JohnCon 2015  



Sponsors and Vendors

We owe everything to those who support us.

THE INFORMATION BELOW IS ABOUT THE JOHNCON 2014 VENDORS. The information about JohnCon 2015 vendors will be posted as we get closer to the convention.

A special shout-out goes to Mini-Komix for donating prizes for this year's tournaments. Click here for more information about their products.

We also want to thank GameStop for providing us with promotional items to sell and/or give away at the convention.

Here are the vendors we had for JohnCon 2014

Walt's Cards and Games
"Walt's Cards is a gamer's paradise. Walt opened the store in 1995 and has been in the current location since 2001. The store sells board games, role playing games and gear, miniatures, card games and historical games."
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Canton Games
"We are Baltimore's best source for board games, RPGs, card games, comic books, action figures and collectibles."
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Winged Arts
"Winged is a collaborative entity that allows us to express our need to create, as well as share our creations with our fans and the world. Every item we create, be it a belt, an armor piece, or an illustration, is designed with a story in mind, a fantastic concept that became reality through our individual mediums."
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"We are nerds! We create things! We wish to make your dreams a reality!"
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Maryland Anime
"At Maryland Anime, we are focused on providing the most awesome anime accessories and collectibles with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations."
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The Art of Angela McKendrick
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Steiner Palomino
"Steiner Palomino is a professional digital artist/illustrator/author/animator/graphic designer. Steiner has been drawing as long as he can remember. He loves drawing and coloring characters from popular video games, cartoons and movies from his childhood. He is also a self-published author/artist, he is known for his hilarious graphic novel New Era G."
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Andrew O'Neill
"Andrew O'Neill is an engineer who has designed and managed a variety of satellite and wireless communications systems for government and commercial customers for over twenty years. Always a fan of science fiction, he got the urge to write his own book just a few years ago."
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Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra
"The mission of the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra is to increase the appreciation of music from video games as an art form and foster appreciation of orchestral and instrumental music through arranging and performing symphonic video game music."
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Here are the people that have previously sponsored us.

Perhaps the continued mention will goad them into continuing to do so.

A very creative group of people who educate and entertain all who would come to them seeking information about medieval elements.
Hosted by BSFS, they've been very supportive of our convention!
Baltimore Science Fiction Society
I can't express how helpful these people have been. Visit their website and drop in during a social meeting for a game of Fluxx!
Oh good. Now Cthulhu will eat us last.
CheapAss Games
Last year, I could hear the guffaws coming from their players all the way upstairs... one of our long-standing sponsors!
Columbia Games
Great people with very flexible and amazing games!
An online convention supporting WebRPG, OpenRPG, Grip, Chat, IRC, seminars, an art show and auction, story writing, and more!
Games, Comics, and Stuff
This is an incredible gaming store in Glen Burnie... the owners are extremely cool and helpful!
After all of the support they've given us at JohnCon, it's only right for us to list them here. And besides, you haveto respect anyone who can play Settlers of Catan that well!
NOVAG - Northern Virginia Gamers
A very friendly collection of gamers dedicated to spreading the gaming bug throughout Washington D.C. and northern Virginia.
A community of people who spread the fun of roleplaying with such campaigns as Living Greyhawk, Living Rokugan, and Living Dragonstar.
RPG Registry
An online database which lists various events, players, and games in its ever-growing files.
Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games has a long history of supporting JohnCon. We couldn't do this without them!




JOHNCON 2015. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21218