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We owe everything to those who support us, including of course, Johns Hopkins University.

JohnCon 2017 Vendors

Walt's Cards and Games
"Walt's Cards is a gamer's paradise. Walt opened the store in 1995 and has been in the current location since 2001. The store sells board games, role playing games and gear, miniatures, card games and historical games."

Unique Creations by Amy
Amy brings ornamental and elegant jewelry as well as exotic and whimsical charm art jewelry. Everything she has is handmade with love and whimsy - Funky bracelets and earrings and more all made with her special brand of humor!
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Cherie Howell & Erica Ginsberg

There are two new and exciting party games to play test!

Dating Mating and Relating is a hilarious party game where players try to guess how players of the opposite sex will answer a question related to a dating dilemma.

Judge & Jury test asks you to make your case for which comedian was the funniest ever, which sense would be the hardest to live without, or the worst reason to get married? In this fun and competitive game, you'll get to know more about the other players while you all compete for points based on who can make the best argument about questions which touch on ethics, history, relationships, pop culture, and more.

Brainstein Games

Brainstein Games is the brain-child (ha!) of game designer Paul Becker. Their goal is to create unique games to play with family and friends.

Brainstein Games will be demoing SysHack, a deduction game of corporate espionage and hacking (Kickstarter begins May 1), and Baon, a game about taking home leftovers after a Filipino feast. More information

JohnCon 2017 Sponsors

Red Bull
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GameStop provides us with some of our raffle and tournament prizes!
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Solar Echoes
"Solar Echoes is an imaginative strategic role-playing game involving team-based social play in which you take on the role of a hero. Players gather together and immerse themselves in a science-fiction universe, developing their own created characters as they discover and explore new worlds, interact with alien beings, engage in combat with hostiles, and uncover shocking secrets at the far reaches of space. Solar Echoes is a universe designed with endless possibilities and choices."
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Brews and Board Games
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Looney Labs
We publish the Fluxx series of card games... FLUXX has that certain something that makes a game addictive -- when it ends, you want to play again immediately, even if you lost. Fluxx (and its various special editions) is the company's best known product, but we have published many other award-winning games that are just as addictive. OUR GAMES include time travel card games and board games featuring LOONEY PYRAMIDS, innovative pyramid-shaped gaming pieces useful for hundreds of different games.
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GMT Games
GMT Games is a California-based wargaming publisher founded in 1990. The current management and creative team includes Tony Curtis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch, and Andy Lewis. The company has become well known for graphically attractive games that range from "monster games", of many maps and counters, to quite simple games suitable for introducing new players to wargaming. They also produce card games and family games. The Washington Post called GMT the modern hobby's highest-profile wargame publisher.
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