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January 11, 2008
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RLTV, JHU and NCHC to Air "Healthcare '08: Search for Solutions"
Series presents presidential candidates, other leaders on changes in U.S. healthcare system

Retirement Living TV, The Johns Hopkins University and the National Coalition on Health Care announced today that they are producing a multi-part series, "Healthcare '08: Search for Solutions." The series begins airing on Monday, Jan. 14, at 2 p.m. EST on RLTV. AARP, Johns Hopkins, NCHC and RLTV will also make the series available on their Web sites. "Healthcare '08: Search for Solutions" will give presidential candidates and other public leaders an informal forum to discuss their views on the possible solutions to the healthcare crisis facing baby boomers and seniors in America.

'According to AARP's online presidential debate tracker, one out of four Americans rate healthcare as their top domestic concern. At RLTV,we feel it is our responsibility to give the candidates a forum in which to discuss their healthcare strategies. This issue demands our attention and focus,' said Elliot Jacobson, vice president of programming and production at RLTV.

'Our health care system requires comprehensive reform to meet the nation's needs,' said Henry Simmons, president of National Coalition on Health Care.

"Management of chronic illness, quality of care and the complexity and inefficiencies of our current medical system are not receiving the attention they need in this presidential election cycle," said William R. Brody, president of Johns Hopkins. "Fixing our health care system starts with understanding what problems are most urgent."

Each episode in the series consists of an exclusive half-hour discussion with Brody and a presidential candidate or other public leader. A rotating ensemble of respected journalists such as Diane Rehm, Judy Woodruff, RLTV's Lea Thompson and Felicia Taylor will moderate.

The series launches with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Other guests the first week include the chief executive officer of AARP, Bill Novelli; the chairman of the nation's leading health and wellness system for seniors, John Erickson; and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Healthcare '08: Search for Solutions Premiere Schedule 2 p.m.EST
Monday 1/14/08 - Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate
Tuesday 1/15/08 - John Erickson, CEO, Erickson Retirement Communities
Wednesday 1/16/08 - Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City
Thursday 1/17/08 - Bill Novelli, CEO, AARP
Friday 1/18/08 - Mike Gravel, Democrat presidential candidate

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