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Disorganization 13's Fanfiction Panel and Fanfiction Submission!

The Second Annual Disorganization XIII JohnCon Fanfiction Contest!

    Fanfiction writers of the world unite! ... and by unite we mean start competing against each other to see who is the best! Following the amazing success of the fanfiction contest last year, Disorganization XIII is coming back to judge it again this year! If you think you are good at writing characters, describing setting, expanding on cannon, and crafting exciting plots and conflicts... or if you just want your work to be mocked and ridiculed in front of an audience in the hopes of winning some awesome prizes...
Then you should enter!


.: come to JohnCon 2011!- April 8, 9, 10!


    So you've written something and want it to win against far inferior stories. Enter the contest! Win shiny prizes or be mocked mercilessly!

Either way, you're a WINNER and BI-WINNING 'cause you have tiger blood in your veins! So submit your story and win a shiny shiny prize.


1.      The fanfic can be for any fandom. Anime, sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, whatever you know about you can write about.

2.      The fanfic must be less than 2,000 words long.

3.      The fanfic can either be its own one-shot story, or it can be a chapter or snippet from a larger story, however the fanfic must stand alone and will be judged on its own merits. Only what you submit will be judged and events that take place in other chapters or elsewhere in the story will not affect our final judgement.

4.      If your fic is a part of a longer story you may submit a short (less than 150 words) summary of what happened before your fic and what will happen after your fic. Once again, the quality of the events before and after your fic will not be taken into account but the summary will give your fic some context when we read it.

5.      Your fic does not need to be original (though it can be). You may submit a prior written and/or published fic if you wish.

6.      The submission deadline is 8PM Friday 4/8. Judging will be done live the next day.

7.      You may state that you would like to remain Anonymous on your submission. If you do, we will not mention your real name when judging your fic. You may also mention a pen name you would like us to refer to you by while judging your fic. However, all fics must have a real name attached to them (so we know who to give the prizes to). Fics without a real name included will not be judged.

8.      You may submit as many fics as you like, however, depending on the volume of submissions, only one fic per person may be judged live.

9.      Fanfiction submissions must be given by e-mail to DisorganizationXIII@gmail.com and must follow the following format. Submissions that do not follow this format will not be judged.
Subject Line: JCFF Contest - (Fanfic Title and Fandom) - (Name)
Fanfc included as an attachment
E-mail Body:
Word Count:
Rating: (G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17)
Quick description of your fic as well as any other important info you may want us to know (Is it an A/U high school fic? Is it a crossover? Has the setting changed? So on so forth.)

All fics will be judged based on writing, plotting, pacing, spelling, grammar, characterization, adaptation or loyalty to cannon, and how much fun we had reading it. Portions of select fics will be read aloud at our judging panel on Saturday.
The authors of the top 3 fics will receive awesome prizes! Or at least we think they are awesome.

The author of worst fic... well we have a surprise in store for you.
Most importantly you should have fun with this. Take it as an opportunity to be creative and have a bunch of dedicated fanfic panelists review your writing...or you can take it as an opportunity to have Batman have make out with Jean-Luc Picard in the Naruto universe. That too. What are you waiting for? Get writing and submit your fics to DisorganizationXIII@gmail.com

.: we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

JOHNCON 2011. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 20218
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