Welcome to The Johns Hopkins University Department of Earth and Planetary Science

Basic Information

Welcome to the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University. This guide will introduce you to the resources in the Department which are at your disposal.

Information Technology Contact Information
Email is the easiest way to reach me.

Email Address: ntroxel1 [at] jhu [dot] edu
Phone: 410 516 4008

Quick Information

Printer address:
Printer Type: Canon 5250
Printer Location: Second Floor Hallway

Gaining Access to the Hopkins network when on-campus

You will need to register your computer with IT@JH in order to gain access to the wired network.
This can be done by plugging into an open ethernet port, and browsing to https://jhars.nts.jhu.edu to register your MAC Address.

Be sure to choose "Register for a Dynamic IP Address"
SSID: hopkins

This network is intended for use by Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, students, or anyone with a valid JHED ID. A high speed data link is provided to all the resources on the internal network.

Information on how to connect can be found here.

Accessing Hopkins Resources from Off-Campus

Johns Hopkins University uses VPN to enable working from off-campus.
You can follow the directions here to install the VPN.

For systems which will not allow the VPN client to be installed e.g Government systems, etc... there are Remote Access servers running in Olin Hall. These systems only provide Shell access and are rebooted at random when security patches are applied. Please see your IT administrator for server names and access.

ALL FACULTY, STAFF AND STUDENTS ARE ASSIGNED AN ACCOUNT (USER NAME AND PASSWORD) THROUGH THE JHU ENTERPRISE DIRECTORY (JHED). 1) Log on to the JHU Portal at http://my.johnshopkins.edu. If you are using an on campus PC, you can find your logon ID by typing your last and first name in the search field at the top of the page.
2) Enter it in the “First time log in” section. Follow the prompts to authenticate and set up a password.
3) Once you are in, click on the Messaging icon on the left toolbar. You should see a link to your e‐mail account. All graduate students are provided with Office 365 accounts. For details see http://www.it.johnshopkins.edu/services/email/Office365/index.html. Faculty and staff are assigned Microsoft Exchange accounts. For additional details about the Microsoft Exchange accounts and to request one please contact Niklas Troxel.
4) Within the portal look for the JHED icon and click on the e‐mail alias link. You will see your default email address and the preset alias (LogonID@jh.edu). If you would like to change the alias to something else you can do it here.
5) This will complete the setup process. You can access your mail through a web client or use a local e‐mail client.
6) If you would like to use an e‐mail client, detailed instructions as well as a Q&A is available here

Hopkins High Performance Computing

Johns Hopkins University has the HHPC (Homewood High-Performance Cluster) which is located here.

Johns Hopkins University has Partnered with University of Maryland College Park to build the Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center. It can be located here.

EPS Computing Resources

EPS has servers in its computer room which are dedicated to running models and scripts which would tie up the ability to continue using a personal system. These servers are running CentOS. The server names and IP addresses can be found here.

Useful Links