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Alumni News
Editor: Billie Walker

Interfaith Center opens
Get ready for reunions in 2000
Range of festivities sends off students
Alums gather overseas
Alumni Travel: Upcoming trips include Vienna, Far East
Nominations due December 1 for next alumni awards
Upcoming alumni events

Interfaith Center Opens

Students of all faiths were among those who gathered in May to celebrate the opening of the Bunting-Meyerhoff Interfaith and Community Service Center, housed in the former A. W. Wilson United Methodist Church across Charles Street from the Homewood campus. Extensive renovation has provided for the varied needs of the campus's 20 religious organizations. Major funding came from civic leaders and Hopkins trustees Harvey Meyerhoff and George Bunting, together with Mr. Bunting's wife, Anne.

Get Ready for Reunions in 2000

In April, the year 2000 reunion classes from the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering (class years ending in 5 and 0) will celebrate their reunions during Homecoming weekend. Peabody, the School of Nursing, the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education, and the Bologna Center will also have homecoming or reunion events, and departmental reunions will be held at the School of Public Health.

Phone numbers for information follow each listing.

  • Arts and Sciences and Engineering--April 27-30 (410-516-8722)

  • Bologna Center--May 12-14 (011-39-51-232185)

  • Nursing--June 9-10 (410-955-4285)

  • Peabody--May 5-7 (410-659-8176)

  • Public Health--Department of Environmental Health Sciences, February 25; Nurse Midwives Reunion, March 3-4; Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, May, TBA (410-955-5194)

  • SPSBE--April, TBA (410-516-7188)

  • Philadelphia Send-off: From left, Ben Glauser, Engr 2002; Terry Glauser, SPH '95; Marilyn Mandler, Nurs '56; Jeannine Fahy, Nurs '99; Samantha Fagnan, A&S 2003; and host Tony Salem, A&S '58.
    Range of Festivities Sends off Students

    Over the summer, Hopkins alumni chapters across the country--and even overseas--fÉted new and returning students at send-off festivities. At picnics, crabfeasts, pool parties, and cookouts, the students enjoyed the opportunity to socialize with other members of the Hopkins community before leaving home.

    The Alumni Association extends its warm appreciation to the hosts of these events for their gracious hospitality. Listed below in chronological order are the 23 alumni chapters which held send-off events, and their hosts.

    Bangkok, Thailand--The Johns Hopkins Club of Thailand

    Istanbul, Turkey--The Johns Hopkins Club of Turkey

    Chicago--Kimberlee Kepper (A&S '78, SAIS '79) and Randy

    Randazzo (A&S '78)

    Washington, D.C.--Chet (Med '55) and Mary Haverback

    Los Angeles--Steven (A&S '88), Amy, Gene (A&S '55), and Suzanne Galen

    Southeast Florida--Jed (A&S '59), Lynn, and Jon (A&S '90) Jacobson

    New York City--Fatima Taylor

    Pittsburgh--Grant Shevchik (A&S '73)

    Seattle--Chris Howard (A&S '77)

    San Diego--King (Engr '48) and Paula Schultz

    New Jersey--Ellen (SPSBE '79) and Bill Oppenheimer

    Northern California-- Craig Johanson (Med, fellow '64)

    Baltimore--Erv (A&S '59, '76) and Marianne Sekulow

    Boston--Dennis (Engr '64, '68) and Prebble Eklof

    Long Island, N.Y.-- Marcelle Sussman Fischler (A&S '78)

    Louisiana--Ted (A&S '57) and Emily Graser

    Rochester--Scott Marks (Engr '78)

    Fairfield, Connecticut- -Jim (A&S '64) and Joyce Miller

    Philadelphia--Tony (A&S '58) and Cynthia Salem

    Minnesota--Charles (A&S '56) and Joy Burton

    Houston--Stephen (A&S '66), Lisa (SPSBE '70), David (A&S '95), Taria (A&S '94, SPH '97), Benjamin (A&S '97, SPH '97), and Charles Greenberg

    Dallas--Michael Saks (A&S '74)

    Atlanta--Geoff (A&S '68, Engr '73) and Nancy Berlin

    Alums gather overseas

    Singapore: Michael Bloomberg, Engr '64, chairman of the University's Board of Trustees, greets members of the newly formed Hopkins Club of Singapore. To his right is Don Siegel, A&S '65, club president.

    Bangkok: Enjoying a gathering of alumni to "send off" new and returning Hopkins students are, from left, Check Dhanasiri, SPH '53; Jakrapbo Penkair, SAIS '94; and Geoffrey Longfellow, SAIS '82, of the Johns Hopkins Club of Thailand.

    Hong Kong: Michael Bloomberg, host of the event, talks with Wudy Heung, SAIS '78, left, president of the Hopkins Club of Hong Kong, and T.C. Fei, administrator of the Fei Yi-Ming Foundation and a Hopkins-Nanjing Council member.

    Last August, the Alumni College at Stirling, Scotland, offered breathaking sights and fascinating historical journeys to its 42 participants. From top: alums prowl Fort Williams; Arnold (A&S '62) and Donna Blaustein; Hopkins among the heather; Peter (SPH '69) and Judy Levin; Charles Moon Jr., a friend of the Wilmer Institute, with his son, Charles Moon III: Sheldon Lisker (parent '85, '86), on the left, with Alumni College faculty member Owen Dudley Edwards of the University of Edinburgh, who did graduate work in history at Hopkins. Last photo is Sheldon Coon, SPSBE '58.
    Alumni Travel: Upcoming Trips Include Vienna, Far East

    For more information on any of the following, write to Alumni Travel Program, 3211 N. Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21218; call 1-800-548-5481 or 410-516-0363; fax 410-516-6858; e-mail; or visit

    Yachtsman's Caribbean, Jan. 9 - 16

    Vienna Escapade, Jan. 29 - Feb. 5

    Lower Caribbean and Orinoco River, Mar. 5 - 16

    Village Life in Fiuggi, Italy, April 8 - 16

    Rhine and Moselle Rivers Cruise, May 2 - 14

    Village Life in Dordogne, France, May 27 - June 4

    Alumni College in Sorrento, Italy, June 5 - 13

    Alumni College in Provence, France, June 13 - 21

    China and the Yangtse River, June 17 - July 4

    Alumni College in Evora, Portugal, July 3-11

    Alaska Family Program, July 14 - 23

    Exploring Siam, Java, Bali, and Spice Islands, July 23 - Aug. 9

    Alumni College in Kinsale, Ireland, July 30 - Aug. 7

    Round the World by Private Luxury Jet (Hawaii, Sidney, Bali, Bangkok, Delhi, Kenya, Istanbul, London), Sept. 16 - Oct. 8

    Great Pacific Northwest, Sept. 25 - Oct. 3

    Egypt and Jordan by Private Plane, Oct. 3 - 17

    Nominations Due December 1 For Next Alumni Awards

    The Alumni Association now has two presentation periods and two nomination periods for alumni awards. The next deadline for nominations is December 1. The deadline for the following period is July 1.

    The Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Government Service honors alumni who have brought credit to the University by current or recent distinguished service as elected or appointed officials.

    The Heritage Award honors alumni and friends who have contributed outstanding service over an extended time to the progress of the University and the Alumni Association.

    The Distinguished Alumnus Award honors alumni who have typified the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence by their personal accomplishments, professional achievements, or humanitarian service.

    To nominate someone for any of these awards, please send a summary of specific reasons why the nominee deserves the award. (Please limit the length of the summary to one or two pages and do not send CVs.)

    Send the nomination--along with your own name, address, affiliation, and phone number--to JHU Alumni Awards Nominations, 3211 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218; fax: 410-516-6858; or e-mail:

    Upcoming Alumni Events

    5 Pittsburgh Chapter--Annual dinner
    6 Blue Jays Unlimited--Bull roast, Baltimore
    13 Hopkins Today--Convocation in New York City
    14-21 Alumni Travel Program--Rome Escapade
    19-20 Society of Engineering Alumni--Whiting School anniversary, Baltimore
    1 Peabody Poinsettia Tree Set-Up, Baltimore
    5 New Jersey Chapter--Brunch
    9 Peabody Annual Alumni/Student Party, Baltimore
    9 Los Angeles Chapter--Holiday party
    14 Bloomberg Holiday Party, New York

    Click on or phone 410-516-0363 or 800-JHU-JHU1 (800-548-5481) for up-to-date schedule and information.