JohnCon 2017  



JohnCon Staff

2017-2018 Board:

President: Claudia Perez

Vice President: Hong Chen

Loot Master: Stanton Owens

Campus Criers: Accepting Applications! (and people)

Con Samurai: Noor Khalil


2016-2017 Board:

President: Claudia Perez

Vice President: Emily Forster

Campus Crier: Treva Obbard

Loot Master: Justin Karp

Con Samurai: Noor Khalil, Hong Chen


2015-2016 Board:

President: Claudia Perez

Vice Presidents: Emily Forster, Sayge Schell, Sophie Solomon

PR Coordinator: Justin Karp

Treasurer: Kirk Butler

Staff: Sage Corzine, Treva Obbard


2014-2015 Board:

President: Benjamin Reis

Vice President/Webmaster: Emily Forster

PR Coordinator: Sayge Schell

Treasurer: Mark Spindler


2013-2014 Board:

President: Yevgeniy Rudoy

Vice President: Benjamin Hartman

PR Coordinator: Emily Forster

Treasurer: Sayge Schell


We also have a team of dedicated JohnCon organizers who are working hard to put on an amazing Con this year!





JOHNCON 2018. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21218