JohnCon 2017  



Here is the JohnCon 2018 Schedule!

Details about events are below the schedule.

The schedule may change at the event, we will keep you updated.

We will have board games in the Cafeteria downstairs for all 48 hours of the convention.

The Pathfinder Society will be running games of Pathfinder and Starfinder all weekend. Stop by their tables in the Glass Pav for times.

Laser tag will be available throughout the weekend, at scheduled times and by request.

RPGs will be happening throughout the weekend, some are scheduled and some are by request.

JohnCon 2018 Schedule

Raffle Raffle tickets sold at the front desk and at the beginning of this event. Many people will win, you must be at the event to receive your prize. Prizes range from posters to board games to a T-shirt to free dinner with the staff and select guests. The Cosplay Contest will also be judged at this time.

+2 Comedy
Game the Gamer: Four contestants. Three video games. One prize. Sounds straightforward, right? But when cheating is encouraged and sabotage is in the rules, the tables can turn at any minute. Be a part of the fun before the Official Youtube launch.
Stand Up: Exactly what it says on the tin. Geek stand-up, with a Q&A afterwards to answer your most burning questions and settle your least amicable debates. Would Samus beat Lara Croft in a fight? Goku or Superman? Green Lanterns: Who Wore it Best? The sky's the limit- the Cobra Kai of geek comedy will tackle any query your heart desires.
Beyond the Tentacle: (This panel is 18+) Explore the weird, wild world of Japanese fetishes with +2 Comedy. Live demonstrations and exciting games promise a great story later for everyone involved, or an embarrassing memory you'll never want to speak of again! Either way, everyone wins!
Nerd Fitness: An out of shape nerd is an unfortunate stereotype. Why is it that nerds are always categorized as out of shape? Well, Noah from +2 Comedy thinks he has figured it out. The way nerds attack things just does not work for getting in shape. Join Noah as he explains the traps and pitfalls of nerd fitness.

Sean Meehan
Name That Time Deluxe: People guess nerdy songs from video games, anime, movies, etc. See if you know them all!
Cosplay Dating Game Show: (This panel is 18+) A game show about cosplay and dating.
Horror Chat: We sit down and discuss and joke about horror movies and games and creepy pastas.

Murder Mystery LARP The theme is Galactic Council in the Twilight Imperium universe. Chaos is brewing, will you push it over the edge or reign it in? This event is catered so come early to be one of the 18 people admitted.

Rave Stop by Sherwood and play with some glowsticks and balloons in JohnCon's annual rave. There will be Red Bull, there will be music, there will be dancing (or at least movement).

Escape the Room You have been recruited. A secret "government" agency demands confirmation of a famed treasure, rumored to be found by renowned archaeologist Dr. Carla de la Vega. She has been missing for weeks and no one seems to be able to decipher her notes. Meet at the Conference Room near Arellano Theater at the strike of noon, either Saturday or Sunday, to test your puzzle solving skills at JohnCon's Escape the Room.

JHUnions Stuff-It Stuff toy animals themed around Harry Potter. You must be a student to participate. Come early, we expect supplies to go quickly.

Role Playing Panels
Character Building 101: Panel about role playing games. More info coming soon!
Villians: How to Make Them Matter : Merely throwing giant lizards and explosions around does not truly test the mettle of a hero. So a villain is required. One that the audience can respect or fear, and if not udnerstand them at least see the set of ideals they stand for Some are even likeable, others are friendly, but one thing the all share in common is that they oppose the protagonists, and make the story all the more interesting.
How to Write a Better Campaign: Panel about role playing games. More info coming soon!
World Building: The creation of new worlds and universes, where the laws of physics ad the annals of history are freshly erased and prompting a rewrite. Exploring concepts and the unknowns, following different timelines, and altering the makeup of the world as we know it. Here we discuss the aspects of constructing an imaginary world, the methods and examples of it.

My Little Pony RPG Come experience the magic of friendship! This RPG is inspired by the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series currently in its 8th season and is fun for people of all ages.

Alter Arms Alter Arms is a rules-lite, narrative based tabletop RPG set in a world populated by Japanese-style transforming super heroes who take on new and more powerful forms with a variety of abilities. Gameplay revolves around the effects of escalation: You can transform into your most powerful form and increase your likelihood of success but at the cost of becoming quickly overwhelmed, or you could rely on your natural talents, and have a better handle on the situation in exchange for not having access to miraculous powers. Are you a monster in disguise? A super robot made to look human? Do you gain powers from a cool belt? Or transform into enchanted royalty by drawing power from celestial bodies? What will you become? For 2-6 players, ages 10 and up. Sessions last 90-120 minutes.

D&D 5E A local leader is seeking a band of warriors to rescue her daughter from a kidnapper. However things take a darker turn when the culprit is revealed to be an insidious necromancer. Can you and your allies fight through the undead horde and rescue the young captive, or will you join the undead legion. This one shot uses the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition rules and is set for 5 character of level six. Player made characters are accepted, using the standard abilities scores, but are not required. Premade characters will be available for use in the adventure.

Stump's Speed Run Stump and some friends complete some video games as quickly as they can. For more information on the games that will be played, see

JHEC Fire Performance JHU Entertainers will be doing their fire performance to kick off the JohnCon Rave

Cosplay Photoshoot Meet in the Glass Pav, we'll move if the lighting is bad. We'll have someone with a nice camera and if you allow, we'll post your pictures on our social media. We'll also be giving out a prize for the best cosplay at our Raffle.

Critical Roll Screening We'll be showing the first two episodes of the new season.

Play to Wins We will have multiple play-to-win games throughout the weekend. This means a group will play the game and the winner of the game gets to keep it! These games are not on the schedule but there will be a sign up for those interested and we will do our best to find a time to include everyone.
Batman Fluxx is the first of these to be announced. We will have prizes for second and third place for this game. If enough people are interested, we might do a tournament style play. Other games will be announced soon!

Tournaments Magic the Gathering Tournament: Draft tournament. $15 for 4 packs. 2 Ixalan, 1 Rivals of Ixalan, 1 prize pack decided by the winner. Winner will also receive an Amazon gift card and a free Raffle ticket.
SMASH@JHU Tournament: Super Smash Bros tournament hosted by SMASH@JHU, prizes fom JHUnions.
Smash Up Tournament: Smash Up is an easy-to-learn goofy card game where you smash two themed decks together and conquer bases to get points. Will you place as Zombie Superheroes or go for Sheep Wizards? The game will be in our library before the tournament if you want to get familiar with it. There will be prizes!











JOHNCON 2018. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21218