 returned Peace Corps volunteers. This year, admissions selectivity for the entering undergraduate classes in A&S and Engineering was the highest in the schools' history, with fewer than 32% of all applicants accepted.

Host Worth Daniels greets new student Kristina Krasnov and her father at the Baltimore send-off.

The Alumni Association extends its warm appreciation to the hosts of these send-off events for their gracious hospitality. Listed below in chronological order are the 22 alumni chapters that held send-off events, along with the names of the hosts.

The number of new enrollees reflects the total entering Hopkins this fall from each area.

Istanbul, Turkey-- The Johns Hopkins Club of Turkey

Manhattan-- Sheila (parent '01) and Christopher Pulling:
51 new enrollees

Los Angeles-- Francis (Med '82) and Lilly Sheng:
58 new enrollees

San Diego-- San Diego Chapter: 10 new enrollees

Harrisburg-- Jim Schaefer (A&S '92): 32 new enrollees

Washington, D.C.-- Mindy Farber (A&S '74):
261 new enrollees

Seattle-- Chris Howard (A&S '77): 20 new enrollees

New Jersey-- Ellen (SPSBE '79) and Bill Oppenheimer:
143 new enrollees

Northern California-- Northern California Chapter:
70 new enrollees

Pittsburgh-- Grant (A&S '73) and Nancy Shevchik:
33 new enrollees

Chestertown-- Jim Schaefer (A&S '92): 13 new enrollees

Louisiana-- Ted Graser (A&S '57): 7 new enrollees

Baltimore-- Worth (Med '48) and Jane Daniels:
186 new enrollees

Philadelphia-- Tony (A&S '58) and Cynthia Salem:
65 new enrollees

Philadelphia students gather for their send-off.

Boston-- Dennis (Engr '64, '68) and Prebble Eklof:
80 new enrollees

Connecticut-- Jim Miller (A&S '64): 39 new enrollees

Chicago-- Kimberlee Kepper (A&S '78, SAIS '79) and Randy Randazzo (A&S '78): 41 new enrollees

Southern Florida-- Jed (A&S '59), Lynn and Jon (A&S '90) Jacobson: 18 new enrollees

Long Island, N.Y.-- Marty Bergin (A&S '83):
81 new enrollees

Minnesota-- Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burton:
12 new enrollees

Dallas-- Michael Saks (A&S '74): 21 new enrollees

Houston-- John (Engr '86) and Vanessa Cunniff:
25 new enrollees

Atlanta-- Geoff (A&S '68, Engr '73) and Nancy Berlin:
29 new enrollees

Upcoming Events

4 New York Chapter--Private tour of the Rose Center for Earth and Space, American Museum of Natural History
5 Philadelphia Chapter--Tour of Van Gogh Exhibit, Philadelphia Museum of Art
9 Boston Chapter--Dinner with Mame Warren, author
10 Pittsburgh Chapter--Dinner with Peabody Director Robert Sirota
11 D.C. Chapter--Conference, "A Woman's Journey 2000."
Keynote speaker, Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson
16 Boston Chapter--G.O.L.D. Happy Hour
19 D.C. Chapter-- "The Gothic Cathedral," tour and lecture at the National Cathedral
19 Baltimore Chapter--Peabody Opera "Manon"
1 Seattle Chapter--G.O.L.D. Happy Hour
3 Los Angeles Chapter--Holiday party
3 Baltimore Chapter--Trip to Winterthur for holiday brunch and tour
6 D.C. Chapter--"From Gilman to Greatness," illustrated talk and holiday reception
10 Baltimore Chapter--Hopkins Night at Zoolights
G.O.L.D.= Graduates of the Last Decade.

For up-to-date information, click on or phone 410-516-0363 or 800-JHU-JHU1 (800-548-5481).

2001 Travel Program

Sixteen trips are planned for the 2001 Alumni Travel Program. For more information, call 800-JHU-JHU1 (800-548-5481) or 410-516-0363; fax 410-516-6858; e-mail; or visit

Hopkins travelers to Alaska last summer display t-shirts reading "The Johns Hopkins Glacier: A Chip off the Old Block" as they visit the landmark.

Galapagos Islands,
January 12-22

Swiss Winter Escapade,
January 22-29

Jewels of the Lesser Antilles,
February 3-10

Amazon Exploration,
February 17-25

Antebellum South Along the Intracoastal Waterway,
March 10-17

Alumni College in Sicily,
April 7-16

Alumni College in Tuscany/Chianti,
May 6-14

Village Life on the Riviera,
June 1-9

Passage on the Elbe
Germany, Czech

Republic, and Poland,
June 14-28

Cruise on the Norwegian Fjords, the North Cape, and Russia's White Sea,
June 14-30

Alumni College in Salzburg, Austria,
July 12-20

Voyage of the Goddess Paris, South of France, Sardinia, and Italy,
July 13-26

Treasures of the Seine,
August 3-14

Family Alumni College in the Swiss Alps,
August 12-20

Alumni College in Sorrento,
September 10-18

Ancient Silk Road Beijing to Moscow on the China Orient Express and the Nostalgic Istanbul Orient Express,
September 21-October 14

The JHU Alumni Association--It Works for a Lifetime

The JHU Alumni Association welcomes these 38 new lifetime members who joined in 2000. If you would like to upgrade your membership from annual to lifetime, call 800-JHU-JHU1 (800-548-5481) or 410-516-0363.Nelson H. Aaron, Engr '80

Georges L. Apple, A&S '72
Philip G. Archer, SHPH '65
James K. Archibald, A&S '71
Doris K. Avery, Nurs '42
Lawrence Bodenstein, A&S '79
Don B. Clewell, A&S '63
Catherine M. Connell, Engr '92
Thomas W. Davis, A&S '75
Alvin Deutsch, A&S '53
Donald L. Fink, Engr '59
Charles K. Friedman, A&S '82
David T. Fuhrmann, SAIS '82
Robert H. Gaither, A&S '60
Arnold D. Gale, Med '76
Gerald Q. Greenfield, Med '78
Willard Hackerman, Engr '38
Anna H. Hall, SPSBE '76
David Harris, SPSBE '98
Michael D. Hobbs, A&S '63
Alice S. Huang, A&S '61, Med '66
John W. Knapp, Engr '62, '65
Debra R. Kostyo, Engr '96
Bert K. Kozlowski, SPSBE '73
Robert R. Lindgren, Vice President, JHU
Gary N. Loveland, SPSBE '91
Hans U. Mair, Engr '86
Harold Mannheimer, SPSBE '53
John P. Mantegna, Peab '79, '81, Engr '86
David C. McGaffey, SAIS '99
Ernest B. Miller, Engr '64
Charles E. Nuttall, A&S '67
Gail G. Ochs, Nurs '65
Toshifumi Otori, Med '67
Michael O. Pansini, A&S '82
Manuel M. Perez, Med '74
Erika Y. Schwarting, SPSBE '96
Joseph B. Vallandingham, Engr '54

Nominations Due December 1 For Three Alumni Awards

The Alumni Association has two nomination periods for alumni awards, with deadlines December 1 and July 1. There are three awards:

The Woodrow Wilson Award for distinguished government service,

The Heritage Award for outstanding service to Johns Hopkins, and

The Distinguished Alumnus Award for personal or professional achievements or humanitarian service.

To nominate someone for any of these awards, please send a summary of specific reasons for the nominee to receive the award. (Please limit the length of the summary to one or two typed pages and do not send CVs.)

Send the nomination--along with your own name, address, affiliation, and phone number--to the JHU Alumni Awards Nominations, 3211 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218; fax 410-516-6858; or e-mail

Alumni Association Offers Improved Discount Card for Hopkins Students

Although they have not yet become alumni, Hopkins students in six schools already reap benefits from Alumni Association programs, including a free discount card for use in retail stores and eating places around Baltimore. Introduced last school year, the Alumni Association Student Discount Card this year offers deeper discounts, more vendors, and a wider scope. The number of participating businesses has increased from 18 to 33, with discounts as high as 20%. The geographic reach of the card has also expanded to include East Baltimore and Mount Vernon as well as other areas from Charles Village to Canton. Student Discount Cards were distributed during registration to students at the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Peabody, and Public Health. The card reflects a mutually beneficial arrangement between participating businesses and Hopkins students. As a group, Hopkins students have huge buying power in Baltimore: in the 1998-1999 school year alone, full-time Hopkins students brought $73 million in new income to Maryland. The discount card is just one of many programs that the Alumni Association offers to its future members, including a community service grant program, student send-off parties, career panels, welcome and graduation gifts, student services grants, and a mentoring program.