Johns Hopkins Magazine - April 1995 Issue

Recommendations of the Final Report of the C-21 Committee

1. Establish a University Faculty Advisory Council.

2. Provide central support for interdivisional academic programs.

3. Remove administrative barriers to intradivisional and interdivisional collaboration.

4. Adopt a single academic calendar by 1997.

5. Explore formal partnerships with a small group of peer institutions.

6. Appoint a task force of faculty and administrators to examine the establishment of cross-divisional graduate programs.

7. Appoint a task force of faculty and administrators to examine the integration of professional education programs in East Baltimore.

8. Institute a process for regular external review of all departments and academic programs.

9. Recognize the integral role of part-time and nontraditional programs throughout the University and further develop mechanisms to ensure their quality.

10. Assess the quality, scope, and financial support of Hopkins's graduate programs.

11. Invest in a substantial upgrading of Hopkins's information resources and technological infrastructure.

12. Establish and vest with the proper authority, responsibility, and resources: a) the position of Chief Information Officer for the University; b) an interdivisional information policy and planning council; and c) an interdivisional operations coordinating committee.

13. Promote a Johns Hopkins international network of scholars and institutions.

14. Strengthen the international dimensions of undergraduate education.

15. Devise tangible ways to encourage and reward excellence in undergraduate teaching and advising.

16. Make the undergraduate experience more personal, build greater educational coherence over the term of study, increase flexibility in the length of programs, and involve faculty from across the University in undergraduate education.

17. Intensify University-wide efforts to increase diversity and to improve the campus climate.

18. Define the commitment of the University to its faculty and the general responsibilities of the faculty to the University, and implement a post-tenure review process.

19. Improve the University as a workplace by addressing issues of personal concern such as child care, security, and wellness.

20. Enhance and extend the University's community relationships.

21. Review and upgrade divisional and central administrative support systems.

22. Establish a Center for Educational Resources to enhance teaching and learning skills, to promote the application of technological innovations, and to advance interactive and distance education.

23. Move the University toward greater financial self-sufficiency for its core activities of education and scholarship.

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