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Sponsors and Venders

We owe everything to those who support us.

We want to thank GameStop for providing us with promotional items to sell and/or give away at the convention.

JohnCon 2015 Venders

Walt's Cards and Games
"Walt's Cards is a gamer's paradise. Walt opened the store in 1995 and has been in the current location since 2001. The store sells board games, role playing games and gear, miniatures, card games and historical games."

Canton Games
"We are Baltimore's best source for board games, RPGs, card games, comic books, action figures and collectibles."
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Loretta Miller
Loretta Miller is a private dealer who has attended many other conventions, such as Capacon, BTL, Chibi Pa, and Dragon Con. She has also run Tri County Com and ZonaCon.

Solar Echos
"Solar Echoes is an imaginative strategic role-playing game involving team-based social play in which you take on the role of a hero. Players gather together and immerse themselves in a science-fiction universe, developing their own created characters as they discover and explore new worlds, interact with alien beings, engage in combat with hostiles, and uncover shocking secrets at the far reaches of space. Solar Echoes is a universe designed with endless possibilities and choices."
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M.L.S. Weech
M.L.S. Weech is a local author, working at Fort Meade, MD. He will be marketing and selling his new urban-fantasy / paranormal novel, The Journals of Bob Drifter.
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JOHNCON 2015. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21218